Bo’s Coffee is  specialty cafe  which serves espresso beverages, specialty coffee beverages, and others   in an ambiance which cater to the discriminating taste of Bacolodnons is found at  the Central City Walk,Robinsons Place, Bacolod City. Bo’s is located next to the Negros Showroom. I am always at the Negros Showroom so definitely this shop will be another home to me.

I would like to  know more about this coffee company and their products .

What has been your experience about Bo’s Coffee? Share them in the comments below.


Updates: The entries below are based on my recent experiences with Bo’s Cafe

I am a coffee drinker and I frequent the Negros Showroom at Robinsons Bacolod. These are the two main reasons why I often visit Bo’s Coffee. The coffee served at Bo’s Cafe are of best quality – no doubt. I also would like to support the place because it is a Filipino owned company and was not simply franchised from other countries.

However, I sometimes asked myself why do I patronize the place when in fact there are other stores inside the mall offering an equally good quality of coffee at an extremely affordable price. My reasons, maybe I like the ambiance… oh yes, just the ambiance.

In my last few visits at the place, I just noticed the inconsistencies with the way they  serve  their customers. Each time I drop by at Bo’s I would normally sit outside especially when I am meeting with some friends. In most of these visits, the staff would normally serve the coffee for us. Since they deliver the coffee to our table and we are sitting outside, I would also expect that would already bring some sugar , creamer, and even stirrer . Three times to be exact this had never happened. We really have to stand, up go inside to get these sugar sachets.   I don’t know if this is part of their service standards, but I guess, it’s no brainer that when you serve a coffee some sugar  and creamer must go with it.

I also experience some inconsistencies with their other products but I guess I need not elaborate on it anymore.

I am not saying that the service at Bo’s Coffee is really that bad, they just need to go a little extra mile to delight their guests.

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