The crew of Shabu Niku with the author


We were cruising along Lacson St. looking for a place to eat when we saw the Shabu Niku, a new Korean Restaurant  which just opened. We pull over and went to the place. The new Korean restaurant is on the second floor of Bank of Commerce (former Traders Royal Bank) Building, 12th Lacson St., Bacolod City right in front The Avenue Suites.

The restaurant   has only 2 tables occupied when we arrived and we also noticed some workers fixing the signage and other fixtures. The crew informed us that  they just opened—their soft opening actually.


The restaurant looked good. I like the furniture   due to its   fresh and clean colors and the simplicity of the interiors made the restaurant appeared elegant. The restaurant  has been divided into 2, the Yaki Niku  which is intended for grilled food and the Shabu. They put a glass divider, to isolate the smoke maybe.

We were  the 3rd group to enter the place so  we were accorded so much attention. In fairness, the staff was really nice, young and charming. Not only that, though they were still in the process of familiarizing themselves with their products, like the basic ingredient, etc. but they tell many stories about their food –I was entertained.

When they handed me their menu book, I was impressed. The photos were really vibrant and the printing was very good. “All the way  from Korea”, the staff said. To my mind ,”you better impressed me with your food”…  I was stunned by the prices of their products—quite high, especially their set menus for groups.  But the staff said, “you should see our serving sir, it’s really big.” Besides, all our beef are imported from Australia. Well, I am not really happy to hear the word  “imported”. I still wanted to patronize  homegrown products—if possible. We ordered for two individual set. Indeed, I was surprised… One serving can feed maybe 2-3 persons. The individual set cost only 265 (without seafood ) and 375 if with seafood. But the staff said, if we have ordered the one with seafood, we might not be able to finish it because we ordered 2 sets.




They  gave us Pamuchim, a  green onion salad with enough  Korean red pepper powder as a side dish. However, my friend asks for his favorite Kimchi a traditional fermented Korean dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings.

One thing, I like about Shabu Shabu is the fun element  of dining. The dining becomes more interesting because you still have the opportunity to talk and converse while preparing your food.

The owners were there when we visited  and one of them, in fact, took a time to drop by our table to ask for our feedback. His mother who was busy at that time in the kitchen even sent us a complimentary drink—a Traditional Korean sweet drink from rice they called “Sikhye”.


We enjoyed our dinner that night and we look forward to coming back along with some friends to experience their Yaki Niku.

The grand opening happened last July 7, 2012.

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  1. Shabu Niku was a BIG disappointment. I don’t mind the price being more expensive than Manila’s korean restaurants, but to only give 2 side dishes is a travesty 🙁

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