Dining at L’ Fisher Chalet


It was almost lunchtime when a remember a friend. So I texted him, “Lunch?”. He replied, “okay.” After a few minutes, I was already driving along Lacson St. and when I arrived at the place I texted him again, “I’m here … at Chalet.” So in just a few minutes Paul Londres, L Fisher’s  Service Manager arrived.

He ordered the food. He wanted me to give feedback to their offerings. Before I go on any further, please take note that I am not claiming to be an expert in cooking. I am just an ordinary person who loves to eat—and loves to critic afterward 🙂


Beef Bakareta, Pinaputok Na Tilapia and Seafood Kare-Kare

He ordered Beef Bakareta, Pinaputok na Tilapia, and Seafood Kare-Kare. Of course, we all knew this food. Their beef bakareta is so tender and tasty while the pinaputok na tilapia is so fresh, which made any grilled product so delectable.

For the Seafood Kare-Kare, I have a bias for the oxtail and creamy taste of the usual Kare-kare. However, this seafood Kare-Kare is much healthier when compared to a port of beef Kare-Kare.

Since we were dining at the Al Fresco area of the restaurant, I opted for a fresh fruit shake. The sweet watermelon is always a winner.


Dining at the Chalet restaurant is always a relaxing experience. The restaurant offers a beautiful view of the reclamation area, and the pool provides a very relaxed ambiance.


Another thing which made my dining experience different each time I am at L’ Fisher is its people.  I am quite familiar to some of them because some of them were my student, while others had been a participant in a seminar I gave to the staff of L’Fisher in the past.

The chalet is located at the topmost of L Fisher Hotel Building, located along Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

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  1. Vincent Joseph Caiazzo

    As a foreigner, and now resident of the area in Ayala, My family and I frequent many local restaurantsin Negros. I keep a low profile when it comes too critique of places and food, ,service,cleanliness,attentiveness,and price and quality. I am not usually in favor of buffet foods,due to lack of attention, presentation and quality of food,I also take into account food temperature,which filipino and many buffets fail miserably at. This being said Bacolod offers some insight of how a small town can indeed offer up some fantastic cuisine. As a frequent customer of L-fisher and also stayed at hotel, even though my home is but 4 km from Hotel, I was pleasantly surprised bye L-fishers hospitality.We are owners of a Priveledge card which my my wife has.This being American and known for my blunt truth was appalled at,to find out that even though I have paid for everything I being a foreigner was not allowed to own a card. My mood quickly turned upbeat at the old but warm,friendly lobby was welcoming with light piano music,down a few steps too the dining.I have been informed that L-fisher is a family owned and operated hotel,this is evident in the care they take of each customer down too smallest detail..The food preparation and attention too eye detail,and presentation of each area of food, and food itself is great,unlike other local buffets L-fisher steps out of the buffet lines,cold food,and poor taste and presentation too offer a very nice and ambient dinng experience. The food is very good,and service is just as good.Some Mall buffets can learn a thing or two about customer service,food presentation,not just at the opening of buffet but throughout the night.Overall being a former restaurant manager of U S A largest restaurant venues, L-fisher offers a great buffet dining experience recommended for all.

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