I never had the change to go home in our hometown (Ma-ao) for a while due to my busy schedule. Even last Christmas I didn’t have the chance to go home. But recently I have to drive home my niece who had her hair and make-up in Bacolod for her first High School Prom. I know how important the Prom for a high school student so I have to cooperate…

After bringing home, my niece got some of her pictures– we’ve decided to go home. That was passed 5 PM and we thought of driving to Buenos Aires to take some pictures  before going home. We took a lot of photos and before we knew it, it was already dark. My cousin suggested staying overnight at the resort. I readily agreed as I also need some breather from my busy schedule. Besides, in my car, I always bring along with me some toiletries, underwear, extra short and shirts and medicines.


Buenos Aires is really fully developed to cater to the need of the tourists. The rates are really affordable and reasonable. The air-conditioned room in the hostel is just PhP 1,200.00 and the cottage with fan and 4 beds are just PHP 800.00. In a cold place like Buenos Aires, you won’t be needing an air-conditioned room.

Buenos Aires has an area wherein you can eat. The place is being occupied by various tenants selling a variety of goods. They sell stuff, from coffee, soda, hard drinks, instant noodles, canned goods and many more. In fact, if you are not really choosy when it comes to food you don’t bring anything when going there. They sell grilled chicken, pork, etc. They also sell some lutong bahay like pinakbet, cansi, etc.


The chicken inasal is being sold at Php 60/stick; a large slice of grilled pork at PHP 50, chicken gizzard at PHP 25/stick and rice at PHP 15/cup. If you decide to bring some fresh stuff for grilling, they are also selling charcoal and the grilling facilities are all over the place. They also sell a wide array of Junk foods.  I noticed that the grocery items are just being priced a little higher from the grocery in Bacolod—not bad!

While bottled water is available for sale, locals just drink straight from the faucet. We just wanted to be safe, so we opted for the bottled water.

You just have to remember that these stalls closed at 10 pm, but you can just order before they close and you can continue partying in the place.

The uniformed guards are spread all over and the place is well lit.  I also noticed that the staff greets their guests in the local dialect.

The room is well maintained…the beddings are fresh…We really had a good rest that evening.


We woke up quite late the following day, missing the magical hour in photography.

As soon as we ready ourselves we went back to the dining area to have our coffee. Along the way, we saw a peddler selling puto and “sondol”. Sondol is made of steamed ground sticky rice with buko and sugar.  We tried the puto and it tastes really good, I swear! I thought at first that I will only buy these to support the surrounding community. But this peddler really gave me back value for my money.

After our coffee, we tour again the place for some pictures though the sun is already quite high.

Of course, visiting a resort without enjoying the water will never be complete. So after taking our breakfast, we’ve decided to take a dip to the poll. Buenos Aires has four swimming pool to enjoy: 2 kiddie pools, 1 Olympic size pool, and their original small pool.

That was already past  12 NN when we decided to go home. We plan to pass by Bago City to witness a celebration of the Charter Anniversary of the City.

Visit Buenos Aires and whenever possible patronize the local business by not bringing so much food. Have a Happy Trip!

Buenos Aires Mountain Resort
Location: Brgy. Ilijan, Bago City
Time of Travel: 45 minutes to 1 hour from Bacolod
Mode of Transportation: PUJ’s
Facilities: Hotel Rooms, Cottages, Pavillons, Brgy Booths, Shed Houses, Function Rooms, Food, and Beverages Outlet and Swimming Pool.
Contact Nos. Tel: (+6334) 461-0540 / 461-0164, Fax: (+6334) 461-0199




  1. How do you get to Buenos Aires via commute? Sounds like a pretty nice place to take a break from a busy schedule. Thanks.

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