(this established ceased their  operation at Robinsons Bacolod)

Stressful day for me. I had to attend  a couple of meetings, some errands to accomplished and others issues to resolved. Towards the end of the day I thought of watching a movie just to relax my mind or  go to the spa, but as I was driving with a preoccupied mind I just realized that I was already at the downtown area, quite far from the spa I wanted to visit. So instead, I just parked my car and went to the fruit stand to get some   for dinner then went home.

Then, my phone rang. It was Louie Jomero, PMAP President for Negros Chapter. She was inviting me for a dinner along with our guests from Cebu.Perfect! I need to go out that time to breath and have a good laugh.

We thought of bringing our guests to Wara Wara at Robinsons Central City Walk, Robinsons, Bacolod  as our guests are staying at Go Hotel –just a walk away from the resto.

Wara-wara is a Korean resto owned by the same people that runs Korea 31 and Kimstaurant. I love the place, one resto we frequent especially when we are very hungry and for the reasons that they can really give you value for your money.They have an all you can eat offer for Shabu2x, Yakiniku ,Sushi and  Salad Bar for 380 Mondays-Thursdays and 480 Fri to Saturdays. Lunch is at 11-2pm and dinner at 6-10pm.

One good about the place are their people. They are really friendly and are capable of making their guest enjoy.

That was really an enjoyable dinner date. I just  went over eating a bit but its not everyday after all. Above all I had a good laugh with friends, one thing I need most when I am stressed.



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