Enjoying Chinese Food Trip @ Natures Restaurant


Enjoying Chinese Food Trip @ Natures Restaurant

Pancit Lomi is a familiar dish from my childhood. I remember that when I was in college we would go very often to  a Chinese Restaurant in downtown area to eat Pancit Lomi . This Chinese noodle dish has become so popular in the Philippines that it is not uncommon to find it in expensive restaurants as well as in plastic bags sold by street food vendors.  

This afternoon as we are looking for a place to eat somewhere in Capitol Shopping Center, Bacolod we happen to pass by Natures Restaurant. We immediately remember the Pancit Lomi. From afar I saw a vacant parking space right in front of the restaurant which gave us more reason to really try again their Chinese food.

When we enter the place we saw various of people waiting for their food.  And a few more tables filled with costumers. The place is like any other traditional simple Chinese restaurant. Nothing spectacular with the service and the aircon wasn’t really that cold.

We ordered immediately the pancit lomi and of course being a siopao lover, I ordered one for me.

When our ordered arrived we were a bit amazed by the size of their serving. One bowl of Pancit Lomi at PhP 100.00 can feed 3 to 5 people already. Their pork siopao at PhP 30.00/pc was just fine. Another friend ordered for a beef and vege meal topping priced at PhP 100.00/bowl. I also noticed some customers ordering for a loaf bread to match their lomi and thought that one group can really save a few more peso when dining together.

We had a difficulty of  finishing our pancit lomi because of the serving size, but the taste was just great.

If you just want to eat and indulge without much considering the ambiance, then Natures Restaurant is perfect for you. Have a Happy Food Trip!



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