Fun Teambuilding Workshop for theEmployees Good Hope Commercial

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Fun Teambuilding Workshop for theEmployees Good Hope Commercial

The Teambuilding Seminar which I conducted for the employees of Good Hope Commercial recently turned out to be a very exciting seminar for the participants. One of smallest group I’ve ever conducted with only 12 participants was held at O Hotel, Bacolod City.

Good Hope owners, Junjun and Margeret Tan actively participated the training even in  the wacky activities I prepared for the participants.  Junjun and Margaret are among those new breed of entrepreneurs  who believed in the importance of people development.

Achieving  the objectives in teambuilding sometimes takes time. The  process begins  where there is a group of people, two or more, and a leader. The end of the process is where there is a high performing team, who are highly motivated to perform better and better, who have well-developed processes and systems to organize their workload, and who gain immense satisfaction from their shared achievements. It is also very important to note that management support is very important in reaching the general goals in teambuilding.

The overall objectives in most teambuilding  is  high performance, to develop the group through the various stages of development, until it achieves high performance. However, like any other process, there are different steps or stages, and there are quite different objectives and goals at each stage. Focussing on the specific objectives at each stage, and changing your objectives as you go through the process, will help you achieve high performance.

I feel blessed to be the first Training Consultant representing INTRASPEC Management Consultancy being tapped by Good Hope to do some intervention for their people Development. Kudos to the Good Hope Family.


INTRASPEC Management Consultancy is a  training firm based in Bacolod City, Negros occidental, Philippines.Our Customized Training Program is geared to train your  workforce to exhibit the productive and innovative culture  to ensure that you and your team are primed to meet the unique threats and challenges your organization faces.With our  20 years of training experience,  INTRASPEC  PROGRAMS are designed differently and  unique to your organization and your particular challenges. It is carefully crafted by our faculty team to meet your objectives and is designed to transform the thinking and behavior of participants to accelerate and drive effective change.

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