Thirst Quencher! Halo-Halo All You Can at Kuppa


Halo-halo (from Tagalog word halò, “mix”) is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served in a tall glass or bowl.

Thirst Quencher! Halo-Halo All You Can at Kuppa

It’s summer time and time for halo-halo.

Halo-halo, in its English translation means “Mix”. Others usually describe halo-halo as a fruit mix; while locals simply refer to this summer treat as the ultimate  dessert. Though it is offered all year-round, this Filipino dessert gets more popular during the summer season.

At Kuppa, they had their Halo-Halo Bar set up this summer.

Imagine a  tall glass filled with a layer of colorful and tasty ingredients. Isn’t it too enticing to resist?  If your imagination of the Halo-halo made you crave for it, what more if it is an eat-all-you-can treat? You can have your halo-halo with generous mix of various ingredients like fresh  fruits mangoes, macapuno, water melon, boiled kidney beans, garbanzos, sugar palm fruit (kaong), coconut sport (macapuno), and plantains caramelized in sugar, jackfruit (langkâ), gulaman, tapioca, nata de coco, sweet potato (kamote), cheese, pounded crushed young rice (pinipig)  or cereals,leche flan, purple yam (ube halaya). They also have an options  for  evaporated or condensed milk is poured into the mixture upon serving and caramelized sugar.

Another fun part of eating Halo-halo is the mixing and digging into that sumptuous bowl or glass for your favorite ingredient.Mixing the concoction of fruits and jams , an extra-long spoon is the perfect match to enjoy the most sought after  summer treat in the Philippines. Whether young or old, a foodie or a sweet tooth, halo-halo will surely leave one asking for more.

For PhP 125.00 one can already indulged in such a sweet and refreshing offering at Kuppa.




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