Sweet Offerings of Mila’s Restaurant

Mila's Royale Bibingka
Mila’s Royale Bibingka

Sweet Offerings of Mila’s Restaurant

That was just my second day for  the 3-day seminar I am conducting for the Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation in Batang Peninsula Beach Resort in Himamaylan Negros Occidental. I seemed to be too tired when Ms. Mercy Desales – Panisa, NWTF‘s Training Officer  surprised me with a box of Buko Pie and Royale Bibingka from the famous Mila’s Restaurant of  Hinigaran.

The sight of these delicacies cheered me up and seemed to boost my energy even before I indulge in it.  I first tried the buko pie, as always the abundance of buko inside the crust and its creamy texture made the delicacy a standout from any other buko pie.

Mila's Potato cake

The Royale Bibingka, if I am not mistaken was the first product which really made Mila’s  popular. While the royal bibingka tastes really good, I am not really a big fan of it. For me, it tastes like any other chiffon cake and when it comes to bibingka, I would still prefer the traditional recipe of bibingka that is made of rice flour.

The original Mila’s Restaurant is in Hinigaran along the highway, so easy to locate because its near the public plaza. But in Binalbagan, they also put up another branch. So after our tree-day training, Ms. Mercy brought me to the  Binalbagan branch  of Mila’s.

My brother is one big fan  Mila’s  Potato Cake. In fact, he would give our clients in Manila boxes of Potato Cake. Mila’s  have other cakes when we arrived, but I opted to order  potato cake to pair with a cup of native coffee.

Mila's Buko Pie

The Potato Cake is topped with a crunchy caramel, but what I like the most  is the  texture of the potato in the cake. Since the topping was quite too sweet, I didn’t use any sugar for my coffee anymore.

While we were having our coffee I’ve noticed a number of patrons who visits the place. Well, it might not be surprising because for years now the establishment had really acquired a good reputation for their good products.

Just one suggestion for Mila’s: Maybe it is about time to think about improving their service and adding more smile to their already sweet products. Because with good products coupled with nice service, I’m sure Mila’s will go a long, long way. 🙂

My appreciation to the whole Training Team of the Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation for having me and for taking care of my needs from service vehicle, accommodation, food, to sugar free coffee,etc….you’ve made my job easy.:)



  1. I miss eating bibingka. That one looks so good.

  2. Those are really sweet and delicious treats not to missed.

  3. Elizabeth O.

    Really curious about that potato cake! I would love to give it a try!

  4. Nice Buko Pie, but the Potato cake is too sweet 🙂

  5. Hope Mila's will open a branch in Bacolod.

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