I-Kulotz Payag Kaninan & Mini Resort


I-Kulotz Payag Kaninan & Mini Resort

Almost 2 years ago when we were invited to feature the I-Kulotz Payag Kainan & Mini Resort in EB Magalona, Negros Occidental. Unfortunately, due to our schedule limitations, it was only recently that we were able to visit the place. Well, maybe were just waiting for the right timing…Timing because the resort has just celebrated her 2nd year anniversary last July 23.

Together with other Happy Trippers, we went to I-Kulotz Payag Kainan & Mini Resort the day before their anniversary. The  resort is located along the National Hi-way of EB Magalona and Silay City  but the exact address is    Hda. Lulubcon, EB Magalona. It’s quite easy to find the place because it’s just along the highway.

The place has cottages which you can rent at PhP300.00. The entrance is PhP 50.00 which entitled you to use the pool. The place is pretty small which can be used exclusively for personal events like parties and get together. At the main entrance is their Pizza Counter, ideal for travelers who would want to have some food.

After taking pictures of the place, we were treated by  Miss Cherlene C. Sanchez, Manager of Resort for a hearty lunch. The food was basically lutong bahay which we enjoyed so much.

Congratulations to I-Kulotz to their 2nd Year Anniversary.

For more information you can call: 09999098070 or 476-1241



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