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 The writer with a co-judge Bamboo Tonogbanua together with street dancers and our usher and usherettes


 I love festivals especially the dance parade, thats why  I always welcome any invitation to judge or simply as a blogger.

One of the festivals in Negros which I would get invitation to judge every year is the Pasalamat Festival of La Carlota City.

“Pasalamat,” a  Hiligaynon term for “thanksgiving”. It is said that the festival  brings together the La Carloteños in unity and thanksgiving to God for the bountiful harvests and the blessings of life. It also highlights the people’s perseverance despite life’s difficulties.  These were manifested in the costumes , floats and caricatures of every participating tribes when they work  around the theme “flora and fauna” .

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What makes the Pasalamat Festival unique is its original Sambita beat, played by its very own drumbeaters using percussion instruments. However, what I missed this year is the original sound of agogo bells very distinct of La Carlota Pasalamat Festival.

I should say, Pasalamat Festival is one of the most colorful and festive celebrations in the province. As a matter of fact,  it won third place in the Best Festival Dances in the recent Panaad sa Negros Festival.

While judging the the festival in the street I had spotted foreigners witnessing the grand celebration.  No doubt, La Carlota City has made its mark in the tourism map with the grand and unique celebration of the annual Pasalamat festival.

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Peacock inspired costume: One of my favorite for this year’s best in costume…the craftsmanship was great …

jojo vito-66-2

Native fans…great use of indigenous material

jojo vito-61


Judging  the costumes of every tribe is getting difficult every year.Their choices of colors and materials is becoming more sophisticated and their craftsmanship is getting impeccable.

The colorful butterfly theme in the  costumes of the dancers  is popular this year. I was amazed on the details they have when painting the wings.


jojo vito-52-2


One of the most colorful costumes…take note of the butterfly wings skirts of the dancers

jojo vito-54-2


The purple skirts with white trimmings is one of the stand outs among the top most beautiful costumes. The floral inspired headdress matches the vine element in the body of the dancers


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jojo vito-12



jojo vito-19-2









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