Dining at Tyrol


Dining at Tyrol

Crispy Chicken Salad Tyrol Restaurant  is located  at the far end of 12th Street Lacson, near Mayfair Plaza.

Dining at Tyrol


We have just concluded our PMAP Seminar and we were thinking to bring out our guest speaker for dinner. Earlier, Femmy Magbanua already made a reservation for us at Tyrol. Unfortunately, our speaker beg off for the  dinner as he is going out with a relative. So no choice ,we have to go for our reservations.

Upon entering  Tyrol Restaurant you will immediately noticed  the semi-log cabin theme of the resto. The table and chair were made of wood and some medium size tree trunks adorned the place.

Dining at Tyrol

L-R: Louie Jomero, Tess Nunez, Jojo Vito, Fem Magbanaua, Johna Alojamiento and the in-house Chef of Tyrol

I also like the kitchen with glass portion which the customer can really see how they prepare the food. The kitchen at this instance became an integral feature of the restaurant.

 Tyrol Restaurants offers flavors of Germany and Austria and I guess a very good addition to other restaurants which offers foreign cuisine in the city of Bacolod. Their servings were relatively huge, so it would be best I guess to ask before you order. For our salad we ordered just 1 order of Crispy Chicken Salad.The large serving of Crispy Chicken Salad at PhP 285 was not really bad.  The salad has crispy chicken breast, cucumber and tomatoes with some potato chips. For those who are not really into rice,  this can already serve as one whole meal.


Dining at Tyrol

King Ludwig Platter

We also ordered  King Ludwig Platter . By seeing the platter one can really say its a serving just fitting for a King.The platter at PhP 1,295 can serve 6-8 persons. That was our cheat day , so we were  not counting anymore our calorie intake. The King Ludwig Platter has  Roosted pork knuckle;  selection of  German sausages; potato salad, schnitzel and  vegges sidings .  I really like the lavish presentation of the platter as it ignites the feeling of celebration.

Dining at Tyrol


Realizing what we ordered, we cannot afford to take in a soda anymore. We wanted something healthier for our drink. So we ordered a Pitcher of Herbal Fitness Juice. O well, maybe we are just guilty of what we ordered so we when we saw the word “Herbal and Fitness” we all agreed to have it as our drink. The Herbal Fitness Juice at PhP 120/pitcher  is just a mineral water with a slice of lemon, calamansi,  cucumber and basil.

My First time with Tyrol, but I didn’t regret going there. Maybe next time , with our family. Have a happy food trip everyone!!!

Tyrol Restaurant

Business Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday Lunch: 11am to 2pm
Tuesday to Sunday Dinner: 5pm to 10pm
Mondays: Closed

12th St Lacson, Mayfair Place Residence
Bacolod City
034-7031878  /  0906-3357564




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  1. you guys seems so happy eating here. I always love eating with friends especially the funny ones because it makes every dish a “happy” dish. 😉

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