Shrimpanzees with corn with garlic and butter sauce at        PhP 265 and can serve for up to three persons



Note: This restaurant is closed for renovation….

I  go out and eat—to comfort myself each time I’m stressed.

We  were  driving then along Lacson Street to find a place where to eat and chill. We cannot decide and quite tired for the restos we’ve  been visiting before.  Then I remember a new restaurant which opened just this year-the “By the Bucket”, located just at the back portion of the Avenue Suites. The Avenue Suites by the way also owned the place.

I haven’t tried this restaurant yet. But by the reviews and photo sharing of others, I seemed to feel that this place is quite interesting.


“By the Bucket” is just an old house converted into a restaurant. By the looks of it, the place was not even fully renovated. They just painted, portions of it.


The sala was converted into an air-conditioned dining area are while the bedrooms were converted into KTV rooms.

One thing I like about the place is its novelty.As soon as you are seated, the waitress will come and cover the table with “manila paper“. All food are served in tin buckets, and no dinner plates were provided. Instead , they will line in front of you a clean wax paper which will serve as your plate. They don’t provide  utensils too. They just provide a box of plastic gloves to cover your hands , so that you will not be eating with your bare hands.


Another fun part of dining at By the Bucket is the use of paper bib. Of course , you will have the option to use it or not. For the sake of this blog, I have myself photograph with the paper bib.


We ordered for  this fries ahead but it seemed that they missed this and served quite late. But its okay, their staff were nice.


Squidward at PhP 165 is like gambas with chopped chilli


My food on wax paper


Their desserts are also served on paper cups

Generally, dining at By The Bucket was really fun. The food tasted great as well. I’m sure that visitors and tourist will surely love to eat here.



The back portion of the uniform of their staff

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