Bacolodiat Festival is Bacolod’s very own Chinese New year Festival.  It comes from the words “Bacolod” & “Lao Diat” (Fookien word for celebration).

I was privilege to be invited as one of the judges  in the costume and lantern selection for the 2015 Bacolaodiat Festival which will be held from Feb. 19 to 22 in Bacolod City. The selection  for the best in costume and lantern was held privately with only the judges and organizers present.  We judged 8 representatives for the eight finalists (groups) which will be competing in the Lantern Street Dance and Arena Competition.


Selecting the best in costume and best in lantern was really fun, but it was never easy. It was good that we (the judges) were given the opportunity to ask the models to parade and pose for several times so that we can scrutinize and really choose the best entries. Of course I had more opportunity to take these photographs for you. After two hours of careful studying of the entries, the panel of judges were able to come up with a unanimous decision for both the best in costume and best in lantern.


The best in costume and lantern winners will be announced on February  21, 2015 during the highlights of the festival. However, I was given the go signal to share with the readers of The Happy Trip.com the photographs I have taken during the judging session.


Indeed, the Bacolaodiat Festival has gone a long way after it was first launched in 2006. In fact the festival is one of the most colorful and spectacular festival in the province of Negros today. As Bacolaodiat marks its 10th year of assimilation of the Filipino and Chinese cultures in Bacolod City, the festival  will usher in the Year of the Goat with a theme:  “A decade of celebration. A lifetime of harmony.”


Major activities in the 2015 Bacolaodiat Festival include the following: Grand Parade on its opening, Lantern Street Dance and  Arena Competition, Giant Chinese lanterns Competition, Cultural Show, Symphony of Lights and Sparks Acrobat Show, Chopstick Alley featuring various Chinese cuisines , Parade of Mascots and many more.


Mark this page as we will give you updates of the 2015 Bacolaodiat Festival. I will be posting soon the schedules of events and more photos as I was invited also to be one of the judges in the street dance competition on February 19 at 4:30 in the afternoon at Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!





  1. This is something to look forward to. I hope you can tell us the winners.

  2. I have never been to Bacolod but this looks so exciting! I am actually including Bacolod on my list for my year’s adventure! ♥

  3. It’s so colorful! 🙂 It must be so hard judging them.

  4. Very nice and beautiful costumes and lanterns. I really wanted to see lanterns during the holiday season. It’s just so refreshing.

  5. Those watching the event for sure had a great time because of the great costumes from the participants.

  6. What a festive and colorful event! I love the different shapes of the lanterns.

  7. I really miss Bacolod na! Sana makabalik ako diyan this year! I wanna see Bacolaodiat myself!

  8. It must be difficult to judge since everybody had great costumes.

  9. Nice colorful costumes. This is surely one fun event! Hoping to see this LIVE soon!

  10. The costumes remind me of festivals in other Asian countries. I would love to witness this Bacolodiat Festival one time, seems fun and interesting.

  11. Seems like the whole festival is so much fun and lively!

  12. The picture shows the celebrants enjoyed the festival. Very lively and colourful too.

  13. Very interesting festival, I love the festive colors of each costume. Choosing the winner is hard because all of them stands out! I will definitely watch out for more updates of this Bacolaodiat Festival.

  14. Chinese New Year is near and this festival even highlights the colorful celebration. Hope to witness it too.

  15. It looks like a Chinese and Thailand Festival combine together. I want to see this, may LIVE STREAMING link po ba?

  16. Thanks Sir Jojo, Nice blog, See you! Kiong Hee Huat Tsai! 🙂

  17. wow ,,, haven’t heard of this activity until now… and this reminded me of the upcoming chinese new year …good luck to the winners … bring home the bacon !

  18. Wow! those are beautiful lanterns. Hope see this festival in the near future.

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