Tom N Toms – Bacolod, Philippines is located at 26th Lacson Street, Bacolod City (Photo credits to Rommel Pasaporte)


Tom N Toms Coffee a leading Korean coffee brand  opened their first branch in the Philippines today. Tom N Toms is located at 26th Lacson Street, Bacolod City, Philippines.  Prior to the grand opening of the store, Tom N Toms opened their store to the media and friends to taste their products for the first time.

The event was attended by  TV, print and broadcast media together with the Negros Bloggers, Skyscraper City-Bacolod, and  prominent personalities in Bacolod City.


The Negros Bloggers and Skyscraper City-Bacolod Members with Mr. Peter Kim, President  of Tom N Toms Philippines (Photo by Rommel Pasaporte)

Aside from their coffee , Tom N Toms takes pride of their Pretzels which are prepared right in front of the customers. This is their assurance that all their breads are freshly baked when served.

Pepperoni PretzelDog Pretzel


R-L: Pepperoni Pretzel baked with Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella and CheeseDog Pretzel , baked with Vegetable and Sausage

Honey Butter Bread, Toast with Caramel Sauce, Cinnamon Powder and Fresh Cream

The 700 sq meter Ton N Toms – Bacolod,Philippines can sit comfortably for up to 260 customers.

To ensure that Tom N Toms will be able to deliver the quality of their product and service, they even imported Barestas from Korea to be staying for a while in Bacolod to train their Filipino counterparts.


The 700 sq meter Ton N Toms – Bacolod,Philippines can sit comfortably for up to 260 customers. (Photo credits Rommel Pasaporte)

The first Tom N Toms Store was open in ApGuJeong-Dong, Korea  in   2001.  Aside from their Korea Branches,   Tom Toms Coffee also has branches in  USA, China, Australia, Thailand, Singapore  and of course now in the Philippines.



  1. Last time I went home, it’s still under construction. Good to know there’s a new place to visit in my next vacay. 🙂

  2. this looks promising. and the toast looks delish! I wish they could open a branch here in Manila especially near the University Belt. I think it will be a hit.

  3. Tom N Toms Coffees look really yummy! I hope they open up a branch here.

  4. quite interesting. i love coffee in fact i’m a coffee addict, LOL.

  5. Your photo posts make me hungry. The coffee shop looks so nice and cozy and huge.

  6. Congrats to the opening of Ton n Toms Coffee in your area. I am sure that coffee lovers will check out this new business.

  7. The place is huge and can accommodate 260 customers. Definitely a great place to hang out.

  8. THis sounds like a nice coffee house. I would love to try their products when I get to Bacolod.

  9. We do not have yet that Korean-based coffee shop here in Manila. Hoping they will make a way here so we can try it out!

  10. I hope they also open Tom N Toms in Manila so we can try it.

  11. is there a branch of TOM N TOMS COFFEE here in manila? the pretzels look yummy!

  12. The toast and cream looks really delicious. They do have great coffee offerings too.

  13. Heard of the shop since it’s from Korea. Haha. I guess, I was just familiar with Korean products and store.

  14. I’ve never been into Bacolod, but it looks like it’s a nice place. I hope to go there someday.

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