“Don’t judge a restaurant by its name”.  The word “ Karenderia” is often referred to as a no frills,  small eatery . But not in case of Orange Karenderia,  which recently opened in Bacolod City.

Housed in a modern  building with “industrial’ look and design, Orange Karenderia  is one place which the whole family would love to dine in. Offering Filipino Cuisines ,Orange Karenderia  used local  ingredients abundant in the area. The restaurant is the first branch outside its place of origin, Cebu City.

Negros Bloggers at Ornage Karenderia (Photo by Claire Algarme)

Managed by a 24 year old General manager Michael Pato.  Michael  first  graduated  with a degree of  B.S. Psychology from De La Sale University and went to finish  his Restaurant Management Degree from University  California Los Angeles (UCLA) .

Michael has been a very cordial host when we visited Orange Karenderia. He allowed us to take photos and even to get inside his kitchen which is by the way visible to the guests dining. When asked about the name of the restaurant, he simply said that orange is just a food color which they like.  They used the word “Karenderia”  to differentiate themselves from others and it  is easily associated with Filipino food.

Michael Pato, General Manager and owner of Orange Karenderia

Orange Kerenderia offers the usual food which we served at home. But what makes this restaurant special is the freshness and authenticity of the food they served. When they say crispy- it is really crispy. In every dish you can taste the  authenticity of  a true Filipino flavor.


Orange Karenderia is located at 22nd – Lacson Street, Bacolod City. It is right  at the back of Pizza Republik.

One of my favorite dish in  Orange Karenderia  is their Crispy Tuna Buntot (Yellow-Fin Tuna Tail) , A veritable fish version of the porcine Crispy Pata. Price varies according to weight.  It was served very crispy and best when dipped with vinegar and soy sauce.

They also serve exotic dishes like the Crispy Tuna Bihod (Tuna Roe) at PhP 135/serving

Crispy Tuna Bagaybay (Tuna Gonad) at  PhP 135/serving

Chicarong Bulaklak at PhP 120/serving

Betsy’s Garlic Chicken which comes with a special sauce

Pork Barbecue at 33/stick

Chopsuey  at PhP160/serving

Larang Endong (Moray Eel Soup) PhP 80/serving

Tinola Mamsa (Jack Fish) PhP 80.00/serving


  1. I hope magkaron din ng ganyang restaurant dito! Ang quirky ng name plus the images of the food you have posted are really mouthwatering! 🙂

  2. I hope magkaron din ng ganyang restaurant dito! Ang quirky ng name plus the images of the food you have posted are really mouthwatering!

  3. Orang Karenderia looks like a soshal karederia serving mouthwatering homecooked meals!

  4. Well, some resto starts from being a karenderia too. Wow I hope he does that too with other clients, let them see and escort them in the place. Just by looking at the picture, it really looks crispy for me. And it does have the freshnees look in it.

  5. Good to see that you have a group there at Negros. I do not know any blogger here in Pampanga who are active like you guys do. 🙁

  6. what a unique name for a resto! the foods looks yummy! nakkagutom;) sayang lang nsa bacolod, i wish there’s a branch in manila.

  7. Most of the dishes make my mouth water. Anyway, you got me real hungry so I’m having lunch now.

  8. I like the name. Orange Karinderia is catchy and it’s something that anyone can easily remember. The chicharon bulaklak is drool-worthy! I would love to try the Larang.

  9. this is incredible! i totally love sea food and it’s probably the only meat i’ve been eating since i started my workout regimen. Thanks for sharing this post

  10. The place seems has a bunch of great food to offer.

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