Rediscover Kipot Twin Falls

Rediscover Kipot Twin Falls

Bago City, Negros Occidental, Philippines is home to many beautiful spots. One of which is the  Kipot Twin Falls. The Kipot Twin Falls is located at Brgy. Mailum, Bago City, NegrosOccidental, Philippines.

The enchanting Kipot Twin Falls is  a stream separated by a sharp overhang that splits the path of water into two seemingly identical cascades. Kipot Twin Falls is great for family picnics and nature tripping activities. The magnificent falls make you feel you’re in the middle of a mystical paradise.

Rediscover Kipot Twin Falls

Atop the falls is a bridge wherein vehicles pass going to Tinago Resort and Pataan Resort. (These two Resorts are also great places to visit when visiting Negros Occidental.)

One interesting part of the Kipot Twin Falls  is the  220 steps down a winding stairs from the gateway down to the falls… The stairway starts from a wide downhill path to a slim alley hugging the mountain side. For people who don’t want to get into the river or for those who  gets tired easily, the resort has a viewing deck which offers a great view of the falls. Since it was just a just a short visit we opted just to be at the viewing deck for a photo op. It also has concrete cabanas ideal for day trippers.

Rediscover Kipot Twin Falls


There’s no restaurant nor canteen in the resort, so better armed yourself with food and drinks should you wish to visit the place.

Kipot Twin Falls is a treasure to the locales of  the City of Bago. It is nice to note that Bago City had made an obvious effort to improve it so that more people will be able to appreciate it.

Rediscover Kipot Twin Falls

 How to get there:

  • If you are visiting Pataan or Tinago Mountain Resorts you will definitely pass by the site of Kipot Summer resort.
  • From Bacolod City get a Bus  to Brgy Ma-ao – PhP  30.00/person (Libertad to Brgy Ma-ao)
  • From Brgy. Ma-ao, you can just ride a tricycle for Kipot at Php 30.00/person.


  1. The falls reminds me of Kawasan falls in Cebu. Looks similar but they dont call it Twin falls. Hehe

  2. This is the second amazing falls I saw after Niagara falls frozen.

  3. It would be nice to see these twin falls. Are visitors allowed to swim?

  4. michelle co-huertas

    I have been hearing stories of how warm people from Bacolod are, This place might just make me go there once and for all.

  5. I miss Bacolod City so much! I hope I can visit Kipot Falls by the time I get back there. ^_^

  6. love this place, I hope I can visit this one soon. 🙂

  7. Is it suitable for swimming? The only falls I have seen so far is Daranak Falls in Tanay 🙂

  8. It’s my first time to see falls that has been split into two. I want to visit it with my family.

  9. I’m a water baby so I definitely love places like this. Hope I get to see it someday.

  10. Philippines has a lot of hidden gems. First time to hear about Kipot Falls, and I’ve never been to Bacolod. Nice to know that there are plenty of tourist attractions there..

  11. I love how you just pack your bags and travel, selflessly! I just heard this kipot falls from my high school friend, who said, it was amazing!

  12. It’s nice that they added a viewing deck for those who can’t walk match or choose not to walk closer to the falls.

  13. It’s really interesting how cities have developed and worked on their tourism so that people will have a place to go and enjoy. I often go to Dumaguete and so on my next trip, I’ll try to see this one.

  14. So cool!!! I’ll be adding this to my list. Planning to do a trip to Visayas later this year.

  15. Are there tour guides in the area? The falls looked so beautiful. Would you know its height?

  16. This is amazing as you get to see two falls in one trip. This would be such a scenic place to visit.

  17. are people allowed to swim here or the falls is just for viewing purposes much like the current Hinulugang Taktak in Antipolo?

  18. eduardo lavadia

    how much is the entrance of a indi. , family, groupand etc…..?

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