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I always love discovering new dining places.

Recently, I’ve got an opportunity to visit a new restaurant in Silay City – the Barefoot Bistro. Located at Dr. Jose Locsin St., Silay City, Barefoot Bistro  is so easy to spot as it is just  across the Caltex Station where most people turn when they go to  Bacolod Silay Airport.

That was dinner time when we arrive at the place and some of our friends were already there waiting for us.



Create a story in your dining area using this table top articles from Silay Export…

The place is just simple and, in fact, any ordinary person will not be scared to go to the place as it is designed for most types of people. To my mind, the place is perfect if you have a  flight and would want to drop by for a quick merienda or meal. Their  Al Fresco dining area gives you a signal to just be yourself that even if you are wearing your flip flops , it’s perfectly okay. They also have some tables under the trees, that if the weather is fine I would really choose to eat there.

silay export

The white table cloth  softens the table which allows the dining pieces to  stand out from its natural surroundings, while the lighted candles inside the colorful fiber glass container infused a festive element…

But our genial host, the owner of the place Reena Gamboa-Pena had prepared a table with a gorgeous set up  for us on an adjacent room which also served as her showroom for her handicraft business – the Silay Export.

I was impressed upon entering the room  by the  well-dressed dining table prepared by our host. I am a visual eater and a beautiful presentation really delights me. Reena created  a pretty table setting using most of the products produced by her own company – Silay Export. In her  stylish table setting she used a plain white table cloth which allowed  each of  the dining pieces to stand out. Seeing the table made think that that was really a showcase of Silay Export’s expertise… From the silver-colored plate charger to the beaded napkin rings, the colorful rice bowl servers  to the  colorful candle holders spread across the tables  as accent pieces – perfect dining pieces ensemble.


our lovely host, Reena Gamboa-Pena showcasing her creativity with  Silay Export  Products and the  Barefoot  Bistro’s style of hospitality and service

Now, it’s time to try the food.

Reena prepared KBL for us. I’ve got two servings of this dish. To those who do not know what KBL is, it  stands for Kadyos, Baboy at Langka. It’s  an Ilongo soup dish made up of pork usually pork hocks or legs with pigeon peas and unripe jackfruit sour with batwan.


Kadyos, baboy and langka (KBL)

Then I tried the Pancit Efuven with Mushroom. I also like this dish, and I think it’s really perfect for an afternoon snack when you are really hungry.

We were also served with an  Eggplant with  Scrambled Eggs, but since I am not really into veggies, I just tried how it tasted. My verdict? This dish would be perfect if paired with a dried fish.

barefoot bistro

I was already full, but I have to try the Steamed Chicken Stuffed with Lemon Grass. This dish is perfect for those who are watching their diet because it’s white meat and you can just season it as you wish.

Before leaving, I made sure to try a slice of the bread pudding. It’s also a winner!

So the next time you visit Silay or before going to the airport, visit and see for yourself what Barefoot Bistro offers.

For inquiries, call:  0915 624 8190

barefoot bistro

L-R: Pancit Efuven with Mushroom and Bread Pudding

barefoot bistro 2

Top: Barefoot Bistro Staff ; Below: Barefoot Bistro/Silay Export Gallery

Products of Silay Export are available at the Negros Showroom, Lacson and Robinsons Branches and at the upcoming Negros Trade Fair at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati on September 16-20, 2015.






  1. Oh wow, it’s been a while since I had kadyos and langka. That looks super tasty!

  2. Setting up a resto is a good way of promoting the owner’s export business, too. Brilliant idea!

  3. I love discovering new dishes and resto too. In fact we almost pig out in most dining place in town. Maybe I could try this if i stumbled once again in Bacolod City. the place looks so inviting, nonetheless. 😀

  4. This post made me so hungry early in the morning! Haha! Sounds like a great dining experience you had there.

  5. I love going to trade fairs and seeing lots of new stuff! Those are quality export products and by the way, the table arrangement looked good. I wish I was there to share the food. LOL.

  6. Elizabeth O.

    What a nice little place to spend the afternoon at. I’d love to try their dishes, everything looks delightful.

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