Cheap Travelling : doing cross country with a car is definitely the first thing for you to consider if you wanted to save


Planning a cross country trip can be a pretty hard and expensive leisure. All the costs, from simple casual one to bigger one, add up to a one disaster of your budget. But no worry anymore, because today you are going to learn a few easy tips how to travel much cheaper and see the most of the country. So, from the traveling itself to eating cheaper, here are my best 5 tips for frugal vacations.

Rent a Car

For convenience, fast and your pace traveling, you can rent yourself a car. You can choose whatever car you wish for, that will complement your needs and travel for as much as you want because you are your own boss. For instance, with service of Hotwire you can rent a car (and more!) at any country you want to. Moreover, if you find some coupons (for instance Hotwire online coupons – ChameleonJohn ), you can reduce the cost of renting a car as well. Adding to that gas prices and a no cost of transportation, traveling cross country with a car is definitely the first thing for you to consider.


Cheap Travelling : Couchsurfing might lead you to get a cheap room or even for free


If you are brave enough, you can definitely see the world and find new friends by hitchhiking. This is a totally free way to travel and see the country. And as said before, you can meet a lot of new people and make friends. Of course, it has some disadvantages too. First, you might not see the country as quickly as you wished for because in some countries hitchhiking is not so popular or acceptable by law. So cars just won’t stop. So better to a little research before the trip. And secondly, it is pretty dangerous sometimes. Not only you are risking and sitting in a car of a stranger, but sometimes have to walk on a road during a night. Anyway, if you are brave enough and your timetable is flexible, hitchhike!


To reduce a spending during traveling, you can also use nice internet platform called Couchsurfing. With it everyone everywhere can get a nice and cozy bed to sleep in for so cheap, it is sometimes for free. The best part, in my opinion, is that you will be able to live in an apartment of a local person. He might become your friend and companion for a whole trip. So join this friendly and worldwide community of travel enthusiasts and make new friends everywhere.


Cheap Travelling :You can save a lot when you try to cook your own food

Cook Your Own Food

For as much as possible, always try to cook your own food. Avoid going to fancy restaurants or weirdly looking local dinners to dodge both high expenses and food poisoning. So, better purchase some products at markets and cook it for you. This way you can also try traditional local meals and try your cooking skills too. Although, if you really want to eat some traditional meals, better ask locals for a nice place to recommend. This way you can at least be sure that you are going to survive after dinner (kidding!).


Change Into Local Currency at Local ATM

Finally, avoid overpaying for things you can do for yourself. At the same day you get to a country, use ATM to get local currency much cheaper. Usually, currency change stations tend to have pretty big commissions that add price to the service. Avoid that and use the closest ATM to always have some cash with you.


  1. I have to say that your guidelines is very accurate, this would be a very helpful to those who loves to have a vacation and at the same time don’t spend too much.

  2. good tips ion how to have a cheap cross country travel. Renting a car seems a good option for me . Cooking your own food. Ah, that’s great but savoring local foods that are offered is a good try.

  3. Trading currency is really the way to go, it makes shopping more convenient. Plus, you won’t have to bother yourself with constantly thinking if you have the right info on exchange rates.

  4. Proper planning before taking on a cross country road trip would really save you money and time.

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