Entry Number 6 entitled “Hali-Ka” won the Best in Costume , Best Artist (Joe Aaron Espinosa) and Best Model (Frowkie Llonor) Awards. Also in the photos were yours truly and my 2 other fellow judges.


In celebration for the Tourism Month, La Carlota City, Negros Occidental held a competition for Costume Making dubbed as “Dagway sang Imahinasyon”, Ilonggo words for faces of Imagination. Dagway sang imagination is a showcase of the talents and workmanship of a promising artist in the City of La Carlota. The event was highlighted by the selection of Best Costume, Best Artist and Best Model.

2nd and 3rd place winner fantasy costumeL-R: Second Place Best Costume Winner entitled  “Duwende”  a creation of  Reginald Nazareno   and Third Place Best Costume Winner  entitled ” Creide Metamorpha”   a creation of Jeffryl Tabaodaja

The entries dealt on the contest theme Forest Fantasy. Being one of the judges I personally have the difficulty of choosing the winners, especially that all entries were good. We choose the winner based on the following criteria: Craftsmanship 35%, Wearability 25%, Creativity 25% and, Vidual Impact 15%. Evaluating all the entries up close made us scrutinize each entry’s material and workmanship.

fantasy costume 2
What fixed the event more dramatic was the way each entry was portrayed by every model.Of course the play of lights and musical scoring made the show even more spectacular. I was totally awed by the winning entry. With  the use of natural bark of the tree, combined with a little painting, the use of a scented plant and the theatrical act of the model made the piece a real standout.   It appeared that I found myself amidst the fabulous beauties and beasts of the woods.

fantasy costume1
My congratulations for the City of La Carlota for continually searching and honing the skills of their constituents. My special thanks to Miss Janeth Baldoza Joseph for always considering  and trusting me to judge in their various arts competitions.

winner la carlota fantasy costume

Miss Janeth Baldoza Joseph, Tourism Officer of La Carlota City pose with the winners

la carlota fantasy costume winnerThe judges and Ms. Joseph pose with the winning entry and its designer.



  1. The costumes were all great! Congratulations to the winner.

  2. I Like the costume of Creide Metamorpha. Congrats to the winners. Truly big efforts to those who participated.

  3. wow. the costumes are really awesome and creative!! really like the first one. Reminds me of Groot. Hihi

  4. They`re very creative! I like the costumes of the winner and the “Creide Metamorpha”. The winner probably put so much effort in the costume because it looks like it has many intricate details.

  5. This kind of contest is new to me. Haven’t seen one in any parts in the country but sure is very interesting. You can really see the efforts being given by the participants. Deserving top placers indeed!

  6. That winning entry was so hard to wear I guess. He deserves to win, very creative and unique!

  7. Wow! All the entries are very creative. A for effort! Congrats to the winners!

  8. wow those costumes took a lot of effort, time and creativity! i especially love the butterfly costume!

  9. This is amazing! I love that your blog posts a lot of things that showcase Philippine culture. This design competition is a show of Filipino creativity and craftsmanship 🙂

  10. I’ve been always amazed at how our people create costumes and floats for events. It shows how creative we are as Filipinos. The tree guy really deserved it. He looked like Groot in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Hehe.

  11. They really went all out with the costumes in the competition. They have really creative and attention grabbing costumes.

  12. I can imagine how tough it must have been judging this contest. The participants are all so creative!

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