mely's garden

The Negros Bloggers and Tour Guides together with Ms. Mely Gonzales and Dr. and Mrs. Romeo Reyes with Bacolod City’s Tourism Officer Butch Gerasmo at Mely’s Garden Restuarant


Good news for those who will be visiting Bacolod soon. Here’s a place where you can relax ,dine savour Negrense and Filipino Cuisines – the Mely’s Garden Restaurant located on 6th Street, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

For those who are familiar with the place, a few months ago, Mely’s Garden Restaurant was turned over to another owner and the place was named then Anna’s Grill. But after 5 months the place was given back to Mely’s Garden Restaurant.

Just this afternoon we were invited along with other Negros Bloggers and Tour Guides to try once again Mely’s Garden Restaurant’s “lutong bahay” and Filipino food. Of course, no less than the owners Ms. Mely Gonzales and Dr. Romeo Reyes and wife Sarah Reyes received us.

kbl and chicken inasal

Their must try soup dish KBL (Kadyos, Baboy and Langka) and Chicken Inasal

Here’s what we’ve tried at Mely’s Garden restaurant today.

KBL or Kadyos, Baboy and Langka. KBL stands for Kadyos, Baboy, at Langka. This is a popular Negrense soup dish that you should try, especially when visiting Bacolod City. Kadyos  are pigeon peas, which created a purplish color in the dish. Of course, what made this dish special is the souring agent which is very popular in the Visayan Region the “Batwan”.

And talking about Negrense Food, we can’t do away of course with the Chicken Inasal.

takway and laing

My all time favorite vegetable dishes: Adobong Takway and Laing

And so we also tried  some vegetables, the Adobong Takway and Laing. You may ask what is “Takway”. Takway is what Negrense’s refer to the part of the gabi plant that grows sideways, termed as tendrils. Its outer skin is being stripped away, allowing the softer part before cooking. Mely’s Adobong takway has a hint of bagoong which really gives the dish its distinct and nice taste and topped with a lot of roasted garlic.

Of course, many are really familiar with Laing. But what made Mely’s Laing different was its very thick coconut cream topping the dish.

bangus and scallops

Yummy Bangus and Scallops

For the seafood, Mely’s served the bangus and buttered scallops which we all really loved. Mely’s Garden Restaurant also has fresh fish, wherein you can choose and they can cook it grilled, sizzling sinigang or tinola. They also have  dishes readily available for the walk-in customers who are in a hurry.

Melly’s  garden is planning to bring back their “Buffet Specials” which they do every Sunday before.Also, watch out for the opening of their other branch which will be opened soon right in front of Doctors Hospital.

negros bloggers at mely's

The Negros Bloggers and Tour guides enjoying the sumptuous lunch served by Mely’s Garden Restaurant


  1. All of the food looks so delicious!

  2. The post looks really delicious!

  3. The food looks good at Mely’s restaurant huh!

  4. The foods look great and delicious, lutong bahay Filipino dishes are always the best. I will recommend this restaurant to my friends in Bacolod.

  5. It’s great to see that there are a lot of Negros bloggers. We here at Pampanga met once during a food tasting event and we’re only a few. We didn’t even hit 10. 🙁

  6. They look like the perfect hangout for the family. They also have great foods here.

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