I was preparing for my first ever trip to Oslob and Badian Cebu. As I was gathering all my gadgets, garments, etc.. I realized that I don’t have the flip flops anymore. But it was perfect because I was invited for the Make your Own Havaianas #MYOH, an event by Havianas of course.

It’s a common knowledge  that Havaianas was born in Brazil in 1962. However, not everyone knew  that the very first flip-flop was inspired by the Zori, a type of Japanese sandal made of fabric straps and rice straw roles.


The  Shibori-inspired limited edition commemorative pair available in top and slim soles. Shibori is a Japanese-inspired fabric-dyeing technique. The design goes perfectly with a selection of kawaii pins – zori, empress, ramen and more!

At once  on its 11th year, Make Your Own Havaianas #MYOH goes back to its Japanese roots with an experience that will take Havaianaticos to the land of the rising sun. At “Make your Own Havaianas” you can mix and match the colors of your Flip Flops and you can even accessorize it with some pins. The event will run from April 22 to 24 at All Flip-Flops SM City Bacolod and All Flip-Flops SM City Iloilo.


with my fellow blogger Dhadha Garcia waiting for our Havaianas at the biggest flip-flops customization event in the country – #MYOH

When I arrived at All Flip Flops at SM City Bacolod, I was surprised by the number of clients lining up to get  their own Havaianas. IndHavaianasianas is one of the most loved  Flip Flops and favored by many to be used especially in their summertime activities.


Havaianaticos can customize their own flip-flops by mixing and matching colorful soles, straps and pins at Make Your Own Havaianas event !

So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest All Flip Flops Stores nearest you  to make your own Havaianas. More Havaianaticos in the Philippines can flex their creative muscle because MYOH is happening nationwide!


Yours truly at the MYOH event.These  flip-flops as we know them today still show marks of these iconic rice patterns. Havaianas is truly the child of eastern Zen and western joy!




  1. jaya llamera

    Amazing and fun! You can personalized you own flipflops.#sales

  2. christian Brady

    This product is good!, cause you can have it customized and can wear it casually.. #sales

  3. Shelomae Jay Magbanua

    it feels comfortable and with fashion

  4. Mary jonette bedaure

    Wow!!its amazing havaianas is one of my favorite to wear..its very comfy and fashionable..#sales

  5. wow! like havaianas I want a pair of it #sales

  6. Sylvia Maye Rose V. Barrato

    A very comfy and Fashionable flip-flop! MYOH is fun too! #sales

  7. Ethel Trisha Padilangao

    You are what you wear. You can express yourself through havaianas. Way to go! #sales

  8. April Grace H.Alustor

    Nice idea, you can customize your own flip-flop. It’s really comfy and attractive..

  9. Anne Feny P. Veloso

    Had a pair way before highscool times and it lasted for like almost 2 years. Durable! #sales

  10. Anne Feny P. Veloso

    The most comfortable and durable flipflops I’ve ever experienced. #sales

  11. Leny Rose Jordan

    Wow what a great idea to customize your own flipflops! People behind this strategy are brilliant!

  12. Ma. Rosita T. Gonora

    Havaianas is one of my favorite flipflops! Its very comfy and stays strong in good condition over a long period of time.


  13. Rodelyn Rotina

    I’m a fan of havs that’s why I bought myself 3 pairs of flipflops recently and it’s very comfortable to wear. Love it! #sales

  14. Ma. Recel T. Decena

    Wow! this flip flops are really amazing not just the quality but also the idea of making it personalized. galing. para wla kang kapareha.

  15. Jholina B. Indac

    It’s so amazing they have a project that you can customize your own flipflops. #Sales

  16. Esther Marie Vargas

    So genius! I like their marketing strategy and I find this fashionable. 😀


  17. John ramil patriarca

    its colorful and look classy!

  18. Jefferson O. Alarba

    This brand has a higher demand and can be sold at a higher price also.

  19. Jefferson O. Alarba

    This brand has a higher demand and at a higher price to be sold.

  20. Julie Ann G. Martir

    Wow! It’s amazing to customize your own footwear indeed


  21. Georgia Khrysh C. Regonel

    It is has the best quality in footwear and I have it for almost 2 years now.


  22. Yay! Havaianas is one of my favorite flipflops to wear especially if i go to the beach. It’s very comfy and it pretty. #loveit

  23. I need to get myself one of those, I don’t seem to find it here or maybe I am just looking at the wrong place.

  24. Elizabeth O.

    This is awesome. Flip flops are always perfect for the summer, especially when you’re traveling to the beach. It’s really comfy and it doesn’t take too much space in your suitcase!

  25. I love that you can customize this footwear. I plan to get a pair for my son.

  26. We start to wear our flipflops too few days ago when the weather is warm. Now it is back to being chilly and damp. I have never have a pair of the flipflops yet. I will get one soon.

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