An Overnight Stay at Suryanelli Camp, Munnar


An Overnight Stay at Suryanelli Camp, Munnar

( Note: “An Overnight Stay at Suryanelli Camp, Munnar” is part of my Kerala, India Series. As I have also mentioned in my previous posts, I was part of the “Kerala Blog Express Season 3 “, wherein for 2 weeks I traveled along with other 29 travel bloggers around the world in the entire state of Kerala, India.)

I got mixed feelings knowing  that we are going to go on a camping  that day. From KTDC Tea County, one of my favorite hotels in Kerala we travelled to reach the nearest highway to the camp site in Munnar. From the highway,we need to transfer from our big coach to a small 4X4 wheel drive vehicle to reach the Suryanelli campsite.

I was quite surprised when we reach the campsite. I was just expecting a clean ground and that we will only be given some camping materials for ourselves. But This campsite was different.   The Suryanelli Camp has 16 large cottage tents – all furnished with beds, sleeping bags and comfortable mattresses, 4 large windows . There was a large gazebo, where you can join in for the meals or some gatherings.There was a large ground which was perfect for some fun games.

 Suryanelli Camp, Munnar

Phantom’s Head

The Suryanelli camp is a self-contained camp set  against a large shola forest  backdrop (The hill forests are locally known as ‘Sholas’, the Tamil term for forest) – and against the backdrop of the peak they call ‘Phantom’s Head’.

After we have settled in our respective tents ,Kalypso Adventures  which was our sponsor for this part of our Kerala Trip gave us a welcome gift composed of a cap, shirt , chocolates and spices. After which, they gave us an orientation about the place and for our trekking activity for the day.

Let me share with you, our activities with the Kalypso Team through these photographs:

 Suryanelli Camp, Munnar

On our initial approach towards Phantom’s Head with Shabeeb Kamarudheen,the  Assistant Manager of Kalypso. Shabeeb an outdoor enthusiast himself went with us on our day trek.

 Suryanelli Camp, Munnar

With my fellow bloggers   Nidhi Thakur from Mumbai, India,  Haryadi Yansyah  from Palembang, Indonesia and Patricia Schussel Gomes  from Florianópolis, Brazil. The four of us didn’t continue the trek towards Phantom’s head .Rather we stopped on this part of the hill and take some photos.

 Suryanelli Camp, Munnar

The view while trekking towards  Phantom’s Head  was really rewarding. But then again, I guess I was not physically prepared for some trekking that time.

According to our guide one of the most exciting activity in the place is  the sunset trek to the  ‘Phantom’s Head’ peak to see the spectacular sunsets over the Sahyadri Mountains!

 Suryanelli Camp, Munnar

We were transported by the vehicle to the final place of the trek. While riding the vehicle  we were treated with such a beautiful vistas of the tea estates that abound in this area

 Suryanelli Camp, Munnar

With the trek , one will be able to pass through the plantations of cardamom, pepper and other spices givingthe trekker a closer view of the life in the spice gardens of these hills, aptly called the ‘Cardamom Hills’.

 Suryanelli Camp, Munnar

We were the first of course to reach the place, so we grabbed the flag of the Kerala Blog Express 3 and have our groupie.

 Suryanelli Camp, Munnar

At the final destination, a banquet beautifully prepared in the midst the the forest and spice plantations were prepared by the Kalypso Adventures for all the bloggers.

Back at the Suryanelli Campsite

Everyone was tired of the trekking….except for the few of us who didn’t go through with it. Well, we did not only enjoy the adventure but also enjoyed the hospitality extended to us by the Kalypso Adventures.

 Suryanelli Camp, Munnar

The Spicegoddess ,Verushka Ramasami (right)  tried to help the kitchen staff preparing our afternoon snack for the day.

 Suryanelli Camp, Munnar

Photo credits:Haryadi Yansyah

At night, the large grounds of Suryanelli Camp served as a great gathering place for us all to enjoy while enjoying the food and drinks prepared by the Kalypso Adventures.

About Kalypso Adventures

Kalypso Adventures offers various outdoor activities like trekking, cycling, kayaking, wildlife, and bird watching holidays among others. If you are an active person and would want to experience outdoor activities, I do recommend that you contact Kalypso Adventures.

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  1. This brings back so many happy memories 🙂

  2. Stephanie Alonzo

    The place is so amazing and it looks like relaxing. I hope it’s not too late for us to experience this amazing adventure too. #advertising

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    Camping is the best and very nice to stay in Suryanelli Camp with your friends. #Advertising

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    Exciting and enjoyable adventure ahead! #advertising

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    I want to have a vacation here in Suryanelli camp, munnar.

  6. WHOA! What an amazing adventure! I am beyond blown away and envious!

  7. Looks like you really enjoyed your stay at Suryanelli camp Munnar! I would love to try staying at a camp too.

  8. India is one of the countries I wish to visit before I retire from the airline industry. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  9. I really wonder how it feels like to stay in a foreign place. But I bet it is really exciting and fun by how you guys explore the place and enjoyed the hospitality of the people of India. I wish to be able to experience it one day too!

  10. For sure you enjoyed your stay at the Tea Country of India. The weather I think is cool because tea plantation needs this environment. I heard stories of this place with my friends in Kerala. Great post!

  11. Those photos declared it all. You have a blast that day. The place is perfect picture for camping.

  12. I love the place where they campsite is. Amaze with the overlooking area, the hiking trail seems to be very interesting and of course the nature’s beauty is magnificent. Oh the snacks they serve and where they stationed it is also a great place for you to just sit and enjoy nature while eating those delicious snacks.

  13. Elizabeth O.

    This is perfect for people who love the great outdoors. But it’s also a nice experience for those who want to try something for the first time and just go out and have an adventure.

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