Sugar Beach Sipalay


It’ been a while since my last visit to Sipalay. Sipalay is one city in Negros Occidental that has excellent beaches, beautiful diving spots, and an excellent place to spend your vacation or weekend. Unlike other famous beaches in the country, the beaches in Sipalay are not yet that crowded, so I can say that it is still an ideal place to spend time with friends and loved ones.

That was Saturday, 2 in the morning, when we left Bacolod City for Sipalay. We decided just to commute, so we took the Ceres Bus, which brought us straight to Sipalay City. The travel time was around a little less than 5 hours.

Sugar Beach Sipalay

There were few stopovers from various terminals on our way to Sipalay, but I just stayed on the bus all along as I was half sleeping most of the time.

Before this trip, we already made our reservation in one of the resorts in Sipalay, The Sulu Sunset Resort at Sugar Beach. For those who are not so familiar with the place, Sipalay has two major beaches: the Punta Ballo and Sugar Beach. Both beaches are occupied by several resorts of various classes. Of course, there are also resorts in Sipalay that are not found in these two major beach areas.

sipalay, negros occidental

getting to the Sugar Beach Sipalay by boat 


When we arrived at the city of Sipalay, a lady immediately approached us the moment we got out of the bus asking if we are going to the resort. She offered a tricycle to bring us to our destination. Actually, we haven’t been to the sugar beach yet because we are used to visiting the Punta Ballo Beach in Sipalay. To cut a long story short, we hop in the tricycle without even asking how much was the price for the ride (maybe we were sleepy yet). The bicycle brought us to a place where we need to ride a motorized boat to bring us to Sugar Beach. The tricycle asks PHP 300, and the motorized boat asked for another PHP 300.00.  We thought all the while that this was really the usual route only to find out that we can even go straight to the resort from the city proper using a motorized boat for only PHP 300.00 —-Oh, If we only asked! Anyway, at least we were able to share our blessings on that day. Anyway, please read “How to get there” at the bottom of this post.

By the way, you should only take the route mentioned above if the weather is not so good and the sea is rough.


The Sugar Beach Sipalay is lined by coconut trees


After the smooth boat ride,  we finally got to see the beach for all its beauty. The sun was perfect, and as expected, the place was practically quiet. For the entire stretch of the beach, only a few people were swimming.


with fellow Happy Trippers: social influencers Daryl Java and Juvy Eramis at the  Sugar Beach Sipalay


The check-in at the Sulu Sunset resort is supposed to be noontime, but since the room is not occupied, they just allowed us to put our things inside our nipa huts. While waiting for our room, we decided to just stay at the central pavilion of the resort to have our breakfast.

Unfortunately, the resort has a weird schedule for its services. Their breakfast only starts at 8 am, and what you can enjoy before 8 am are just coffee and other canned drinks. The reason for this was, their cook only arrived at 8 in the morning. For lunch, you have to wait until 11 am before you can order for your meal…again, they have no one to cook before this time. I know others will be irritated with this system, but if you come to think of it, I guess they have to schedule everything so that they can only get the right number of the workforce so that they can survive even during the lean season.


Sugar Beach Sipalay

While they have a big announcement that no outside food is allowed inside their main pavilion or restaurant, they don’t also inspect if you brought some food with you. Well, we didn’t bring anything with us, except that I have some sweets and water in my bag because I have diabetes. So maybe when you go there, some extra snacks which you can slip in your pockets would be great. Or if you really wanted to bring more food, just eat it outside the resort. But of course, it would be great to order everything there to support these establishments.

sunset beach resort, SUGAR BEACH, SIPALAY

L-R: Edgar, Juvy Eramis, Daryl Java and your truly….having our morning coffee at the Sulu Beach Resort | Sugar Beach Sipalay

In a nutshell here’s my short evaluation of the Sulu Sunset Resort :

  • Room rates are very reasonable, or shall I say cheap. We took the small hut at 650 with two single beds and a private bathroom. They don’t have an air-conditioned room. It’s funny because the restroom has no door so if you would want to use the CR for a very personal reason, you should ask your roommate to go out first
  • The food is quite expensive. Maybe this is their primary source of income because their rooms are quite cheap.
  • Taste of food? While they don’t have spectacular food on their menu, I think the feeling of what they have is pretty good.
  • They have limited staff, so if they have more guests, expect some delays.
  • They have friendly staff, and the place is clean.
  • Schedule of meals: 8 am for breakfast and 11 for lunch (some might be annoyed by this).
  • They also have a motorized boat that can fetch and send off their guests for a fee, of course.
  • Shall I recommend this place? I think so, with the price that you pay, I guess this place is pretty reasonable.


With Daryl Java, we were experimenting with our underwater cameras | Sugar Beach Sipalay


Sugar Beach is a kilometer-long beach in the city of Sipalay. Unfortunately, this beach is not so famous yet. That is why it gets not much visitors. The only Filipinos that come are mostly from Bacolod City. Oh, what a shame, that was my first time also to visit the place, considering that I am from Negros Island.

From afar, you can see the sand at the beach having a light sugary brown appearance (hence, the name  ). However, the sand gets instantly darkens when wet.


beautiful sunset at the Sugar Beach, Sipalay

The beach is beautifully lined with coconut and other trees that provide lots of shade. The beach is enclosed by rock formations, providing a lovely backdrop for photographs.

One exciting feature of the beach, of course,  is the sight of fisherfolks casting their nets along the shoreline or collecting their harvest for the day.

Since the Sugar Beach is facing west, you’re guaranteed dramatic sunsets almost every day. I was able to take a short video of the beautiful sunset at the place.


Fisherfolks at the Sugar Beach, Sipalay


Island hopping could use one of the most exciting parts of one’s visit to Sugar Beach. Through Island Hopping, you will be able to see various spots in Sipalay. The usual charge of the boat for this trip is PhP 300 for the first 1 hour and PhP 200/hour for the succeeding hours (price may vary depending on the size of the boat).  Time starts the moment you leave the shore of the sugar beach. You shouldn’t also count the fraction of the time, if you exceeded 30 minutes but not reach 1 hour, that is already counted as 1 hour. I guess, no need to quarrel on the price. This rate is pretty much reasonable, especially if you have a good number in your group. In our case, there were only 3 of us, and we used up a little less than 3 hours (that’s only PHP 700).

Please take note that some beaches or destination at the Island Hopping has minimal entrance fees. So please bring extra money, better yet ask the boatman before the trip.

island hopping, sipalay

Island hopping | Sugar Beach Sipalay


Philippine Airlines and  Cebu Pacific operate daily flights from Manila to Bacolod and Dumaguete as well. There are also flights from Cebu to Bacolod City.

Sipalay is the second to the last City of Negros on the southern part. If you are coming from Bacolod, take a  Ceres bus at the South terminal going to Hinoba-an, which will pass by Sipalay; if from Dumaguete, take one going to Sipalay. Please check here for the Schedule of the Ceres Bus.

Get off at Sipalay Market. Most resorts at Sugar beach can arrange a boat ride for you. So better ask the assistance of the resort for this. The boat is usually charging PhP 300/trip.

Another option and the longer route would be by a tricycle to Nauhang (Php 300/trip). Once there, you’ll have to cross a river on a paddle boat (Php50/person), then walk to your resort. Another option, you can get off after the bridge, walk a few meters to the beach, then board a motorized boat that will take you straight to your resort (PhP 300/trip). This is the only feasible route, especially if the sea is rough.



enjoying Halo-halo after our late lunch at the Mixed Seafood Restaurant, Food park, Sipalay ( Sugar Beach Sipalay Trip) 

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in one of the beaches, we’d visited in our Island hopping |  Sugar Beach, Sipalay



  1. My co-workers went there last summer during the holyweek ang stayed at Driftwood Village. It was by far has cheapest roomrates amongst its neighboring resorts. Our place was a two storey nipa house with 2 hammocks in its pavillion, 2 king-size bed, extra foam on the second floor and a huge bathroom. As far as I can remember we only paid only 1k+ for that room per day. But the down part is that their food was so expensive! On our first day, we had there our lunch, imagine the 8 of us sharing only 2 viands only good for 2-3 persons. Good thing we secretly brought spicy dilis and chicken adobo with us. Later in the afternoon, one of my friend and I while looking for a ministore/”tiangge” to buy detergent powder and cigarrete,we came across some fishermen and offered us island hopping. Out of the blue, I ask if they also offer cooking meals for us or if they happen to know someone or someplace so we could save money. Fortunately, one of them offered there place. We just came there and pay for the ingredients and cooking fee for a very cheap amount! We had fish soup, grilled fish, sodas and ice, and rice. They also provided us with utensils, plates and glasses. They were unbelievably accommodating and hospitable. Eating meals at their place saved us a lot cutting our budget for around 7500 each to around 3k only!!! That was a very memorable trip for us Ilonggos.

  2. Hello, what if we have a private car going to Sipalay. Is there parking area where we can left our car? If we will go to Sugar Beach

    • You can perhaps park your car in one of the Hotels at the main land. Then take a pump boat to the Sugar Beach 🙂

    • Romel L. Sampil

      Yes. All owners of beach resort at sugar beach had a common parking area at pick-up point/drop-off point of boat at Sipalay Beach front (mainland of sipalay). Travel time will take you about 10 to 15 minutes by boat to sugar beach.

  3. France Badajos

    Hi! I am planning to go to Sipalay this April and your blog is a big help for me. Now I’m choosing Sulu Sunset Resort for my accomodation and I want to ask more info about their meals, do they serve dinner? And what is the price range for their food, including drinks? Hope you reply to this. 🙂

  4. ooooooh! such an EPIC photojournal! i would love to visit this place and experience all the fun you had

  5. This looks so relaxing! I am due for a beach getaway.

  6. This place looks amazing and so much. It’s always great to go exploring in not-so-crowded places

  7. Seems like you and your family had a really great time there! It seems like an amazing place

  8. Wooww, those pictures are great! Looks like you had a great time there.

  9. sipalay is so wonderful place i would like to bring my friends there. #advertising

  10. I’m not usually a fan of beaches (got bitten by a talangka as a child and associated negative experiences with beaches) but this post made me want to go somewhere awesome right now. Palawan would be nice, then Sipalay!

  11. wow, i really enjoyed the video! this seems like one unspoiled paradise and is definitely worth visiting. Hopefully, i can explore this place someday!

  12. The place is beautiful and can be a great summer getaway. It’s nice that the price is reasonable and affordable.

  13. My knowledge about Sipalay tourist destination is not quite broad but I could imagine the older days of the Sipalay beach. It’s very great to discover this place nowadays.

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