Singha Park


After our visit to the unusual Baan Dam Museum in Chiang Rai, our group headed to visit the Singha Park.I don’t have any idea of what the place looks like, but being one of the TAT Newsroom Bloggers, I just trusted the organizer that it will surely be a great place to visit.

Singha Park

The beautiful tea plantations inside the park creating a beautiful pattern

The Singha Park  is a new destination  in Chiang Rai focusing on the development of sustainable tourism. The entire park covers an over 12.8km2 of fertile land. The moment you enter the property, you will see a beautiful and well-manicured  landscape covered with greeneries.

Singha Park

While driving around Singha park, you will see the gorgeous  lush green fields stretch as far as the eye can see.

Singha Park provides a large variety of fun activities and has numerous beautiful sceneries waiting for tourists for  some photo ops.The Park offers  a Farm Tour at 50 Baht/person which will bring around any guest to see the beauty of the place and to try some interactive activities .

For the active buddies, the park offers a wide array of sports activities and facilities such as bike rentals, Zipline and one of the tallest Rock Climbing walls which stand 9-storey high. Well, we never tried the wall rock climbing   as I am not physically ready for this kind of extreme sports. But of course, I never said no to the Zipline. Almost all from the TAT Newsroom Bloggers tried the Zipline and it was really fun.

Singha Park

The TAT Newsroom Bloggers about to experience the  Zipline  to enjoy  the  panoramic 360 degree views of the tea plantations which is considered  one of the most beautiful Zipline routes in Chiang Rai.

For souvenir hunters, Singha Park is selling merchandise and some souvenirs like cycling wear and accessories. You can also enjoy their refreshing beverages  while relaxing at the place.

After our Zipline adventure, the TAT Newsroom Bloggers were made to see more of the  beautiful features of the place. One part of the park, which many locals and tourist would go for a photo op is the central park wherein a big golden sculpture  was located.

Singha Park

The 9 Storey building of Singha Park, the Zipline’s launching pad

Bhu Bhirom Restaurant

After exploring Singha Park , we were brought to the park’s restaurant for our dinner, the Bhu Bhirom. That place was just perfect for rest and relaxation. I particularly like the balcony or alfresco side of the restaurant wherein one can relax and dine while enjoying a spectacular and refreshing  view of the greeneries and the  tea plantations of course.

Singha Park

I really enjoyed that moment at Bhu Bhirom Restaurant as the TAT Newsroom Bloggers coming from the different countries unwind and enjoyed sharing our stories. The truth is, I was sick since I left my country , Philippines and for the entire duration of the tour. But the beautiful sights and the warmth of our host, the TAT Newsroom and my friendly  fellow bloggers from  different countries, I was able to survive and enjoy the trip.

Singha Park

Blogger Jyotsna Ramani from India assisting Svetlana Makarevich in the preparation of the later’s surprise to the TAT Newsroom Bloggers

It was a very cordial moment especially when a fellow blogger from Russia,Svetlana Makarevich made us try some drinks and delicacies she brought all the way from her country. Seeing fellow bloggers delighted by her offerings, I asked myself why I didn’t prepare something for them too. Well, maybe if there’s a second time, why not.

Singha Park

One of the best part of this FamTrip which I like the most are the people I meet. From TAT Management and Team, the organizer Sirima Eamtako and her team, and my fellow bloggers who became my friends during the short duration of our fam tour.

The Bhu Bhirom restaurant boasts of their  use of freshly grown produce from the farm to create delicious  and  authentic Thai food, Northern food, and Western food. Honestly, this place offers one of the best Thai food I ever tried in Thailand.

Singha Park

Apart from the beautiful sights of Thailand, it’s food is something that is worth trying.

Singha Park

How can you say no to this feast? These are just a few of the wide array of gastronomic offerings which the TAT Newsroom prepared for us at Bhu Birom Restaurant

Note: This post is part of my Thailand Series posts being one of the Blogger Winners in the TAT Newsroom Blogger Campaign. Bookmark this page as I continue to tell more stories about my Thailand experience.


  1. It is really nice and fun to be with people who share the same passion. Singha park sounds a good place to visit and enjoy with the whole family. Thanks for sharing!

    Mhaan | http://www.mommyrockininstyle.com

  2. aziel morte

    This is a great park! Looks like I want to go there so much fun

  3. Taty Pradilla

    This looks like such a fun place to visit!

  4. Karlyn Cruz

    Wow, this is a super nice park. i love the foods and the activities are awesome!

  5. Visiting parks are my favorite thing to do when I’m traveling and that park looks fantastic.

  6. omg all this food, now I’m hungry

  7. What an amazing place to relax at!! I love peaceful places like this, so refreshing!

  8. That place was really looks amazing. I would love to go there

  9. That is a great park! Looks like you had a lot of fun there.

  10. What a gorgeous park! The food looks really good too.

  11. what great photos! i’m sure this was a blast!

  12. Looks like a fun time. The food looks so yummy.

  13. Jenna smith

    wow..such a wonderful place… its really relaxing .. i think a week of vacation there is not enough… i need a month long of peace on that place..

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