Happy Trip Tips : For A More Enjoyable Escapades

Happy Trip Tips: For A More Enjoyable Adventure


  • If possible avoid the  flight of the day. Statistics show that flights scheduled earlier in the day have better on-time performance. In rainy days, for example , an early flight gives you a better chance to book on another flight and still get to your destination the same day.
  • Always, check airline websites for cheap deals. Most often, traveling to Hongkong can be cheaper compared to traveling to other local destination if you get a “sale” seat”.
  • Check options at alternate airports as it can really make a difference.  If you are coming from Bacolod to other countries, for example, it is a lot cheaper to go via Cebu rather than via Manila. Or there are Airlines that fly Subic which offers cheap deals for some Asian destinations.
  • As much as possible don’t get a “travel light ticket”, when going home. Obviously, we Filipinos loves pasalubong. You will end up paying more for your excess baggage. 

Happy Trip

Before you go:

  • Email yourself important phone numbers that you might need if your documents and/or wallet are lost or stolen, such as airline and credit card phone numbers. All you need to do is check your email for these phone numbers so you call and report any issues you might have.
  • Tag the inside of your bag. In the chance that your outside luggage tag gets ripped off along the way, put your contact info inside your bag as well. If your luggage gets lost, this will help ensure it makes its way back to you!
  • Do any gift shopping online and have your gifts shipped to your destination. This will cut down on luggage you have to carry with you. If they do fly with you, your packages may be opened by a screener, so leave them unwrapped.
  • Pack valuables and fragile items, like laptops or jewelry, in your carry-on bag.
  • Check-in before you leave home. Simple steps like checking in online, printing your boarding pass before you leave home or using the kiosks to check-in at the airport can save you valuable time.
  • Don’t forget to fully charge all your electronic gadget, eg. Cell phones, laptops, cameras.

silk air to singapore , Happy Trip


At the airport:

  • In as much as we know already that liquid , sharp objects, and other metals are prohibited on board, avoid bringing these to avoid the hassle. Recently,  while I was at NAIA 3 , one guy was quarreling with the airport personnel as he doesn’t like to let go of his Polo perfume. He was asked to check in the item, but his plane is already boarding.
  • The chance for delays over any holiday season is much greater, so bring some food and water aboard with you in case you are stuck in the airport  for a while.  Remember food at the airport costs more.
  • Talk to your kids ahead of time about what to expect at security. Prepare them for temporarily letting go of special objects like  stuffed animals as they are sent through the x-ray machines.
  • Keep your stroller until you actually board the plane. You can “gate check” it at that time and it will be returned to you in the jetway as soon you land. The airport is particularly crowded at this time of year so keeping your child in the stroller is a great way to keep everyone from getting separated.

Happy Trip “Your DSLR can keep you company while waiting for your boarding time. Just be careful when taking pictures, ask permission whenever possible. (This picture was taken at NAIA 3)”

Things to make your journey happier…

  • These items are great travel accessories!
  • If you have your iPad it can really make your travel a lot better, waiting at the airport for  a couple of hours especially in cases where flights are delayed can be very boring. But of course, don’t expect that you can connect to the internet immediately, better if you have a 3G or a portable wifi with you.
  • Don’t forget your headsets. Others may not like your music.
  • Don’t embarrass yourself by  falling asleep on a stranger’s shoulder , bring a neck pillow.
  • Expandable bag – because you’re always going to come back with more than you went with!

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