The Refreshing Buro-Buro Herb Farm

One of the springs (covered) which supplies water to the City of Bacolod

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The Refreshing Buro-Buro Herb Farm

Rocky..muddy…Going to Buro Buro Herb Farm, Talisay, Negros Occidental , especially on rainy days, is quite challenging. I guess,the roads were not donated to the government hence no development was ever made. I wasn’t really that surprised, that was not my first time to visit the place.  I’ve been there a couple of times for a seminar I had conducted for some companies before.

This time,  I am tasked to  conduct for the  second time   a Personal Effectiveness Seminar. for the  employees of Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation . For  this Batch, participants were from Mabinay, Tanjay, Siquijor and Dumaguete.

(Please click here to see the full story of the Training- NEGROS WOMEN FOR TOMORROWS FOUNDATION’S PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS SEMINAR)

The farm resort is owned by the Henares family.The place also houses springs which supply water for the city of Bacolod. Truly relaxing…the place is  rustic and serene… which brought back so many memories of my childhood days on a farm.

The place has a pool with  fresh flowing water.I never dared swimming, am sure it was very cold……It has a well-manicured garden with various greens  ,herbs and tropical flowers .  I was not satisfied with the pictures I took for the tropical blooms, so I bought a few pots of ornamental greens for my house. I just miss the organic lettuce which was not available that time. I was looking for lanzones too. The caretaker said that this year all their fruit tress were affected by earthquakes-oh well, I knew  nothing about the ovaries of the trees …. There were ponds with Koi and lilies  and several hats and cottages which can accommodate groups for retreats and seminars. This place is perfect for self-awareness training. No distractions -difficult signals too!(just for the sun cellular maybe) They have a pit intended for the bonfire. Of course, the ground is wide for outdoor activites.

The place is not offering a first class accommodation, but for a budget retreats  and training, this venue can be a very good option. For a very modest rent of PhP 3,000, you can already have he whole compound including the pool for a day.

So if you want to experience something new, try Buro Buro Herb Farm. Enjoy nature and  have a Happy Trip!




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  1. sir, good evening. Can I ask for the farm's number? Btw, nice blog.

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