Dumaguete Tourist Spots ( Rizal Boulevard) 


Hi, fellow Happy Trippers! Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey to the captivating city of Dumaguete. Nestled on the shores of the Visayan Sea, this charming destination is brimming with enchanting landscapes, vibrant culture, and a welcoming spirit that will warm your heart. Join me as we delve into the hidden treasures of the place, where each street corner holds a story waiting to be discovered, and every experience leaves an indelible mark on your soul. Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of this city, for this is a voyage you won’t want to miss.

Top Dumaguete Tourist Spots and Negros Oriental

The hidden beauty of Dumaguete and Negros Oriental makes it the favorite tourist spot all over the Philippines. If you haven’t heard of the gems found in this place, then this is the article suited for you because we’ve prepared here the top places to visit.


[ Dumaguete Tourist Spots ] Apo Island

1. Apo Island (Dumaguete Tourist Spots)

Considered one of the best diving spots in the entire world, this island offers you a fantastic view of the varied corals as well as a possible encounter with the different species of sea turtles or locally known as pawikan.


 Apo Island Travel Guide

2. Bell Church (Dumaguete Tourist Spots)

This Chinese Bell church is an example of a traditional Taoist temple, that’s why many are coming here to have some moments of prayer or reflection.  The place is near the sea coast and is open from 6 am up to 6 pm.



[ Dumaguete Tourist Spots ]: Belfry Tower

3. Belfry Tower  

Locally known as Kampanarya, this Belfry Tower has been here for already more than 200 years! With its iconic history of being used as a watchtower during World War II and being used as a device to give a signal to the locals, the historical essence and beauty of this tower are just beyond measure.


[ Dumaguete Tourist Spots ] Negros Oriental Attraction: Mabinay Caves

4. Bulwang, Mabinay  Caves

Locally translated as “Big Hole,” these caves are perfect for the neophytes in this kind of adventure since it is just easy to enter and explore. Just be sure that you have your guide with you when you do so for safety purposes.

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5. Casaroro Falls

What makes this attraction more enticing is the fact that you would have to journey going here. Journey in the sense that to reach the spot, you have to go down the three hundred steps stairs. And once you’re done, go up those stairs once more. But I am telling you, this is going to be worth it because the scenic falls would pave the way for all the efforts.


[ Dumaguete Tourist Spots ] Catherine of Alexander Church

6. Catherine of Alexander Church 

Constructed in the year 1774 and finally completed in the year 1776, this structure is the oldest stone church in the entire province. With its strategic location facing Quezon Park, the Church is indeed one of the places that you must visit.

7. Dolphin Watching in Tanon Strait

Who would not love to watch trained dolphins do their tricks? Well, the youngsters, as well as the young at heart, would surely find glee in this adventure. The months when dolphins gather in this area would be the months of March up to October.

8. Japanese Shrine

The place served as a beautiful reminder of the friendship of the Filipino-Americans and the Japanese during World War II. Historically, the area was a significant battleground way back, making it now a sacred place.


 [ Dumaguete Tourist Spots ]Negros Oriental Attraction: Mabinay Spring

9. Mabinay Spring

A perfect place for every group for different kinds of activities such as swimming and kayaking. The spring appeared to be a huge swimming pool with ice-cold water.

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10. Quezon Park (Dumaguete Tourist Spots)

Well, pure relaxation, as well as bits of sightseeing, is possible in this park. Proceed to this place and have a glimpse of the view of the city, have some street foods available in the area, or even get a message from blind massage therapists for a lower price.


 Dumaguete Tourist Spots / Negros Oriental Attraction: Mt. Canlaon

11. Mt. Kanlaon 

Considered the highest peak in the entire region, this active volcano is beautiful from afar and worthy of admiration. Just be careful because as it is active, it is still sending signals of possible eruptions now and then.

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12.  Malapatay

The place might not be as beautiful as the other spots in the area, but this place is unique and also beautiful in its ways. It will be perfect to have lunch in the nearby stalls and have them cook it for you. Once done, take your food and sit in front of the Malapatay and enjoy the view while eating.


 Dumaguete Tourist Spots / Negros Oriental Attraction: Pulang Bato Falls

13. Pulang Bato Falls

The calm, cold, and refreshing water coming from the falls is enough to soothe anyone’s search for comfort. Just take a deep breath, take a dip, and enjoy the rejuvenating ambiance. This place was given such a name due to the color of the rocks found in the area.

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14. Rizal Boulevard (Dumaguete Tourist Spots)

Aside from the fact that this place was named after the national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, what makes this place additionally beautiful is the scenic sea view it offers to the visitors. Plus, if you are up for some food trip adventures, this place has a lot of stalls at the side which provides tempura, the best-seller of all the street foods in the entire city.

15. Lake Balanan

The natural beauty of this lake is perfect for those who would like to have an escape from the busy city. Well, you can even stay here overnight because cottages are available for guests.

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16. Siliman University Campus (Dumaguete Tourist Spots)

Built in the year 1901, this old yet largest campus in the city is famous because of its ability to produce high-class graduates. With its rank of 8th in the country and being part of the top 300 universities in entire Asia, this campus is indeed a pride for the City of Dumaguete.

17. Tabalong Mangrove Park and Bird Sanctuary

This 400 hectares mangrove forest serves as an abode of varied species including birds and other wildlife. Bring your kids here for not only fun activities but for an educational experience as well.

18. Tierra Alta

Dining at its finest. That’s the perfect phrase that could describe this restaurant. Located on the mountainside which allows the diners to have a fantastic view of the city, this well-known restaurant is just scenic and beautiful.


 Dumaguete Tourist Spots : twin lakes Balinsasayao

19. Twin Lakes Balinsasayao 

The lakes of Danao and Balinsasayao are the two specific lakes here, with the surrounding forest and other biodiversity, the 45-minute drive leading to this place is only worth it. This is also one of the most visited spots in the area. BOOK TWIN LAKES NATURAL PARK TOUR HERE

Click here for Twin Lakes Balinsasayao


 Dumaguete Tourist Spots/ Negros Oriental Attraction: Manjuyod Sand Bar

20. White Sand Bar at Manjuyod

Also, popularly labeled as the Maldives of the Philippines, the White Sand Bar did not gain that name for anything. With the white fine white sand and with the bright blue water, you would undoubtedly feel that you traveled to another part of the world with the total relaxation you will feel in this place. BOOK DOLPHIN WATCHING & MANJUYOD SAND BAR TOUR HERE

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21. Makawiwili Ridge

With its height of 8,000 feet, this ridge became a spot for scientists to observe some volcanic activities of the Canlaon. But if you also want to visit here, you are more than welcome.

Unique Dining Experience in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental [ Dumaguete Tourist Spots ]

Boneless Lechon in Valencia

22. Boneless Lechon in Valencia

At dusk, a portion of the public plaza in Valencia is turned into a huge dining area offering the delectable boneless lechon.


23. Sansrival

A famous pastry shop in Dumaguete City offering various sweets and pastries with Sansrival being the most popular.

coffee,suman and budbud

24. Painitan (Dumaguete Tourist Spot)

Located in the public market area in Dumaguete City. The place offers hot chocolate, coffee,suman and budbud which is a famous delicacy in the place.

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25. Street Food at Rizal Boulevard (Dumaguete Tourist Spots)

As soon as the sun sets, a portion of Rizal Boulevard is turned into a dining plaza offering all sorts of street food such as balot, fishballs, kwek-kwek, tempura, and much more.

Festivals in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental

Buglasan Festival

26. Buglasan Festival

Dubbed as the “Festivals of festivals” in Negros Oriental. The celebration is a gathering of all the municipalities and cities all over Negros Oriental.

27. Sandurot Festival

The word “sandurot” came from the “paki-pagsandurot”, a Visayan word that means reaching out and fellowship. The festival is a commemoration of the City’s history and culture where people from different cultures and places during the prehispanic period arrived at the place which creates a diverse community and culture that is Dumaguete City today.

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