Celebrating New Year means being grateful and starting a brand new change. We need to be thankful for all the blessings that we have received, and the experiences that taught us to be stronger and wiser. It can also be about changing our habits, perception and anything else that we want to improve in our life. It gives us the hope for a better tomorrow and a new beginning. And you can celebrate all of these during the festival of Bailes de Luces.

To honor their gratitude for the past year and the hope that a new year brings, the MunicIpality of La Castellana in Negros Occidental celebrates the festival of Bailes de Luces or Dances of Lights.

5 Reasons Why You Should Experience Bailes de Luces

History in the Making

Found on the foot of Mount Kanlaon, the municipality of La Castellana goes all out to celebrate the Bailes de Luces Festival. The festival started in the year 2000, where a fire torch called “sulo” was still used back then. There are street dancing and competitions during the week-long celebration starting December 30, every year. It was in 2012 when the festival was largely recognized through the afternoon show “Showtime” on an inter-town finals competition. Since then the district has been receiving a lot of visitors just to experience the festival for themselves.

Majestic Performances

There are street dancing and various events during the festival. On every 5th day of January, the Charter Day of La Castellana, they hold the Bailes de Luces Festival Arena Dance Competition to conclude the magnificent celebration. The competition is held in the evening to better enjoy the display and the whole event. The competitors use Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs in their performances. They also wear colorful and vibrant costumes. This lively show portrays the dancing lights that they celebrate every year.

Enriching the locals

The competition is among the residents of La Castellana, schools and barangays. Last January 5, 2018, the categories for the competition were elementary, high school and barangay. Winners of the competition received an award and prize money for their wonderful performances.

Experience it for Yourself

You will not be able to stop yourself from joining on the cheers of the crowd and be wowed by everything that is happening on stage. The lights are truly magnificent against the dark. The dazzling changing colors are bright and fun to watch. Many tourists, local or foreign, go to La Castellana just to watch it with their own eyes.

You are Missing Out on this Great Occasion

Mark your calendars and save the date for the next Bailes de Luces Festival. If you miss it now, you would have to wait for a year just to witness it. Watching it unfold with your own eyes is a remarkable experience that you should not miss. It is an awesome way to wrap up the holidays.


How to Get to La Castellana

To get to La Castellana, you only need to book a flight going to Bacolod. Once you reach the Bacolod-Silay Airport, you can take a shuttle going to the south terminal and ride the bus heading to La Castellana.

Remember to bring your camera and charger or extra batteries on your trip. You will definitely those to take pictures or videos. Enjoy the festivity!

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  1. Derla Ma.Clarence B.

    The three reasons why understanding the corporate culture is important because it gives us the people good communication and build a new relationship to others. festival is important to the different places and as a student we can relate to this subject because its all about diversity it tells that we need to respect the different traditions , culture nd beliefs of each people. we need to respect , value and loved the history of each places.

  2. Parreñas, Judelen B. BSIT 3F1

    Preservation of culture and arts are important because in that way we can learn that the culture and arts are still exist.Understanding corporate culture is important because first,each one of us has different cultures that we follow . Second , in order to accept them, we should understand them and do not discriminate them what they believed in.

  3. Riega D. Monteza

    Understanding other people’s cultures is important to me. Giving my own respect, value, and love allows me to accept and demonstrate my genuineness to others. First and foremost, respecting their culture is important to me because they, like me, have their own beliefs and traditions. Second, valuing their culture by demonstrating to them that no matter how diverse we encounter through culture, we are still the same human that God created. Third, love will give you an understanding of their culture because if you love your fellow human, you will learn how to love and practice their own beliefs and traditions without gossiping about them to others.

  4. Crystal Gail B. Gavileno, BSIT 3F1

    Municipality of La Castellana in Negros Occidental celebrates the festival of Bailes de Luces or Dances of Lights. It started in December 2000 where the people of La Castellana celebrated a week-long celebration that starts every December 30. They are known for their preservation in their culture and arts because a lot has already happened in a year but still they have kept the tradition going. It is because the one who is in charge to handle this kind of event is very knowledgeable and wise in handling the people who are working and participating in this event. Next, it is because of the well functioned culture that aids people in aiming what they should achieve and meeting the standards. The culture is somehow that describes and reflects the city as a whole, it helps people determine what to expect. The reason why understanding the corporate culture is important is because a firm company culture gains more talented people and it help the company produce more better outcomes.

  5. Chanel kate Kobayashi

    Industrial Psychology relate the culture and arts of Cadiz city by Respect, Embracing both your differences and your similarities, you are increasing your respect for and empathy for other people and their culture Increasing your “cultural awareness” will enable you to interact with others in your environment more meaningfully.We can better understand one another by immersing ourselves in cultures outside of our own and learning about their origins, customs, and communal can also applied to out subject which can analyze and understand human behavior that cadiz city has.

  6. Mendoza, Althea Murielle

    Understanding corporate culture is very important to avoid discrimination. If you are a worker in an organization with an open-minded people and respect just the way you are then it can help not just you but the whole people working in that organization to work efficiently and effectively because they don’t have to think that someone will judge them just because they are different. It is also important because undertanding this topic means that you are ready to accept everyone that is different from you in terms of culture. It shows that you have respect towards other people and you are not just respecting them but you are also giving them their freedom. Lastly, having different culture in an organization will be very difficult because of the adjustments that you have to make and also the different things that you have to understand but if you have the knowledge and understanding about the corporate culture then you will not just accept their culture but also little by little you will also give value to it. You will be interested in knowing more about them and be happy that even a little you, have knowledge about their culture.

  7. Hannah Faye V. Aballes BSIT 3-f1

    I can relate this in cadiz city
    1.Like their culture they preserve this as There treasure because they believe that It promotes there learning professional development
    2. Is there diversity they believe that it helps to boost there ecosystem
    And the 3rd is there festival also known dinagsa they celebrate with the rhythmic beating and drums and honoring señor sto. Niño just Like the most provinces who celebrate a festival every january in honor of the sto. Niño. Cadiz city also has its own version of this festival.

  8. Leslie D. Carnaje BSIT 3F1

    Understanding corporate culture in Cadiz City is important for our Industrial Psychology subject since can deals with our leadership, beliefs, and behaviors. Knowing the corporate culture in Cadiz City is essential since it can help us to build solid teams with complementary abilities that function well together. It can inspire us to develop great leadership that should be warm, friendly, supportive, and able to communicate clearly with our colleagues and friends.

    Leslie D. Carnaje BSIT 3F1

  9. Lorraine D. Resurreccion. BSIT 3F1

    In our subject, INPSYC, understanding corporate culture in Cadiz City is important in terms of their beliefs, values, and behaviors because, in one city, these three things will be around for a long time and will influence their behaviors and performance. Just like our subject, INPSYC focuses on more individual and personal attributes such as connectivity and morale. When we understand and respect what their cultures are, we can embrace them and give them importance automatically, just like their preservation of their culture and arts. Giving them respect is really a good sign that we don’t disrespect them.

    Lorraine D. Resurreccion. BSIT 3F1

  10. Marrielle A. Animas

    Preservation of Culture and Arts are one way of keeping our connection to our past and most importantly to the people that has different culture from us. Cultural Preservation strengthens our sense of unity, makes better relationships and promotes diversity. It is very important to understand culture so that we could avoid misunderstandings and conflicts from people that has different culture from us and of course it will help us to be more aware and sensitive enough in dealing with people that has different cultural identities.

    Name: Marrielle A. Animas
    BSIT 3F1

  11. Sabadisto Febrie Gail M.

    I can relate the culture of Cadiz City i way that we can unite as one because of the festival they have and to preserve their culture.
    Corporate Culture is more than just a modern buzzword. It can be important to your bottom line by creating happier employees and a more efficient work environment. It can also help you attract talented employees that help your business grow. Culture transcends ping pong tables and open work-spaces, but these extras can play a part in how your employees relate to each other. Don’t mistake corporate culture for just a Millennial thing. Culture affects all age groups and can even help different generations relate to each other.

  12. Regene Aglobo

    Every place, city, organisation or enterprises have different cultures that bring huge impact such as prosperity and stability to them. It is essential that we know, learn and preserve our culture for this is our root to where we came from and who we are. Importance of understanding corporate culture includes; 1st. It brings equity, we treat each other fairly and justly whatever our differences are, might it be age, sex, religion etc.
    2nd. It empowers every employee to become effective and efficient towards their work, giving everyone the confidence to prove their skills.
    3rd. High chance of achieving organisational goals, since everyone understands corporate culture, we communicate well and give each other opinions on different things and open new understanding and knowledge to complete the task.

  13. Dhapnie Pearl Nalaonan

    If I will relate our course the Food tech to the Cadiz City preservation of their culture and arts maybe first it will help you expand your knowledge because in terms or preparing foods it will give you more idea about other cuisines like culture and arts you can create new idea inspire in other nations next reason is it will give you reason to make more effort in preparing food like in arts it all gives effort to create a piece that are extraordinary to the eyes of your audience it is also like your dish if you want to receive a good feedback or good opinion about your dish you have to give more efforts in preparing your dish and last reason that I think my course will relate to the culture and arts maybe inspiration or story like the cultures and arts in cadiz city it has their own story where it comes or where it from it is like creating a new dish you make a dish that it comes from your inspiration or maybe in every dish that I make it has a story and inspiration behind it.
    Nalaonan, Dhapnie Pearl BSIT 3-F1

  14. Flores, Louielyn Jean C.

    The NPSYC subject and the preservation of culture and arts in Cadiz City are related because both study the interaction of people and how they act toward a situation. It is about the thoughts and beliefs of an individual. It helps the individual to express themselves and it both keeps the unity of people despite differences. There are 3 reasons why corporate culture. The first one is it empowers every individual in an organization to grow and have unity in making ideas and achieving one goal. Second, it makes the work easier and makes a good and healthy environment inside an organization where you can easily communicate with one another. Lastly, it can help individual to express themselves in an organization and makes the organization grow effectively.

  15. Chel-An B. Erecido BSIT 3F1

    Corporate culture is important because it helps the employees and the management to make effort when working. Just like in Industrial psychology it can improve both individual and organizational performance in the workplace. A good culture within the company will give a big impact on everyone’s success and productivity. Having a common goal or achievements within the company can create foster teamwork. It can also help communication and interaction within the company to build the foundation of a successful workplace.

  16. Rodrey D. Belgira

    It is important to cooperate and understand the culture because it’s very beneficial for us.

  17. Dalisay, Gion Glance D. BSIT 3F1

    Cadiz is surely one of the best place to visit in Negros Occidental because of its wonderful place and culture. Understanding corporate culture is importante. First, it builds strong relationships. Because for me as humans we’re naturally sociable, so it makes sense that the better our relationships, the happier we are. Second is to respect and appreciate the people around us. This applies to our personal life but also to our workplace or school. Understanding their culture is one way to understand the people around their place. Good relationships with people you see every day will result in you feeling happier, more engaged and productive in the community.

  18. Rosa Mae C vicera

    The 3 reasons why understanding and corporate culture is important. 1st festival’s is one of the most important celebration each province of the Philippines and to relate in our subject in signify where is the origin of each one of us. 2nd the the origin of the festival it state in the blog that The festival started in the year 2000, where a fire torch called “sulo” was still used back then. There are street dancing and competitions during the week-long celebration starting December 30, every year to related in our subject until we celebrate this festival it means we know how preserve our culture. Lastly engaging your self to others “Experience it for Yourself” this quote in the blog speaks it self. Just like our subject its not a barrier if you are from different country, province or city the most important is the willingness of yourself to engage in other cultures.

  19. Marvin M. Bayona BSIT 3F1

    Understanding corporate culture is important because it means you are respecting the existing culture of that certain place and the people who lives in that area. Another thing is that, it shows that you are flexible to adapt different culture and practices. Lastly, it shows that you are responsible enough to recognize and understand such matter in terms of these different cultures.

  20. Buenaflor, Catherine Joy T.

    The 3 reason in why corporate culture important. First, performance improvement it encourage people to be innovative. A corporate culture promotes a feeling leads to people wanting to do their best on a consistent basis, and to not just do their job but to work on ways to make things better. Second, employee unity In order to build their judgments about the corporate culture of a business, new hires observe how management behaves and veteran workers serve as role models for them. Once all are adopt these behaviors, a culture forms and bonds strengthen between employees and management. Third, promotes learnings where you can gain and share knowledge. You need a supportive environment to enhance corporate learning. Use the corporate culture elements to promote better learning.
    Buenaflor, Catherine Joy T.

  21. Manejable, Clarence C.

    Diversity in our country is now more transparent in each of us. Understanding one another’s culture will make us strong individual. It is important because without understanding might lead us to hate each other. And understanding is important to each of our culture to have communication for us to be a good individual and to make a good relationship to each other. And understanding each other can lead us to respect each other not only to our selves but also to our culture and art despite of our differences.

    Manejable Clarence C
    BSIT 3-F1

  22. Iligan, Jheeve Dhalin M. BSIT 3F1

    Cadiz City has a Festival called Bailes De Luces and such as enjoyable kind of Festival. I experience Bailes de Luces when i was Grade9 in our Intramurals, it started at night and all the lights that we made while we are dancing is such amazing to see. It is important to understand due to its of believes and behaviours that guide us to interact with different culture that we have. When you understand their culture, it represents that you respect them also and last reason is to gain and know more how they embrace their culture as well.

    Iligan, Jheeve Dhalin M. BSIT 3F1

  23. Vitala John Michael T.

    the three reasons for each culture is to understand well and to understand each culture of our country, understanding a culture is important because it is something we must follow and understand because culture is something we must know because it is a tradition we as filipinos should not only understand our culture but also understand other cultures so that we know the policy in other places or in other countries so that when we go to another place we can be alert to things that we don’t know know like the culture of other places

  24. Oscianas, Lyka C. BSIT 3F1

    I can relate the Cadiz City in term of their Preservation of their culture and arts in our subjects by giving importance to their culture ,loving and nurishing it with all the respect in their cultres and arts by preserving it ,even the years goes by but they don’t let time ruin or forget their cultures.And it is really important to maintain their culture and arts as it is without changing it and disrespecting it.Oscianas ,Lyka C BSIT 3F1

  25. Juanillo James Aaron

    1st is to respect what their culture because it may upset the person from different culture that they have grown up believing in a certain set of values and ideas.2nd values because it builds understanding and improves the brotherhood of two cultures. 3rd is the history because it appreciates the human experience of traditions, ideas, and cultures.

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