“Pasalubong” an Old Filipino Tradition


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“Pasalubong” an Old Filipino Tradition

Have you traveled lately? Did you bring home a gift or a souvenir?

Pasalubong is the Filipino tradition of a homecoming gift. Tagalog word, a variant of the word pansalubong or pangsalubong. It comes from the root word “salubong” which means “(to) welcome”, “to meet”, or “reception”.The prefix “pa-” is a contraction of “pang-“, roughly equivalent to the English suffix “-er“. Thus, the word “pasalubong” can be roughly translated as “something meant for you when you welcome me back.”  .” It is one of the most distinctive and widely practiced Filipino traditions. Pasalubong can be any gift or souvenir brought for family, loved ones, or friends after being away for a period of time. It can also be any gift given by someone arriving from a distant place.


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The pasalubong usually consists of native delicacies or indigenous things from the region or country where the traveler came from.For example, a vacationer coming back from Bacolod might bring home Mask  piyaya to his family while someone coming home from Davao might bring durian or pomelo.  Even Boracay is loaded with many souvenir  items.


Masskara shirts at the Negros Showroom

Pasalubong is also associated with the balikbayan, Overseas Filipinos returning to the Philippines.While this term once meant someone who has returned (balik) from journeying to a place other than one’s town (bayan), it has in recent times, been associated with overseas travel.


 When Visiting Bacolod City One Can Choose in any of the Following Pasalubong Items:
Native Delicacies. Ranging from Piyaya, Napoleones, Barquillos etc. The Negros Showroom has a wide array of souvenir and exciting  items to choose from.


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Masks Related Items. Bacolod is known for its Masskara Festival. One can choose any pasalubong items ranging from T-Shirts, Wearable Masks, Wall Décor with Masks,Magnets, Key Holders, etc. The Negros Showroom  and the Jojo Vito Designs gallery   offers all types of Masskara related souvenirs in their selected outlets.





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