Many tourists would love to go to Chinatown in Singapore because of the initial reason that they would like to buy some goodies from the varied shops. But then, while exploring the place, they would then realize that the site is far more than a shopping hub because of the many beautiful things it offers. The structure of buildings is a sight to behold due to the reason that it is built following both of Baroque and Victorian architecture. Thus, making them look extra elegant and glamorous. More than that, the beauty of the decoration and designs of terraces and balconies also adds-up to the over-all beauty of Chinatown.


To go to the place, all you have to do is take the bus with designated numbers that lead to Chinatown, or if you are looking for an alternative, a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is also available with the direct Chinatown Station as the destination. If you now want to go here through a private car, all you have to do is go to the internet and look for taxi applications which work in Singapore. Now, you can already go to Chinatown without any hassle.


The activities which may do here is limitless. Either its shopping, sightseeing, boating, or watching festivals or unique productions, they got it all here. If you want to do the activity on your own, then go online and read about the details of that specific activity like the operating time, possible entrance fee, and the likes. But if you want someone to do the job for you, you can also go there and join different tours going on.


Chinatown is great fun especially if you are shopping casually for junky souvenirs. I just bought few souvenir items for fear of excess baggage. Just like in any other souvenir alleys, you can bargain for prices.

As for the other things that you may do. For shopping, feel free to hover all the stalls and find the perfect bookshop. Herbal plants and medicine are also there, along with other local and international products. Temples and old heritage buildings are magnificent to explore too, be sure that you prepare enough time to roam around so that you can get the most out of your trip. Food chains and stalls from local to international cuisines are ready to fill your hungry tummy. For relaxation, go to nearby salons and massage homes, a great way to relax your tired feet from walking. Activities including dance lessons, gym, and KTV restaurants are also being offered so that you can spend some quality time being goofy with your friends. Additionally, there are hotels nearby if you wish to spend the night in the buzzing and busy center of Chinatown.


Visiting Chinatown is not just all about fun and enjoyment, but it is more of a form of immersion to the rich and diverse Chinese culture. What is the best way to learn their ways than to be there and take part? Be there and experience what the place has to offer. Well, all you need is the information about the place which I had shared with you and the courage to explore the beautiful Chinatown! Take care and enjoy!



Things to Do in Chinatown, Singapore

As one of the most visited tourist destinations in Singapore, Chinatown is one of the favorites of many, and that is because of one of these reasons.


Chili Crab, a popular dish in Singapore

 The Maxwell Food Center

This place will surely fill your tummy as you try to eat local Singaporean cuisine along with other Asian dishes. An adventure will not be complete without getting a taste of what the place has to offer. Try to walk around and do other activities first, and once you feel that you are already hungry, proceed to this place order whichever food you like.

Chinatown Complex

If you are now looking for an extreme food trip that focuses on varied Singaporean street foods, then the Chinatown Complex is the place that you are looking for. With over 260 different stalls to choose from, it is for sure that you will find the perfect place to satisfy your cravings. What is good about this area is that you can see the locals here doing their ordinary life activities which include recreation through the playing of the traditional Chinese chess. It is as if eating what you like and at the same time being one with the locals.



Sri Mariamman Temple in Chinatown, Singapore

Sri Mariamman Temple

This Dravidian-inspired temple was built as the first-ever temple of the Hindus in Singapore. Aside from the fact that Singapore seems to be a haven for diverse religions, it is no doubt that different religious structures would also be built in this beautiful place. The tower and the different symbols and figures associated with Hindu mythology is evident as you go around the temple. Do you want to see how they do their rituals? I suggest that you visit at night.

Nus Baba House

This historical museum is a must-see place for the reason that it embodies the joint of old Malaysian and Singaporean culture. The house which also serves as the museum is painted with bright blue and is designed in Peranakan architecture; that is, being a terrace house. The generations of families who lived here made it even more meaningful and historical. You have to avail of and join the offered tours being done in this museum to fully appreciate it with the help of the assigned tourist guide.

The Thian Hock Keng Temple

Considered as one of the oldest temples in the place, the Thian Hock Keng Temple is indeed a place that everyone must visit. The combination of beautiful architecture and ancient way of building structures was applied to this temple. Thus, making it more unique and worth the visit compared to other nearby temples. The style along with the intricate carvings are just a few of the reasons on why you should be here.


Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

This temple is a sacred temple for the reason that it houses the tooth relic of Buddha. Most people come here to do some reflection and to express their devotion. The architecture design following the Tang style is evident as manifested by the vast red walls. You can come here and get to see the relic, but on the other hand, only the monks are given access to the chambers of the remnant for sacred purposes.

Everton Park

The old vibes of Everton Park make it unique from the other part of Chinatown. If others are focused on religious sites and food parks, this place now is ordinary yet extraordinary in its ways. Bean lovers would surely feel relieved in the area because of the coffee shops which offer different yet classic tastes.


Interestingly this Keong Saik Road was a former red-light district. It is said that this place used to homes of mistresses of various rich businessmen

Keong Saik Road

Though this road has a dark past as many would say, this once brothel’s lane has become a perfect hang-out place nowadays for those who would like to spend some day of relaxation. The road is filled with various food stalls, beautifully conceptualized hotels, shared spaces, and the likes. Gone are the days that malicious things are associated with the place because it is now a place where people could relax and at the same time, meet new friends.

The Pinnacle at Duxton

If you want to see the city now from a bird’s eye view, you may then go to these high sky bridges with viewing decks to be mesmerized by the picture. Just be sure to arrive early or make an advanced reservation because they have the limit of 200 visitors only per day and that will only be for a minimum fee. This place is usually packed with tourists during holidays like New Year because people would like to see the fireworks display.

Ann Siang Hill

Is it the time of the week again that you would like to go out and have some fun? Then I recommend the Ann Siang Hill. Bars and restaurants are all over so much so that you do not want to go home! The lively vibe of the place is something that makes the tourists flock to the site.



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