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Dogs is said to be ‘Man’s Best Friend.’ The truth to the adage is recognized, as dogs remain among the most popular pets in the world.

While its quite costly to maintain dogs  nowadays, I still  continue to have them as they give me joy and they never failed to entertain me–truly my stress reliever.

The youngest in the family is “Kara”, a Belgain Tervuren. We just got her and shes only 37 days old. She acted like a real baby, she cried when placed inside the cage. I can’t stand her  noise , so I have no choice  but to bring her inside my room. Just like my others dogs when they were still pups they would stay with me in my room for a couple of days  until they get used of the people at home.

Kara is so funny because she would go with me wherever I go inside my room and she’s very sensitive with the noise as well. She even tried to climb at my bed. Oh well, while I am a dog lover, I can really afford bringing any dogs in my bed.

The Tervuren (sometimes spelled Tervueren), is a member of the Belgian Shepherd Dog family of dog breeds, named after a village inBelgium. Its classification varies, being classified under some breed standards as a breed in its own right, and in others as one of several acceptable variations of the Belgian. It is usually listed within breed standards under one or other, or a combination, of these names.Wikipedia

Kara reminded me of my other dog, “Patsing”. A dachshund who was so fragile when she was a pup. “Patsing” would cry the whole night on her first first week at home. And I recalled my male helper would bring her to his bed just to appease her. Literally, slept with my helper during her pup days.

The dachshund   is a short-legged, long-bodied dog breed belonging to the hound family.

Another very entertaining dog I have is “Sam”, a Japanese Spits. He’s the alpha male in the group. Each time I would let him out of cage to have some run and exercise, he would stop and would urinate to any object he would see, including our newly acquired dog, “Chub-Chub”.


The Japanese Spitz  is a small to medium breed of dog of the Spitz type. The Japanese Spitz is a companion dog and pet. There are varying standards around the world as to the ideal size of the breed, but they are always larger than their smaller cousins, thePomeranian. They were developed in Japan in the 1920s and 30s by breeding a number of other Spitz type dog breeds together. (Wikipedia)

“Chub-chub” is a golden retriever. I got him to replaced my demised Labarador,”Tisoy”. “Chubchub” is so loving and would love to be cuddled. Each time I would let him out of his cage , he would just go back to his cage should I shout, “Back!”. “Chub-chub loves water, each I gave him  bath he would lie under the faucet as if he is getting a treat in a spa.


“Chub-Chub”. The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized breed of dog. They were historically developed as gundogs to retrieve shot waterfowl such as ducks andupland game birds during hunting and shooting parties.  They were named retriever because of their ability to retrieve game undamaged. Golden Retrievers have an instinctive love of water. They have a dense inner coat that provides them with adequate warmth, and a water repellent outer coat that lies flat against their bodies. These dogs are well suited to suburban or country environments. Although they need substantial outdoor exercise, they should be kept in a fenced area because of their instincts as hunting dogs and tendency to roam. 

The Golden Retrievers’ intelligence makes them versatile, allowing them to fill a variety of roles, including guide dog for the blind, hearing dog for the deaf, hunting dog, illegal-drug detector, and search and rescue participant. Because of their loyal and gentle temperament, Golden Retrievers are also popular family pets.

Golden Retrievers possess friendly, eager-to-please demeanours, and are the fourth most popular family dog breed (by registration) in the United States,  the fifth most popular in Australia,  and the eighth most popular in the United Kingdom. (wikipedia)

                            “Tisoy” , Yellow Labrador

The Labrador Retriever (also Labrador, or Lab for short) is one of several kinds of retriever, a type of gun dog. One notable characteristic of the breed is their webbed paws, useful for the breed’s original purpose of retrieving fishing nets. The Labrador is the most popular breed of dog by registered ownership in Australia, Canada,  New Zealand,  the United Kingdom,  and the United States (since 1991).  It is also one of the most popular assistance dog breeds in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States and many other countries, as well as being widely used by police and other official bodies for their detection and working abilities. Typically, Labradors are athletic and love to swim, play catch and retrieve games, are good with young children, elderly, and for protection. They are also used as guide dogs to help blind people. (wikipedia)

Recently, I have borrowed one Belgian Malinois who is now acting as our guard dog. Whenever I am alone in the house I would release him to oversea the place and no one dared to  enter our premises.

The Malinois  or Belgian Shepherd Dog is a breed of dog, sometimes classified as a variety of the Belgian Shepherd Dogclassification, rather than as a separate breed. The Malinois is recognized in the United States under the name Belgian Malinois. Its name is theFrench word for Mechlinian, which is in Dutch either Mechelse herdershond (shepherd dog from Mechelen) or Mechelaar (one from Mechelen). These dogs are popular for K9 use in all forms of services. Examples include detection of odors such as explosives, accelerants (for arson investigation), and narcotics; tracking of humans for suspect apprehension in police work; and search and rescue.

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