Chatham World War II Monument, Georgia

Chatham County’s tribute to World War II is a large Earth globe split in half. You can walk inside and read the names of those who died in the Pacific and Atlantic theaters of the conflict.

Chatham World War II Monument, Georgia

Another, significant place I’ve visited in Savannah, Georgia is Chatham World war II Monument. Officially titled “A World Apart,” it’s a 20-foot-high globe split down the middle to symbolize a world divided by war into Pacific and European Theaters. The designers of the Chatham County World War II Monument in Savannah, GA wants people to remember WWII was no ordinary dust up.

Chatham World war II Monument, Georgia

Chatham World war II Monument is made of steel and overlaid with bronze oceans and copper continents. The pathway through its interior does not lead past a geologic cross-section, but between walls hung with lists of the 527 Chatham County residents killed during the war.

Texting your friends or sending photos from (Chatham World war II Monument)  “the center of the earth,” though tempting, should be done discreetly if at all. Since you’ll be in Georgia anyway, I suggest book-ending your visit with a drive for a photo op at Chatham World war II Monument.





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