19th Batch Norwegian Training Center’s Electro Cadet Training


19th Batch Norwegian Training Center’s Electro Cadet Training

It’s the 19th Batch of the Electro Cadets of the Norwegian Training Center . The 19th Batch is just small with 11 Cadets who are all licensed ECE and Electrical Engineers . I conducted the same three modules: Leadership, Personal Effectiveness and Stress Management. These cadets will soon be electrical officer in any Norwegian fleet who sponsored their training.

What’s good with a small group is they are easy to manage. You are assured of the quality of  discussion  and because they are  small  no one is left unattended.

While the number was very favorable to me. I was physically challenged with this batch because of my health condition. I was severely coughing and I don’t have time to see my doctor before I left Bacolod.

But one thing very refreshing and very rewarding were the comments I’ve got from my participants. Conducting training for many years now made me look not only into the financial reward I got but from the appreciation I received from my participants.

So just allow me to brag just a bit and share with you what my participants wrote me.

President  Aries Leo Lorenzo:

To revisit our values and beliefs is very refreshing. Thank you so much Sir Jojo for giving me the opportunity to once again check my self and realign my goals in life. You have touched our hearts…and we will remember you across the oceans…thank you!

Evie Adrian

Dear Sir Jojo;

Thank you so much for everything…My vision and goals now are much clearer and I have  learned on how to make steps in order to achieve these goals…I have learned more about myself and how to react to the different stimulus of life. More power to you. God bless us always.

Jessie Puno:

The seminar was very inspiring especially when it comes to “reaching my goals”. I have learned more skills on how to deal with obstacles; how to pursue my dreams; understanding people around me and when to seek help in times of trouble. I also realized that I will be more effective as a person  if I will be more aware of my strengths and weaknesses.As a whole , the seminar was very helpful in improving my social, mental and emotional aspects.

Holween M. Lopez:

The seminar helped me in improving my outlook in life. I learned many things: values…handling stress; self-awareness….guidelines on how to reach my goals …I was made to realize the importance of  being with God always. A very good seminar!

Stephen Bitan:

The seminar was very informative. I  realized the importance of enjoying the present situation in relation to accomplishing my goals with less stress…..

Overall, the training was “fun”; informative, masaya kasi may    interaction at marami ka pang mapipick up  na related and useful  for self growth.

Jason Aco:

I have learned many things in the seminar which were really useful and   haven’t been taught in school.

I am very thankful that  the questions I have kept in my mind were answered. The training helped us improved our physical, mental, emotional and most of all spiritual aspect.

Marlon Pablo:

The seminar was a great help to us participants. Exciting! Class participation was truly fun and had helped us in improving our personality to become a better person and as a seafarer. The best seminar!

Junrey E. Gallardo:

The three-day seminar equipped me to be able to adapt to my future work environment. In this training I was able to be more attuned with my goals; I developed a positive outlook in life; I realized indeed God has been so good to me…

Derek Franz:

What I learned most about the seminar were: values; handling stress; developing a contingency plan; developing a positive attitude and I was reminded that faith is the beginning of hope.


I have learned a lot……knowing deeper myself most especially


Relaxing,inspirational, morale booster








  1. good day sir tanong ko lang po once po ba na na interview na ang applicant sa electro cadet ano na po ang next dun?.and inonotify kaba nila if sakaling di ka nakapasa sa interview?..thanks po..

  2. Sheldon Ariola

    good day sir tanong ko lang po once po ba na na interview na ang applicant sa electro cadet ano na po ang next dun?.and inonotify kaba nila if sakaling di ka nakapasa sa interview?..thanks po..

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