Camotes Island Tourist Spots


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Camotes Island Tourist Spots

One of the most amazing places to visit when you are in Cebu is the Camotes Islands. The islands are part of the Cebu province and can be found in the east of Cebu Island. The Camotes group of islands is composed of four islands which are Pacijan, Poro, Ponson, and Tulang. Travel is easier between Pacijan and Poro Islands since these two islands are more significant than the others in terms of size and are connected to each other by a bridge. And unknown to many tourists, the islands are one of the best places to visit in Cebu.

BEACHES  [ Camotes Island Tourist Spots ]


Santiago Bay Beach

When you arrive at Santiago Bay Beach, expect to find a vast shoreline, fine sand, beautiful rock formations, delicious meals, and that lovely sunset. All of that in just one place.

OTHER BEACHES [ Camotes Island Tourist Spots ]


If you want more beaches to visit you can choose among these beaches: Mangodlong Beach, Esperanza Beach, Borromeo Beach, and Bakhaw Beach. Both Mangodlong and Esperanza Beach are located in Mangodlong, Heminsulan, San Francisco. Also in San Francisco is the Bakhaw Beach. While the Borromeo Beach can be found in Bakhaw, Esperanza.

WATERFALLS  [ Camotes Island Tourist Spots ]

Busay Falls

Getting to the falls requires a ten minutes hike. Upon reaching it, you will appreciate the three levels of Busay Falls.

Panganuron Falls

Located in Poro Island, the falls is not known to many tourists. You would need to ask some locals to guide you, and it will take almost an hour to reach the falls. Make sure you are prepared for the trek if you wish to visit Panganuron Falls.

CAVES [ Camotes Island Tourist Spots ]

Timubo Cave

One of the few caves that people love to visit because of its grotto and cold water. Make sure to visit when the place is not crowded and be prepared with some right footwear since it can take some time before you reach the water in the cave.


Paraiso Cave

Though this cave is smaller compared to Timubo Cave, it is already developed. Visiting this cave is also more comfortable since there are stairs available.


Bukilat Cave

Bukilat Cave is one of the more significant caves that can be found in Camotes. Getting here can be hard since it is far away from the regular tourist spots of the islands.

Holy Crystal Cave

If you are looking for a bigger cave to explore, you can head to the Holy Crystal Cave of Barangay Union in San Francisco. The cave has eight levels and requires a tour guide. Exploring the cave can take an hour and a half of time.

OTHER PLACES TO VISIT  [ Camotes Island Tourist Spots ]

Buho Rock

Buho Rock

A stunning view from the top of any cliff is always worth the climb. In this case, you do not need to climb that much just to behold the fantastic view that Buho Rock offers. And if you are up for the thrill, join the others who jump to the experience of cliff jumping from various heights that can reach up to fifty feet.

Tulang Diot Island

Beautiful white sand and crystal clear water, these are the qualities of Tulang Diot Island. The island is just the north of Pacijan Island, and it is the smallest among the four islands of Camotes. Getting to this island will only take fifteen minutes of a boat ride. If you are the adventurous type, you can stay during the night and camp on the island.


Lake Danao

Revel in the exquisite scenery that the lake has to offer by getting on board a kayak and paddle your way to find the spot that can give the best view. It is an adventure and sightseeing wrapped in a marvelous experience. But remember, kayaking can be extreme that it will leave you really tired.

How to Get to Camotes Island

Here’s the guide to see Camotes Island Tourist Spots.

If you are coming from Manila, get a flight to Cebu. From Cebu, ride a bus or van that goes to Danao Port in Danao City. Travel time from Cebu to Danao usually takes less than two hours. Upon reaching Danao Port, you can ride a RORO vessel or an Express Ride that heads Consuelo Port of the Camotes Islands. The trip to Consuelo Port can take two hours or more. Once you arrive, you can take a tricycle or multicab to get around the two connecting islands of Pacijan and Poro.
When you visit the Visayas, do not limit yourself in Cebu City. Go ahead and explore the other islands in the region. Taking a short trip to the islands of Camotes will be extremely gratifying.

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