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Masskara Festival is perhaps one of the longest festivals in the country today being held for the entire month of October.

The world-renowned Masskara Festival started during the period of crisis in Negros in -1980. Negros Occidental having sugar cane as its main produce suffered during those times its all-time crisis due to the introduction of sugar substitutes in the world market. It was also during that time wherein M/V Don Juan carrying many Negrenses sank with an estimated loss of 700 lives.

In the midst of this difficulty, the local government, and civic groups with the active participation of  Bacolod Artists came up with the idea of putting a festival of smiles. The first staging of the Masskara Festival, therefore, was a statement that no matter how difficult the times were, Bacolod City will surely survive and rise above any crisis.

Masskara which came from 2 words Mass (Many) and Kara ( the Spanish word for face) means a multitude of smiling faces. Obviously, Masskara is a happy Festival. Manifested in the colorful costumes and smiling masks used by the dancers during the competition, and in the numerous festival’s happy events. The Masskara is no doubt one of the festivals in the country which you should experience.

Bacolod City is basically a peaceful city with fun-loving people. Each guest is welcomed with a warm smile (Bacolod City is known as the City of Smile) and hospitality that is truly Bacolodnon.

Below are pieces of information aimed at helping you make your visit to the Masskara Festival fun and memorable.

  bacolod City


The official Schedule of Activities is yet to be released. So bookmark this page as we will update this page as soon as Bacolod City will release the updates. But if you wanted to book your hotel now, the highlights will be held on the 4th weekend of October (official).

Meanwhile, here are the links:

Masskara Schedule of Activities

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Ruby Masskara Festival

8 Things to do During Masskara 



The street dancing happens during the 4th weekend of October. This will already be the permanent schedule of the highlights as declared by the city. The Saturday for that 4th weekend will be for the street dance competition for the School Category while the Sunday is for the Open Category.


A display of the current Festival Costume is made on Display at Robinsons Place, Bacolod City. This is where the Best in Costume selection is being held. It would be great to visit the exhibit to see up close the intricacy of the costumes, the details of the masks, and the humongous headdresses of each competing group for the year.


The Electric Masskara is a unique component of the festival. It is held during nighttime and is usually held along Lacson Street. In this event, you will see masskara dancers in their lighted Masskara Costumes and masks.


Bacolodnons love to party. During the festival, street parties are held all around the city. Just Lacson Street alone can already satisfy your party craving. Along this street, several parties sponsored by various companies are held.


The search for the festival queen is one event that you should visit while visiting the City of Smile.

Mask by Jojo Vito


I’m sure that most travelers would want to maximize their visit to the City of Smiles, especially for first-timers. Of course, with the price of your airfare, you would want of course to get the most of this trip. This 2017 Negros Occidental is the 2nd most visited place by domestic tourists according to Tourism statistics. So you might want as well to discover why many people visit this part of the country.

The Street Dancing and Arena Dance Competition happens during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). I suggest allotting 3 or more days to discover more about Bacolod City and Negros Occidental.

Below are some articles which will surely help you plan your trip:

3-Day Bacolod Travel Guide which Includes Itinerary and Budget

Bacolod City Travel Guide




In a nutshell, here’re the 12 Things to do in Bacolod City

If you just want to see the highlights of the festival, you can visit in between Masskara Activities some of the must-visit places and experience Bacolod City culture.

Visit the Ruins. This place is technically located in the City of Talisay. However, you can visit this place during the morning because the Street Dancing and Arena Dance Competition starts at lunchtime. Just take a taxi to bring you to the place.

Contact Details:

Address: Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Phone: 0917 832 6003

“Paint Your Own Mask” Activity at Jojo Vito Designs Gallery. See how Bacolod Mask is being made or paint your own mask. The gallery is located at the heart of the city and you can reach this place through jeepneys or since your time is limited, take a taxi. You can tell the driver of the landmarks: The place is located at the back of Metrodome and Chicken Haus (South). It is near Planta Hotel)

The place offers an array of Giant Masks Display and loads of original mask-related souvenirs ranging from magnets, wearable masks, home furnishings, and more. The place is just a walking distance of the Cyber Center (old Paglaum Sports Complex), the venue for the Arena Dance Competition.

Blog Post about the Place:
Paint Your Own Mask
Things to do at Jojo Vito Designs Gallery

Contact Details:
#119 Kapitana Dicang-Alunan Avenue, Bacolod City Telephone: (034) 704-2376
FB Page: @JojoVitoDesignsGallery


if your time would allow, try to visit any of the following places:

Sipalay, The Hidden Jewel of Negros. This place has beautiful beaches, amazing dive sites, and a lot more.

Lakawon Island Resort. One of the places in Negros Occidental as of this writing and frequented by both locals and tourists from other places.

Campuestohan Highland Resort. A mountain resort with a theme park ambiance. Kids will surely love this place.

Mambukal Mountain Resort. Experience nature just an hour away from the city proper. The place has waterfalls, an ice-cold water swimming pool, a lagoon for boating, and a lot more.

Visit Bago City’s Tourist Attraction. Bago City is just loaded with many beautiful spots that you can visit and enjoy.

Sagay City. Just an hour away from Bacolod City, you will reach this quiet city with its beautiful attraction like the Carbin Reef.

Silay City. Known as the Paris of Negros Occidental, the place has beautiful heritage houses that speak about the culture and history of the place. They also have foodie destinations just within the city proper.



Attending the Masskara Festival is also an opportunity to sample Bacolod’s cuisine. here are the places to go to.

Bacolod loves to eat. This is manifested in the number of restaurants located around the city offering various delicacies.

Here are some of our recommendations:

Bar 21. Very easy to locate because this is situated along Lacson Street.

Rau Ram Cafe– They serve authentic Vietnamese Cuisines and their price is very budget-friendly.

Tyrol Restaurant – This place offers German and Austrian Cuisine.

Seafood. If you want to try fresh catch you can try any of these popular Seafood Restaurants in Bacolod City: 18 St Palapala; Adings; Aboy’s, Imay’s, Scarborough

Have you heard of Bacolod’s famed Kansi? Do visit any of these restaurants: Bones and Belly, Sharyn’s

Quan Delicacies. The place is serving native delicacies at their best. Try their cassava pudding, Cuchinta, sapin sapin, palitaw, and a lot more.

Negros Occidental is the sugar bowl of the Philippines. It’s no wonder why this city has several cakes and pastry shops which are frequented by tourists. So when in Bacolod City, do drop by and experience the “sweetness” of a Negrense through our cakes and pastries offered by Cs by L Fisher, Felicias, and Calea.

These three are facing each other and all are found along Lacson Street right within the location of the L Fisher Hotel.

Bacolod does love to eat, so here’s a LIST OF RESTAURANTS IN BACOLOD CITY



If you will attend the Masskara Festival, for sure you would want to bring some souvenirs. Here are the places you can buy Bacolod’s bests.

Best of Negros Products at The Negros Showroom.

The Negro’s Showroom showcases the best of Negros Products. Named as the best trade house by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Their beautiful products range from Local Souvenirs, Masks, T-Shirts, Housewares, Furniture and Furnishing, Food, Natural and organic, fashion and much more. They have a branch at the Robinsons Place Bacolod City and SM City-Bacolod City.

Masks and Masskara Souvenirs by Jojo Vito Designs Gallery.

This Gallery offers original designs of Masskara-related souvenirs. Just make sure to bring home authentic Bacolod-made souvenirs. Other souvenirs sold in the streets are made in China or just repainted souvenirs from other festivals in the country.

Bacolod Delicacies.

Bacolod-Silay Airport Departure Area. If you wish to buy some delicacies but don’t have the time to visit any establishment, you can simply buy Bacolod delicacies like Piaya, Barquillos, etc. at the airport departure area. Merzci Bread and Pastries usually offer a 10% discount for any guests. Just present your ticket or boarding pass. Their price? It’s just the same as with their other outlets.



Interested to witness Masskara Festival? Here’s how to get to Bacolod City.

By Air
Bacolod City is less than an hour’s flight from the Philippines’ capital, Metro Manila. And merely 30 minutes from Cebu City. Various airline companies are serving the Bacolod-Silay Airport. An Air-conditioned van is servicing the airport to Bacolod City. It can drop you to the nearest point of your destination in Bacolod City for only P150/person.

By Bus
From Dumaguete City, take the Ceres Bus and it will reach Bacolod for a 4-5 hour ride. Just take a taxi from Ceres Terminal in Bacolod to your hotel.

From Cebu City, proceed to the North Terminal and take a Ceres Bus bound for Bacolod City.

Here’s the schedule for these buses:

By Sea
From Manila 2Go Travel is sailing Manila-Bacolod on the following schedule:

From Iloilo City, you can take several Fast Crafts with the following Schedule:

How to Get to Bacolod City Fast Craft Schedule


If you can, choose the hotel along Lacson Street or nearest to this place, because most of the activities during nighttime are held in this place. Hotels in Lacson Street are as follows: L Fisher Hotel, Avenue Suites, Seda Hotel (soon to open, not sure if they can open during the Masskara Festival), Metro Inn, and Bacolod Executive Inn.

It is best to book your hotel early, Masskara season is fast approaching and many travelers booked their hotels as early as February.

Here’s the List of Hotels in Bacolod City.


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    Masskara will resume after 3 long years. Bacolod features a lot of beautiful beaches nearby if you want to relax other than partying. One beach near Lakawon Island is Agho Island. It’s about 20 to 30 mins from Lakawon. Agho’s water is crystal clear and its white sand is really fine. It’s one destination that tourists must definitely go to.

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    Additionally, it would be preferable to list the names of the artists who would be appearing at the event if this article included information about the current year’s festival schedule. I’ve seen that people, especially fans, will go above and beyond to watch their favorites perform in person. To successfully promote the event as digital marketers, interacting with the audience online and determining their general interests is the way to go.

    Jade Dorothy Yncierto

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    Erica Domingo

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    This annual festival, similar to Brazil’s Rio Carnival, literally translates to “many faces” and is held in Bacolod every October. Because of the smiles, Bacolod City was given the nickname “The City of Smiles.” I’d like to add a few comments after reading the article. I would give some practical tips for tourists or first-timers to visit Bacolod City to witness the Masskara festival. First thing first, fly as early as possible before the Masskara festival to avoid the crowd who also wants to go to Bacolod. The next tip is to bring an umbrella because we cannot control or avoid the weather, and October can be either sunny or rainy in my experience. Check the weather forecast on your smartphone. In addition to where to eat in Bacolod, I recommend paying a visit to and trying the best chicken inasal of the locals in Bacolod, which is located next to the SM mall, namely “Manokan Country.” It has different local food stores that offer chicken inasal, but for me I would recommend eating at Aidas and Nenas chicken inasal. I also want to advise wearing comfortable clothes because during the festival there are some closed roads and they should expect some changes in the route of jeepneys, and it is much nicer to explore the city while walking. While walking around downtown, I would also suggest not wearing luxury accessories like necklaces or putting their wallets and phones in their pockets or bags because we cannot deny the fact that there are some bad guys around us, so be careful and be observant of our own things. Since Mayor Albee Benitez is the city’s newly elected mayor, they should expect a lot of new things and activities to be added, such as the volleyball cup and the football cup, and they are planning to open the Panaad park and stadium so that different pavilions of municipalities and cities in Negros can showcase their own products.

  30. Erica Mestre

    Having years of experience being a student journalist for La Salle Crossroads, Kapawa, and The Spectrum, the whole article is informative and well-written. Given that this is a feature article, it does not require to stick to the inverted pyramid rule in writing—as followed in news write-ups. The article has everything a reader who would like to visit Bacolod and experience this festival would read; all the way from the history of Masskara down to the possible hotels a person could stay in.

    I have noticed that the blogger uploaded a video to Youtube and attached the link here. It featured the Bacolod Masskara Festival Dance Parade and was 6 minutes and 9 seconds long. As a former student journalist and now a student-digital marketer, there is no flaw in the article itself but a possible suggestion would be to add aesthetics to the video. It would be much more engaging if it was under the maximum of 3 minutes and a compilation of the blogger’s festival experience the same way feature videos are posted on Tiktok and Instagram Reels. Video transitions could match the music’s beat and there would be an overall impact with the use of drone shots—especially in the peak of Masskara night. Since the article is not solely focused on the Masskara dance parade, it would also be beneficial to the blog if a reel-type video featuring glimpses of events during the festival was added for niche purposes. At the same time, posting a long Masskara dance parade video might defeat the purpose of a foreigner or a traveler’s reason to see the festival. A personal yet witty and clever hashtag could be of help as well—something that gives identity to the blogger so that whenever this hashtag is used, it could be connected to the blogger’s identity. Another marketing tactic.

    Nevertheless, the article is easy on the eyes to read and is able to captivate the reader to know more about the festival, along with several suggestions that could make the reader’s Masskara experience more enjoyable.

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