Chicken Inasal: The Best of the Bests of Bacolod City

Visiting Bacolod, one of the things that my friend highly recommended me to do is to try-out the legit and authentic Bacolod’s Chicken Inasal. Though I have tried the chicken inasal way of food in Manila, I was curious about the difference between the legit or the authentic one compared to what I had before. So, I made sure that I will give it a shot. Arriving at Bacolod, I noticed a lot of beautiful things about the place. Aside from the fact that it is naturally beautiful, I also love the idea that it was so serene and peaceful. People were always ready to help and were always accommodating with my needs as a visitor or as a tourist.

As I tried the Chicken Inasal, I had the idea before that it is synonymous to the usual barbecue. But I was taken aback when I realized that the taste of it is entirely different. Just like a barbecue, Chicken Inasal is roasted. The only difference is that the taste of it is not dependent with the dabbed sauced while barbecuing, but in cooking it before the barbecue process. It is skewered and then roasted in an open flame using the banana leaves to produce a smoky flavor or taste. Do you know what makes it extra special? Well, just like a lot of other dishes, the sauce speaks a lot for itself. The sauce of a Chicken Inasal is made up of garlic, salt, soy, and vinegar.

Heading to Bacolod, I tried the iconic Chicken Inasal in the food hub filled with different food chains to choose from, the Manokan County. The name itself means chicken, so it is not surprising that most of the dish that they have here is based on chicken and the Inasal as their specialty. Would you also like to eat like a local? Head to the Manokan County! If you are more of the mall type of food and you still want to try the same Inasal, do not worry because nearby the Manokan County is a towering mall. Just head here and choose your preferred restaurant. You have to be extra patient since it may be a little bit traffic in the area due to the volume of jeepneys passing by.

Other areas in the place where you could also walk and get lost in the middle of shops and food hubs is Lacson Street in Bacolod City. This major street in Bacolod is teaming with various shops, bars, and restaurants. So, walking here is a fun adventure.

Moreover, I am telling you now that traveling to Bacolod City will never be a boring activity. With the number of places to visit paired with the dish to try-out, most especially the Chicken Inasal, you undoubtedly have a fantastic adventure in the beautiful and lively city of Bacolod. What are you waiting for? Come here and experience everything! Good luck and take care!

List of Chicken Inasal Restaurants in Bacolod City


  1. Just wanted to add that Masskara Chicken Inasal also has decent Sisig. Also, congrats to Aida’s. Definitely something different and delicious about their chicken inasal.

  2. Ooooohhhh those mouthwatering photos of chicken inasals!!!! I haven’t tried any of those three restos mentioned above. Do they have a branch here in Northern Luzon? If so I would love to try them out

  3. Wow Jojo, Tasty! what make me want to try them all

    Plus, of course: Congratulations 🙂

  4. When you say Chicken Inasal, it’s really popular especially the one from Bacolod. Aida’s inasal must be really good!

  5. I think this is something I can enjoy since I love chicken Inasal and this is even better since this is Bacolod’ specialty.

  6. Talking about Chicken Inasal, I think I will be like a happy kid if I can taste them all!

  7. nice event! i haven’t tried chicken inasal from bacolod, looks all yummy!

  8. When I first heard of Inasal, it was the Bacolod Chicken Inasal restaurant. They did have a flavorful chicken which we really loved! Though there is the famous inasal fast food, we still prefer the Bacolod’s one. And I believe no one can beat that flavor!

  9. I am unfamiliar with this particular cuisine but you made me curious and would love to try some should i visit one of these places they serve them.

  10. Congratulations to Aida’s for winning the Chicken Inasal showdown. I hope I can try Aida’s too.

    • @Peach y

      You can actually get authentic Aida’s Inasal in Manila.
      They have a branch at Makati Cinema Square.

      I also prefer Aida’s Inasal. 😀

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