Above: Negros Bloggers with Ms. Belende Gonzaga (extreme right) Fudmaster, CEO and General Manager


It is obvious nowadays that more and more diverse range of consumers is increasingly focused on weight loss and weight maintenance within a broadening context of personal health and lifestyle issues.

This is evident with the various products available in the market today that is focused on health. We heard every day about organic products; people concerned about the traceability of the food they buy; calorie count, etc. With this mindset, I really hope that the lifespan of this generation will be longer…

While I don’t claim to have been eating healthy food all the time, but at least I started to be conscious also on the food that I take. I started to avoid any visible fats on my food, I also started to learn eating brown rice though I have to admit I am really struggling. I seldom drink sodas already…and I have been eating fruits all the time (well I really love fruits even before this trend).


Recently, I was invited for the soft opening of the Fudmaster Take out counter at the Doctors’ Hospital, Bacolod City. The Fudmaster is a food concessionaire which has been operating the canteen and serving the food for  the patients of the Doctor’s Hospital, Bacolod City. Well, they are not just an ordinary food concessionaire but they known for the delectable and healthy food that they offer.


Healthy Sandwiches : Sicilian Panini which has mushrooms, bell pepper, white onions and ham for only PhP 70.00. Asian Beef Panini which has sirloin beef and coleslaw. Ratatouille Panini which has zucchini , eggplant, bell peppers, white onions,tomatoes and mushrooms for only PhP 90.00. Roasted Vegetable Sandwhich which tomatoes, bell pepper, eggplant and mushrooms baked in  olive oil

The store or Take out Counter of the Fudmaster is selling healthy snack items ranging from sandwiches, fresh fruit slush, healthy fruits juices, salads and many more.

One of the programs which made Fudmaster popular in Bacolod City especially for those who are health and figure conscious is their Weekly Diet Program.The Weekly Diet Program which includes 3 meals and 1 snack/day, delivered within Bacolod area would cost one for only PhP 400/day. These meals have a calorie count of 1,200/day and are perfect for those who wanted to lose weight. Honestly, I haven’t tried this program yet, so I cannot tell you what’s the taste and its effect.

But in my visit to the Fudmaster, I got the chance to try some of their snack offerings.It’s not only healthy, but the taste is great as well. Their Chef is not only a Chef but a licensed Nutritionist at the same time. So you can truly say that their claims were true.


All natural slush at PhP 60.00 only

Other products offered by Fudmaster:

  • Therapeutic Diet as prescribed by the Doctor
  • Post-Workout Smoothies 
  • Milk Formula for cancer patient
  • Dietary Formula for patient undergoing dialysis
  • Pregnancy Diet 
  • Diet for  Diabetic patients
  • Coming Soon: Sports Nutrition Program


Tel . (034) 4314943

Main Entrance, The Doctor’s Hospital

BS Aquino Drive, Bacolod Cty, Philippines



  1. Wow, this is great for the hospital and its patients. More often than not, I think of “hospital food” as bland and boring. But with Fudmaster, it looks like that the food is really delicious and healthy.

  2. what makes food healthy to eat? unless you know the composition of it or the ingredients. what else makes food healthy to eat? unless you know how it is being prepared according to the prescription or recommendation of a nutritionist. personally i eat food that is too tasty, so yummy and regret later.

  3. I do have to admit that I personally found the price of their weekly diet plan a wee bit too pricey for my taste, especially since I’ve been fortunate to lose more than 20lbs two years ago and have been able to keep the weight off since that time using a program that only cost a fraction of the price of the diet plan. Still, having these healthy options is always a welcome thing in my book. After all, taking care of our health is the best investment that we can ever make.

  4. These can really help you trim down and be healthier.

  5. I personally do not have my own diet plan too until I was diagnosed to have diabetes.. that’s the time I started to get concious about the foods I eat… but I cannot deny that I do have some cheat moments too especially when the craving strikes me hehe.. This is an interesting diet plan jojoi.. i actually find those salads and panini really appetizing.. I think weekly diet plans is now a thing… I’ve seen so many celebrities embracing this kind of diet na eh..

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