Night Market


Right after our Khantoke Dinner, we went straight to the Night Market.

The Night Market is the most famous of all Chiang Mai’s markets due to the vast numbers of foreign visitors it attracts.

Located at the northern end of Chang Klan road, the Night Market consists of hundreds of stalls and a number of large shopping arcades packed with small shops.

 Night Market

I suppose any visitors to the city had visited this market at least once during their stay. This area in Chiang  Mai is one of the liveliest; filled with street stalls, bars, restaurants and coffee shops. The Night Bazaar offers the whole range of handicraft products including carvings, artwork, clothes, fabrics, jewelry and much more. For a Filipino like me who would always remember a lot of people when going home, key holders and magnets come very practically. A packed of 10 key holders range from 50-100 Baht. Thai silk made into purses comes very cheap as a souvenir as well. In fact, my roommate Harry from South  Africa gave me one pack as a gift for my family.

 Night Market

One of the fascinating items I found in any Thai Market was the  Beautiful curved Soap Flowers. I learned that these scented masterpieces originated in the villages around Chiang Rai. It is said that  Locals in their free time practiced carving on pieces of soap. Later their hobby turned into a fine art, and the delicate soap flowers they sold at the local night markets soon captured tourists’ imagination.

This art of soap carving is passed down from generation to generation, and since it’s all done using a few carving knives, the beauty of the flowers depends on a lot on the skill of the artist.

 Night Market

Just remember that when you are planning to visit Thailand, pack lightly and leave room for souvenirs because I am sure that you cannot resist but to buy Thai items.


–  cards are not used at the night and day market, so bring cash.
– money changer is everywhere so it is easy to bring US Dollars with you
– learn to bargain before you buy, sometimes you can get the item half the price

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Posted by The Happy TRIP on Sunday, March 17, 2013


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