We were on a Heritage Tour in Silay City, Negros Occidental organized by Viaje Negrense owned by a fellow blogger, Maricar Dabao with another blogger Dr. Maritel Ledesma a native of Silay City as our tour guide. The tour was very informative considering that our guide was a native of the place. So I prefer to compose a separate blog post about it.

Meanwhile, I would like to take you to a place in Silay City, where we had our sumptuous lunch – The Barangay  Balaring.


Sizzling Stuffed  Squid

BARANGAY BALARING is a coastal barangay and a few kilometers away from the city proper.If you are coming from the city, just take the tricycle and tell them to bring you to Balaring.

There are so many Seafood  Restaurants in Barangay Balaring lined along the coastline. It’s been years since my last visit in the place. I was happy with the development I saw. The road from the city proper to Barangay Balaring was all concrete and the restaurant had improved a great deal. No wonder why the place was getting so much popularity amongst the local and the tourist visiting the place.


Some of the Delectable FilipinoCuisines we enjoyed at Melkens Seafood Restaurant, Barangay Balaring

Since the lunch was sponsored by the City of Silay they were the one who choose the restaurant for us – Melkens Sood Restaurant.

From the outside, the Melkens Seafood Restaurant looked pleasing. The place was made primarily of bamboo and Nipa for the roofing which is really suited for the location.  The place was half full when we arrived, a good sign that the place is popular amongst guests.

While the servers were not in uniform, but I can say that they were courteous and pleasant. Of course, I was not expecting for some standard spiel from the servers /waiters in big restaurants and hotels. But maybe, in the future, it will even be more delighting for the guests to hear some native greetings from the staff.


Members of the Negros Bloggers atBARANGAY BALARING

Honestly, the food was good and while our lunch was sponsored by the City of Silay I just found their price a bit high. Nonetheless, Barangay Balaring is really worth a visit. So the next time you visit Bacolod City or Silay City,  spare a time to visit the place.

Thank you Silay City with  Mayor  Oti Montelibano and Coun.  Solo Locsin for accommodating the Negros Bloggers.

How to get to Barangay Balaring:

From Bacolod City, take the jeepney bound for Silay City. From Silay City, take a tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to Barangay Balaring.


  1. April Grace H.Alustor

    LOOKS DELICIOUS. ! I hope I could find time to check this place. ☺

  2. Ethel Trisha Padilangao

    I’ll take my family there soon. #sales2

  3. Esther Marie Vargas

    I want to try here soon. 😀 #sales2

  4. Honey Grace Gonzaga

    I’ve never been to Balaring but im lucky to tried alot of seafood dishes.haha

  5. Anne Feny Veloso

    Not fond of seafoods but seeing these are just scrumptious to eat what is diet?

  6. Shelomae jay Magbanua

    Good trip! This is what I really miss tho. Seafoods! Gonna visit balaring soon.

  7. Shelomae jay Magbanua

    This is what I really miss! Foodtrip! Omg to many fav kind of seafoods they have. Wanna try it soon.

  8. Caryl May Tadlan

    so nice to see but it is nicer to eat these all,lol #sales2

  9. jaya llamera

    Balaring is such a nice place, but i’ve never tried their seafoods. it looks delicious i should try it in my next visit.#sales2

  10. jaya llamera

    I’ve been in balaring but i never tried their seafood. I hope i can try their seafoods together with my friends. It’s a nice place to relax tho.

  11. Caryl May Tadlan

    This restaurant helps to strengthen of a family or barkada’s. Delicious foods. #sales2

  12. Leny Rose Jordan

    Oh how i love seafoods! Can someone bring me here?? Good food is waiting!

  13. Jholina B. Indac

    DELICIOUS Seafoods! Has a good ambiance and environment friendy. #sales2

  14. Ma. Recel T. Decena

    Seafoods??? HEAVEN!!! I swear, I would eat seafood for straight whole week!!! Yumyum!!!

  15. Mary jonette bedaure

    Seafoods is one of my favorite to eat..I think I want to taste their best sellers..#sales2

  16. john ramil patriarca

    oh ! i love sea foods too! look so delicious.. #sales2

  17. Ma. Rosita T. Gonora

    It motivates me to really try their foods with my friends someday. #sales2

  18. Georgia Khrysh Regonel

    I feel so hungry with the foods. It looks so delicious.

  19. Edelyn Inson

    For me this is unique place coastal restaurant to dine in.#sales2

  20. Julie Ann Martir

    I like how the blogger specified the wants and the missing in the place, his honest review on the restaurant and his suggestions.


  21. Jefferson O. Alarba

    I really like seafoods and i want to taste all of their best shots.:)

  22. Rodelyn Rotina

    Been there couple years ago. The place is spacious yet relaxing. It’s not much of a surprise, just a typical viewing deck in Pta. Tay2 but they have great food and I love their talaba and gambas (yummy) a bit pricey but it’s worth it. ❤ #sales2

  23. Haven’t been to Negros therefore never to Silang. Their food looks great. Are there beaches or other places to go?

  24. I have not been in that place brother. I wish someday if my family will settle down in the Philippines for good. The squid makes me drool like crazy.

  25. Ahh the squid is making me hungry! It’s been years since I ate a good squid dish.

  26. Elizabeth O.

    It’s always nice to dine with open air. The food looks good especially the grilled squid! Would love to taste it!

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