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[ Batanes Tourist Spots, Hotels, Travel Guide ]


Here’s your updated guide to Batanes Tourist Spots. This covers descriptions of the places, list of hotels and travel tips.


Batanes dominates the ownership of those breathtaking sceneries which are often shown not only on those top-ranked photographs appearing as you hit enter, searching for the ‘must-not-be-missed’ places in the Philippines. The place also owns the alluringly captivating landscape shots on several romantic movies and telenovelas.

Probably, Batanes within the northernmost beauty of the country in which is clothed with incomparable serenity and mesmerizing vistas-  is one that atop most traveler’s bucket list- whether local or foreign tourists. The perfection of this place, undoubtedly, is inevitably enchanting.  Exceedingly enthralling… that not even the distance nor the pricey expenses ‘usually’ affixed could set you back from vigorously wanting to witness that same experiences that all Batanes’ served visitors are all calling ‘worth-it’.

Being in the island does not only engage you with the wonderful creations of nature- speaking both about its finest land treasures and its utopia of islands, but also attaches you with the breathing commemoration of history-valuables and ever-friendly natives, the  Ivatans.

Indeed, Batanes is one of the most indispensable to be uplifted glorious pride of the Philippines, and the following Batanes Tourist Spots to be laid down are just a few amongst the innumerable reasons why this place’ always stick on the hot-list.

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The three largest islands, Batan, Itbayat, and Sabtang, are the only inhabited islands.

Sabtang Island

Peaceful and quiet, this is how many tourists would describe Sabtang Island. Nature lovers will surely love the natural attractions offered by the place. Sabtang Island has long White Sand beaches, steep mountains contrasting its deep Canyons.

Sabtang Island can be reached a 30-minute ride from Radiwan Port in Ivana.

Itbayat island

Shaped like a giant bowl, The Itbayat Island is surrounded by big boulders and cliffs standing from 20 to 70 feet above sea level. Itbayat Island has no shoreline.

Batan Island

The most populated Island in Batanes is Batan. Basco, the capital municipality of the province is found on this Island. It is also the center of trade and seat of the Provincial Government.

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Fundacion Pacita Batanes  Nature Lodge located at  Brgy. Chanarian, Tukon, Basco Contact Numbers: 0939-9016353 (Smart) | 0917-8559364 (Globe) | Email: | [ Batanes Tourist Spots, Hotels, Travel Guide ]


 Radiwan Point, Sabtang (Batanes Tourist Spot)

Located at Ivana Seaport, this place is situated in the belt of the historical riches of the country. On the 18th of September 1899, this spot has witnessed warriors of the country’s independence as they land on the island. If you love reminiscing beauty of the past, have this well-preserved portrayal of bygone days serve you its purpose.

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Mahatao Church, Mahatao (Batanes Tourist Spot)

Within one of the usual attributes of a Filipino, being definitely religious, Batanes is here to offer you its 18th-century church that will absolutely be able to replenish your faith, serving it as one on either the first or last place tourists should not fail to visit before or after the indulgent vision-clothing of the God-given riches of the place.

World War II Memorials (Batanes Tourist Spot)

With Batanes being commonly referred to as clothed with serenity, it is both a shock and a pride that its past is still attached to traces of war and of course, heroic acts; in which what really makes the place special.

House of Dakay, Batan Island
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House of Dakay, Batan Island (Batanes Tourist Spot)

Wanna visit that kind of house you commonly see on throwbacks at TV shows and feel that presence only long-established windowpanes and aged concrete panels can give? Then come and visit this oldest house that has been built on the island for your benefit! Currently, it is owned by Lola Florestida Estrella. This house, now considered as one of the Batanes tourist spots has been constructed in 1887 through materials normally used by other native Ivatan houses, which are by stone and limestone.

Basco Lighthouse
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Basco Lighthouse, Basco (Batanes Tourist Spot)

Batanes is the only place in the country in which do have such many lighthouses. Although there are newly built ones, what serves as the one of the best to wallow in upon is the Basco lighthouse. Why Well, just let its picturesque scene of the ocean and bistro at the side that offers the finest of islands’ cuisines explain why.

Marlboro Hills, Batan Island (Batanes Tourist Spot)

Look unto every side and you’ll have a peek at Batanes’ most visited places. Marlboro Hills, except its lush greens all around, is like the ‘placed into a nutshell’ riches of Batanes- the sceneries around will speak for itself.

By bingbing (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (],    [ Batanes Tourist Spots, Hotels, Travel Guide ]
Vayang Rolling Hills, Basco (Batanes Tourist Spot)

With the spectacular scenery of the West Philippine Sea combined with the manifold of rolling hills and seascapes, Vayang Rolling Hills alike Marlboro Hills is one among the most renowned location at the place. Also, this place is a home for lavished grasslands that is a quintessential mix of the calming breeze coming fresh from the sea.

Valugan  Beach, Basco (Batanes Tourist Spot)

This place features nature’s highlights through the enormous rock formations (made by Mt. Iraya’s emissions) that are exclusively found in the island’s shores and green cliffs on view are the very matter why this place perfects what ‘paradise on water’ could ever mean.

Idjang, Batanes Tourist Spot. By Nonoyborbun (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (],


Idjang   . By Nonoyborbun (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons [ Batanes Tourist Spots, Hotels, Travel Guide ]
Idjang (Batanes Tourist Spot)

As early as 4,000 BC The Ivatans of Batanes live in Idjang. Idjang is a fortified stone fortress built on hills and elevated areas to protect themselves from the invaders.


Eager to see Batanes Tourist Spots? Then, don’t forget to book your hotel room in advance.

To book your room on the island, simply click below the links/names of hotels and it will bring you to the booking site.

Amboys Hometel
Barangay Chanarian, Basco, Philippines, 3900

Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant
National Road, Basco, Philippines, 3900

Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant – Annex Branch
Amboy Street, Kaychanarianan, Basco,   Philippines, 3900

Den Den Guesthouse
Dita Street corner Castillejos Street,   Basco, Philippines, 3900

Troy Lodge 
096 Argonza st barangay kayvaluganan,  Basco, Philippines, 3900

R&E Bed & Breakfast
National Road Ivana, Basco, Philippines, 3902


 For you to have the best out of your trips, be sure to read the following precautions-slash-tips, you must really take note of!

  • Batanes basically drops its clothing of enchanting beauty when the rainy season starts to knock on the skies. January to March moreover, are the best times for a tourist to go to the island. Nobody wants their expenses wasted right?
  • For better convenience, it is advisable to go on group tours to see various Batanes Tourist Spots. This takes off hassles out of your worries and will definitely gain you the rightful focus all those ‘must-not-miss’ sceneries deserves.
  • The heat on the island is not like the normal heat you are facing during summers. So don’t forget to bring sunblock and lip balm for the cold season when exploring various Batanes Tourist Spots.
  • The electricity usage is limited to most places. Internet? Better have your hopes off.
  • Be early! Time is a great deal, especially when exploring various Batanes Tourist Spots.
  • Avoid packing excessively- especially when you’ll do hiking because a backache doesn’t simply suit with the enthralled you, caused by the iconic views that await you there.
  • If you are taking maintenance medicine, it would be best to bring enough supplies during your visit. Drugstores in the province may not have the medicines you need.
  • Some Batanes Tourist Spots need to be discovered on foot. Good trekking shoes or rubber-soled sandals would be the best choices.
  • Credits cards are not widely used on the island. So it would be best to bring enough cash. However, ATM Machines can be found in Basco.
  • Bring some Insect/Mosquito repellant lotions.
  • If you visit between December to February, you better be ready with your cold outfit or some windbreaker jackets with you.
  • Dry bags or Ziploc plastic containers to keep your valuables and gadgets dry and safe when you do inter-island travel.


Seeing the beautiful Batanes Tourist Spots requires good planning and timing. It is not advisable to visit the island during rainy days as the chances of getting stranded is quite high. Moreover, during summertime plane fares are also quite high. Hence, it is advisable to plan ahead and check often the rates of various airlines serving the island.


The fastest and most convenient way to get to Batanes from Manila is by plane via Cebu Pacific, PAL, and Skyjet. There are also PAL flights serving Clark and Batanes.

Peak Season on the island starts from March to June for summer and November to February for the cold season. During these periods tourists are advised to secure their tickets months before their trip. For more visit PAL and Skyjet websites.

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