1. Ronel D. Alquiza BSIT 3-R1

    Based on my understanding this place represents the past era wherein we where once under in the colony of Spaniards. It shows and reminds us that we Filipinos stood up against the tyranny of Spanish government, our heroes shed their blood and resisted the oppressors to free our country. In other words, this place is reminding us that we should be proud of our culture and embrace diversity wholeheartedly. For me to make this place more attractive in the eyes of tourist , we should always keep the environment clean and free from any form of pollution that might affect the experience of visitors. Therefore, we should implement strict policies in maintaining the cleanliness and order in the place. And most of all employees in tourism should always promote the place by showing to the tourist the hospitality and culture of the people to form understanding and good relationship.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, I certainly didn’t know there was so many wonderful things to do while visiting. I especially love the Hidden Garden and the Dancing Fountains.

  3. It looks wonderful. I am planning a trip to Philippines within the next 3 years, this was very helpful. Thank you

  4. The Philippines look so beautiful. I have some relatives from there. I have to get them to take me one of these….great post and great pictures!

  5. I haven’t been back to the Philippines since I was a kid, but this is a great recap of this city! Thanks for sharing all of this info!

  6. I love reading your articles. While I do not have the opportunity to travel anymore it is something that my heart desires. My home is even decorated in a travel / world culture theme.
    Your articles are so specific and really get into detail on specific locations in various places in the world.
    Just like in the USA where I am from things can be very different from city to city within the same state.
    I love how your blog takes me directly into the heart of a specific location.
    I get my virtual travel through you!

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