MALALISON ISLAND [ MARARISON ] Travel Guide + Homestays

MALALISON ISLAND [ MARARISON ] Travel Guide + Homestays


Malalison Island, known to the locals as Mararison Island was only seen and given much attention by some travelers and social media influencers after it was hard hit by Typhoon Yolanda. This 54-hectare island in Culasi, Antique boasts of its beautiful clear waters, pebble beach on one side of the island, spectacular view of its rolling hills, white sandbar and hospitable people.

The beauty of Malalison Island (Mararison Island) can be likened to Boracay when there weren’t many commercial establishments in the island 20 or 25 years ago.

Malalison Island is primarily a fishing community. But this 2016 when some local tourists started to visit the Island, the Local Government Unit of Culasi through its Tourism Department developed the Island and its people. To date, a total of 41 households were trained for homestays and a number of local guides were enabled to serve those who would visit the place.

MALALISON ISLAND [ MARARISON ] Travel Guide + Homestays


The beautiful Malalison Island (Mararison Island)  is peaceful and laid back. Definitely, no parties can found on the Island, unlike Boracay. Some resorts also have some Karaoke which is famous past time to many Filipinos. While on the Island you might want to try the following:

Sea Urchin

Try the Sea Urchin – Sea urchins are abundant in the area, so if you want to try this exotic delicacy you can request your boatman or any from the community to get you some for a fee.


Snorkeling and Swimming– The clear blue waters of Malalison Island (Mararison Island) is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Beautiful corals and sea life will surely amaze any nature lover. The island has a sandbar with white sand which changes its curve and shape depending on the direction of the wind and strength of the waves. The sandbar which is perfect for swimming and sand bathing stretches for about 100 meters from the beach.


Boating Around the Island – see for yourself all sides of the island through boating.

Interact with the Locals – people of Malalison Island are basically friendly. Anyone would be willing to respond to any question or engage in a conversation with tourists.

Adventure to Nablag Islet – adjacent to Malalison Island (Mararison Island)  is Nablag Islet which is separated from the island during high tide.

MALALISON ISLAND [ MARARISON ] Travel Guide + Homestays

Trekking – going top on the hills of Malalison Island is a must for all the tourists. While trekking you will be seeing a lot of pitcher plants and the spectacular 360 views of the island.

pitcher plant

pitcher plant abounds at the hills of Malalison Island


There is no fancy restaurant on the Island. However, you can buy some fresh catch and ask your host to cook for you for 70-100/menu.

If you want some fancy food, just bring your own or buy from Culasi before going to the island.

The Aloma Island Inn

The Aloma Island Inn with the caretaker – the ever helpful, Ron-Ron


To help augment the income of the community, households in Malalison (Mararison Island)  were trained for Homestay Services. Their rates are uniform at 300/person. of course, do not expect some toiletries or towel with this rate.

Some cottages are also available for rent. Rates for these cottages start at Php 350/person.Most cottages with low rates have common toilets. There are also cottages with private toilets.

During our visit, we stayed at Aloma Island Inn. We got the room with 2 big beds and private comfort room. The room we got at PhP 1,500.00 can accommodate up to 6 persons. Additional person will have to pay PHP 150.00. For more information, contact  0915 449  7360.


don’t forget to bring a bottle of water should you decide to go on trekking


The Island is powered by a generator which operates from  6 PM to 10 PM. Some homestays and hostels have their own generator and you can pay an extra if you want to have your electric fan for the whole night. In most cases, however, it is also cooler and windy on the Island.  Hostels and homestays will also provide you with rechargeable or solar-powered lamp to use during night time.

Cellular phone signals are also available on the Island but maybe weak to open some apps unless you are up in the hills.


No ATM machines are available on the Island. For guests from abroad, please bring your peso with you.

MALALISON ISLAND [ MARARISON ] Travel Guide + Homestays

BUDGET WHEN VISITING MALALISON ISLAND [ MARARISON ] (rates may change without notice)

You can enjoy Malalison Island ( Mararison )at a very low budget. Of course, it is recommended to give some tips as they offer their services at a very low cost.

The fare from Iloilo to Culasi – PHP 200.00 (for people coming from Iloilo)

The fare from Caticlan To Culasi –PHP 100.00 (for people coming from Boracay)

The fare from Kalibo to Culasi – PHP 120 (for people coming from Kalibo)

Terminal and Environmental fee – Php 30.00

Boat Ride to the Malalison Island – The boat rental from Culasi to Malalison/Mararison Island  (back and forth)  is PHP 750 (good for 5 persons). The boat rental includes a boat tour around the island. If you are traveling alone you can go with other travelers for a fee of PHP 150/person.

Homestay –  Php 250/head

Cottages – from PHP 300 – up, depending on the size of the cottage

Trekking Guide – PHP 250/for every 4 persons. You will not be allowed to go on trekking without a guide.

Camping Tent – for the adventurous ones you can rent a tent for 250 (family size) PHP 150 (double)

Snorkeling Equipment – PHP 50/3 hrs

Cooking Fee – PHP 75-100/menu. Small eateries are also available on the Island and you can eat from PHP 50-100/menu

MALALISON ISLAND [ MARARISON ] Travel Guide + Homestays


Sunscreen – trekking during summertime and during noontime might be too hot.

Power bank – remember the generator only operates on a schedule.

Penlight – while you will be provided with some lamps during night time, it would still be best to bring a small one

Medicines – there are no drugstores on the island. Apart from your personal medicines, it would be best to bring some loperamide, paracetamol, etc.

Towel and Toiletries – most Homestays don’t provide towels and toiletries for their guests.

Stores are available the Island selling some basics like shampoo, soaps, bottled water, etc. Just bring your specialty drinks. I haven’t seen any sugar free sodas in most stores on the island. So bring your own, sugar-free dinks if you cannot live without it.

MALALISON ISLAND [ MARARISON ] Travel Guide + Homestays


 From Iloilo City

From Iloilo City, take the Ceres Bus bound for Culasi Antique. There are also vans at from Molo, Iloilo City that is bound for Antique. Travel time from Iloilo to Culasi may take approximately 5  hours covering 189 km.

 From Caticlan

If you are coming from Boracay, you will find buses at Caticlan Jetty Port bound for Culasi, Antique. Travel time from this place is approximately 2 hours covering 75.9 km.

From Culasi to Malalison Island

The moment you arrive Culasi, take the tricycle to take you to the port for Malalison.

Antique Mayor

We were awarded a Certificate of appreciation after Malalison Trip by the Municipality of Culasi. In this photo (L-R): John-John Sumanting, Municipal Information, and Tourism Officer; Tour Operator Maricar Dabao of Viaje Negrense; Mayor Jose Jeffrey Lomugdang, Yours truly and Claire Algarme of FirstTimeTravels.Com

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  1. Question. Do you have any contact for the homestays?

    And is it possible to do the trekking and snorkeling in a day?

  2. mark joseph panlilio

    good day!…My flight from manila is 12am to 1:15 am bound to planning to go to culasisi, antique is it possible? anu po sasakyan ko going there tnx po

    • Hi Mark, How to get to Culasi is in the post. kindly check. The moment you arrive at the arrived at the airport, you can take a taxi and ask the driver to drop you at the Ceres terminal bound for Culasi or take a van going to the city of iloilo, then take a taxi and ask the driver to bring you to the terminal going to Culasi.have a happy trip.

    • Question. Do you have any contact for the homestays?

      And is it possible to do the trekking and snorkeling in a day?

  3. Hello po 🙂 Can I visit Malalison just for a day? I will be visiting Boracay and Malalison will be my side trip before I go Iloilo. Thanks for the detailed information as always. God Bless!

  4. Such a helpful tips!

  5. Hello po may kontak po ba kayo sa boat?. I planned to visit Malalison this August 29 with my hubby and daughter following you blog. Pero wala pong kontak sa boat kayong nalagay. We will also visit Gigantes during this trip following your blog. It’s so informative and helpful. Thank you. More power.

  6. Leonard G. Adalid

    A nice blog very informative, with complete details to those planning to go there.

  7. Leonard G. Adalid

    An unsolicited suggestion, we invite the attention of our beloved Culasi Tourism Development and Local Government officials to add attraction to Mararison Island. with the nice skyline, we can consider to put up a ZIP LINE as come on tourist to go there. we can invite a local investor. Much better, ZIP LINE from Madja-as mountain to Mararison Island (a perspective ONLY).

  8. Rian Mae asildo Manliguez

    What’s the usual boat schedule leaving the island?

  9. Very helpful, thank you very much for this guide…This will surely make my future trip easy.

  10. Katrine Garcia


    What is the bus schedule from Iloilo to Antique?

  11. Ernestina

    Hi good evening, Is it possible to stay overnight in tent instead of home stay? And is it safe? Thanks..

  12. Jucel Mae

    Hi, just want to ask if much better po bang mauna yung kawa hot bath bago mag malalison? Thanks.

  13. what’s the earliest boat trip from Culasi to Malalison and latest trip when going from Malison to Culasi and if we plan to go to the kawa hot bath which would be better to go to Malalison first then to Tibiao we are from Iloilo so I can ask the bus terminal their earliest trip to Culasi ..thanks

  14. Hi, is it possible to rent a tent and be in a safe fenced location?

  15. Hi. I have read your blog and I find it helpful. I am planning to visit the place this May 2018, may I ask if what is the schedule of boats going to the Island? Are the boats available any time of the day?

  16. Hi! We’re planning to leave the island by 4pm heading to iloilo, are there any buses passing by culasi port, or much better bus terminal going to iloilo? Thanks!

  17. Hi jojo! Very helpful blog! Do you think a day tour would be enough to enjoy the beauty of the island? Thanks

  18. Hi Jojo,

    My flight arrives 10pm in Iloilo, I plan to head straight to Culasi, will there be bus or vans available that time?

    • Yes, you can.But you need to stay overnight at Roxas City maybe as there are no more boats going to Culasi at night.So I suggest getting a Bus going to Roxas City and get a place stay. From Roxas City, you can then proceed to Culasi early morning the following day.:)

  19. Melody malaggay

    Is it possible for us to go there if we travelling from iloilo this Saturday September 2,2017?we plan to take the trip 2pm in the afternoon.

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  21. Hi! Wonderful blog, very informative. Would like to ask if you have any contact person for the boat tour around the island, and for the trekking guide? Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Franz, any boat can do the boat tour. 🙂 They are actually scheduled so that each one will have the opportunity to have a client for the day. Enjoy your trip.

  22. Ning M. Cañas

    My parents are from Anini-y, Antique but we grew up in Manila, everytime we go on a vacation we bring our van via ro-ro, we are interested to visit and explore the Mararison Island, is there a place in Culasi where we can safekeep our vehicle while we are in the island. Thank you.

    • Hi Ning, yes right in front of the City Hall is a gated basketball court. That where we left our car when we visited Malalison. They just charge a minimal fee. 🙂 Happy Trip!

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