Undoubtedly, the gas price is skyrocketing with each passing day! The current price of gas is 15% more in the USA than what it was in the past.

Does it mean that you should stop traveling in your car? No! It doesn’t seem to be practical enough.


Moreover, as summer is in now, you just can’t give up your already planned road trips for the season. As it is one of the most buzzing travel traditions of America, the scary fuel prices shouldn’t be an obstacle in your path.

All that you are expected to do is just act a bit smarter!

Precisely, the following easy-to-go strategies will let you save on gas while still enjoying the amazing road trips with your family or friends.

Just have a look!

Drive Smartly

What is the actual definition of smart driving?

Well, it is nothing but the collection of such master plans through which you can get the best out of your car fuel. It is recommended that you should make it a habit to follow these strategies on a regular basis to spend less on gas whenever you are out for a road trip.

Which are these tricks?

Drive on a Consistent Speed

If you avoid hard barking and quick acceleration while driving, it will let you save on gas as you will use less. You should always make use of cruise control to maintain a constant speed, whether you are going uphill or downhill.

No AC at Lower Speeds 

If you are driving at a speed of less than 40 mph, it’s better to switch off the AC. If you open the windows, it might enhance the drag. However, it seems to be more fuel efficient in comparison to using AC.

Plan Your Trips Beforehand 

If you plan your trip before itself, you can effectively prevent any wastage of fuel.


When you will have an idea of where you are going for the trip, you can figure out some alternative shorter and not so busy routes to reach there. It will further let you use less amount of gas.

Proper Maintenance is a Must 

You might feel it daunting enough to visit the mechanic every week. Rather, you would prefer spending the same money on buying gas.

If it is so, that’s something irrational of course! To go to servicing is really essential to spend less on fuel. With a perfect tune-up and replacement of air and fuel filters at regular interval of time, you can enhance engine efficacy and boost the mileage of your car.

Remain Updated 

You want to save on gas while you are out for a  vacation in your car.


So, the landmarks where you can buy gas at a lesser price should be known to you. It will let you save a lot. Suppose, if you are living in Pacific Northwest, Murphy USA is one of such affordable gas stations in that area.

It offers a discount of $10-$15 per gallon while having a collaboration with the Walmart Gas Rollback program. Like this, there are many other such frugal places where you can buy your gas while spending remarkably less. So, make sure that you know about them, especially those which are nearby you.

Take Credit Cards Trickily 

There are many such credit cards available now which offer astounding cashback on gas purchases. This kind of cards is absolutely stupendous! For example, if you have an American Express Blue Cash card, it will give you 2% back on gas.

Also, almost all the gas stations offer various cards which give up to 5% of cashback. So, when you are having an objective of saving on gas, go for such cards. It will be definitely beneficial to you.

Pack Lighter 

The amount of luggage that you are packing is quite an important factor which can influence your expenditure on gas. The more you will carry, the lesser will be your mileage. So, try to pack very light. It will improve your mileage and thus you will have to spend less on gas.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that you are keeping all the stuff that you are carrying inside the car. If you end up placing them on the roof, it will create drag. Thus, there will be a zap in your speed.

With all the aforementioned tips, you can really save huge on gas while driving during a road trip. Additionally, there are some more stratagems to follow. They include learning from hypermilers, becoming a Billboard, using the specific mobile apps.

So, don’t wait anymore! Start following these tricks and I am sure you will end up saving literally huge on gas.

P.S.: Plan your next road caravan, let the gas price not break your bank.

About the Author:

Arina Thoggy is the marketing manager at, deals, and discounts provider company. She is passionate about money savings, investment and children psychology, and relationship. In addition, Arina also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people

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