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Tokyo, Japan: the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’

 Tokyo, Japan had always been the paragon of a modern city. It is rich, has the image to flaunt it, and has the capabilities to innovate and make its own distinct image from the rest. From the towering skyscrapers, flashy neon lights, noise, to the hustle which cumulatively makes a place truly urban by definition, Tokyo Metropolis has it all and even displays it with flying colors to the world.

Although commonly and loosely referred to as a “city,” technicalities point to Tokyo as both a prefecture and a city much to the confusion of a layperson, thus making it a “metropolitan prefecture.” Without arguments, this is a label that is truly unique only to Tokyo.

In retrospect, Tokyo, much like the rest of the world which had gone through their own evolution, had not always been the center of power and commerce for Japan. Once only a fishing village was known as “Edo,” the place which was eventually renamed as Tokyo did not gain the recognition as a seat of power until 1603 under the rule of Ieyasu. This, ultimately, culminates in the metropolis that symbolized Japan’s wealth and ability to innovate.


 Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide | Things to Do | Tourist Attractions

As a center of commerce, the city is unsurprisingly flocked with people who like to experience the amenities that are rife in an urban area. The greater metropolitan area is, in fact, so big yet so populated, it ranks as among the most populous metro in the world. But, minus the common problems attributed to densely populated areas in lesser developed countries.

As a place somewhat representative of the Japanese way of living in the city as seen in the media, the culture in the metro is actually more varied as dissected into multiple parts: electronics enthusiasts have a hub at Akihabara; traditionalists find comfort in the Imperial gardens and shrines at Chiyoda; and hyperactive youths find haven in Shibuya, et cetera.

This kind of subculture perhaps makes for a peculiar trait among Japanese people in general and could easily distinguish a person who grew from Tokyo from the rest of the country.

Yet, with that magnitude of diversity, this makes Tokyo an exciting place for anybody. If your particular interest is not yet realized, coming across it in the metro is as easy as hopping to a train and going from one station to another. There is always literally something for any person who is in the search for their interest.


 Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide | Things to Do | Tourist Attractions

For first-timers, the journey across the intricates of the metropolis can be an overwhelming experience. When the goings-on in the city is typically ruled by the ticking of the clock, rush hour displays a lot of frenzies which ranges from people walking in all directions and some packing up trains for transit.

But, like most tourists, the real enjoyment in experiencing the somewhat bizarre yet amazing metro like Tokyo is in basking in the unknown by foot. By yourself, the idea may be frightening. If with someone else, not as so. Getting lost while in the city is actually more fun and less worrying when all you wanted to do is explore.

Yet, of course, there is no denying of the benefit of having a guideline with your travel by planning an itinerary ahead of time.

Japan Visa

Listed in this link are the requirements and steps when applying for a Japan Visa.

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 Things to Do in Tokyo, Japan | Tourist Attractions



 Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide | Things to Do | Tourist Attractions

• Asakusa and the Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo, Japan

Aside from the obvious fact that this temple is famous for its artistic beauty, one thing that also makes this place unique is the different native or local items being sold nearby such as combs, engraved clips, mirrors, and the likes. It is as if going back to the old times and trading goods with the merchants for such valuable items.

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• Tokyo National Museum

The richness of history and culture may be seen by visiting this museum filled with ancient artifacts, all related to the origin and early civilization of Japan. Bring your kids with you as you go here because they will surely be amazed at how things progressed from the old times until now.


Nijubashi Bridge, Imperial Palace [ Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide | Things to Do | Tourist Attractions ]

• The Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan

Serving as the abode of the imperial family, which makes this place as a point of interest for the tourists is the park which was built during the 17th century. The old and at the same time everlasting beauty of the palace makes it perfect for the old park.

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• National Museum of Western Art

Albeit it is given that the Japanese are very fond of their art, they also manage to appreciate the beauty of foreign is just like those of the Western. They got here on display paintings and wood and metal carvings.


 Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide | Things to Do | Tourist Attractions

• The Meiji Shrine, Tokyo, Japan

This place is considered as one of the most religious sites, and therefore, people who visit this place are also expected to act in proper decorum like not being too loud or not taking photos to some restricted areas. This place is perfect for meditation or reflection.

• The Miraikan and Edo-Tokyo Museum

We all know that Tokyo is way advanced when it comes to technology. That is why they came up with an idea of putting up a museum to show what they are capable of inventing, and this is that museum. It aims to share the latest innovation in the country.


 Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide | Things to Do | Tourist Attractions

• The Tokyo Sky Tree

The high peak of this structure makes it ideal for those who are looking for another level of experience, do some sky walking or viewing right at the peak of this building! Better to do it at night to see all the lights of the city.

• The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

This place aims to promote and share all the works of all the artists in the place. They seek to share their gift of talent by making them part of a permanent art exhibit.

The Kabuki-za Theatre

 Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide | Things to Do | Tourist Attractions

• The Kabuki-za Theatre

Considered as one of the great theaters when it comes to different performances and better facilities, this place is something that you should not miss! Watch different presentations prepared by the team of presenters.

• National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, Japan

A combination of natural and scientific procedures, displays, and all other things make this place popular not only for the tourists but also to the locals who are interested in such a field. Learn new concepts in this place in a very interactive and enjoyable way.


 Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide | Things to Do | Tourist Attractions

• Ueno Park and Zoo

A relaxing and at the same time educational way of taking a break from the city would be to visit this park and zoo. Tag along with you your kids and let them enjoy the place as you sit back and relax.

• Ginza District, Tokyo, Japan

Shop until you realize that you exhausted all your money! Kidding aside, that scenario is not far from happening since you will find yourself so indulged with the shopping experience this place has to offer.


 Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide | Things to Do | Tourist Attractions

Tokyo, Japan Travel Itinerary

Let me share with you our 4 days and 3 nights travel itinerary in Tokyo, Japan very recently.

Day 1

7:40     Leave Cebu for Narita

13:10   Arrive at Narita Airport

14:15   Leave then proceed to the Hotel by a Private Car

16:00   Check in the Hotel

16:30   Leave the hotel for Shopping in Ginza

17:00   Shopping at a New Spot in Ginza: Don Quixote Ginza Honten, etc.,

19:00   Dinner at Ore no Grill Restaurant

20:30   Leave then go back to the Hotel

Day 2

Breakfast at the Hotel

9:00    Leave the Hotel for Sightseeing and Activities

9:40    Gold Fish Scooping Experience at Asakusa Kingyo

10:20  Shopping & Eat Around Marugoto Nippon

11:30   Lunch at Kyo Motunabe Kamehachi-Asakusa Restaurant(Kyou no Mochibuta Gozen)

12:40   Experience the Original Daruma Painting at Asakusa

13:30   Japanese Style Candy Making Experience at Ameshin-Asakusa

15:30   Merienda at Asakusa Kagetudou Honten Restaurant (Melonpan)

18:00   Leave Asakusa for dinner

18:45   Dinner at Ginza Isomura Restaurant (Kushikatsu)

20:30   Leave then go back to the Hotel

Day 3

Breakfast at the Hotel

8:00    Leave the Hotel for Sightseeing and Activities

8:30   Go around Toyosu Market and Shopping

10:00  Digital Art Museum Odaiba

12:00  Lunch at a Restaurant (Oyakodon/Tori Teishoku)

13:30 Hamarikyu Gardens (TBA)

14:00  Macha Experience at Nakajima Teahouse (TBA)

15:30  VR Experience at Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory

18:30  Leave then go back to the Hotel

19:00  Dinner at Shibaura Grill Restaurant (Grilled Pork Loin)

21:00  Leave then go back to the Hotel

Day 4

Breakfast at the Hotel

9:30    Leave the hotel then proceed to Narita Airport

11:00  Arrive at Narita Airport

11:30  Lunch at ShaHoden Restaurant-Narita (Chinese Food)

13:55  Leave Narita Airport for Cebu

18:30  Arrive at Cebu

Getting Around Tokyo, Japan

JR Yamanote Lines

Being a first-timer in Japan I found Tokyo’s railway transport system quite overwhelming. Even the Japanese can attest to these and those who had visited the place quite a few times already. So, if it is your first time in Tokyo, Japan I suggest that you choose a place to stay near the JR Yamanote  Line Stations for some reasons:

  1. Taxi are super expensive in Japan, taking buses can be confusing for first-timers, hence the train is the most practical and quite easy of all.
  2. The best and easiest way to to get around Tokyo is by Subway and trains.
  3. Buses are slow, hence this is not recommended if you are visiting only for a short period of time.
  4. JR Yamanote Line connects most major city centers in Tokyo.

JR Yamanote Line Hours

At 4:30 AM, the rail service starts operations until 1:30 am the next day. The trains serve every 2.5 minutes frequency during peak hours and 4 minutes for non-peak hours.

JR Yamanote Line Fares

Buy your tickets at the train station. Please be mindful that you must be using the right machine for the right train. For JR  Yamanote Lines,2 types of fares can be used. One is IC fare and the ticket and commuter pass fare. The train fares are distance-based. Starting from the minimum fare of 130 yen which covers three stations from the starting station where the ticket is purchased. If you are visiting various places in a day, it would be best to buy Tokyo 1-day Ticket for JPY 1,590.

JR Yamanote Line  Tips

Large guide maps are located in almost all stations to help the passengers find route information. Don’t be afraid to ask if you are confused. In case you traveled beyond the fare paid, you need to pay the remaining balance at the fare adjustment machines.

Where to Stay in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has a wide array of accommodation facilities that can cater to various kinds of travelers. You can click the link below to compare prices and see the amazing discounts offered by these hotels.



 Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide | Things to Do | Tourist Attractions

Fly Narita (Tokyo), Japan Via Cebu Pacific

Effective December 1, 2018, Cebu Pacific will have daily flights for Narita (Tokyo), Japan from Cebu International Airport.

For more visit, www.cebupacificair.com 

 Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide | Things to Do | Tourist Attractions

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 Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide | Things to Do | Tourist Attractions

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