Planning for any trip requires a lot of research and preparation, especially if you want cheap travel. Preparation includes reading various travel blogs and their reviews of the destinations; understanding the culture and the geographical conditions of the place; gathering the resources needed and much more.

I listed below, travel packing list I use when I travel alone. Traveling solo, I guess required more preparation as compared to traveling with a companion.

  1. Start booking your trip early

If you want to get a good plane fare deal, you better be booking your trip in advance. Most Airlines companies offer sale sets. To know about this promo, better register yourself on their websites to receive updates regularly.

  1. Prepare your itinerary

If you are traveling on a budget, a detailed itinerary is a must. This includes what ride to take and places to stay and eat. These are some of the reasons why I created many travel guide posts, simply because I wanted it to be used by future travelers to help them for their future travels.

  1. Travel Documents, Cash, and Credit Cards

If you are traveling abroad you will be needing, of course, a passport/visa (s).Make sure that your passport has more months left before it’s expiry date. Personally, I carry along with me a small shoulder bag wherein I can place all the necessary documents at hand. So weeks before my trip I made sure that my shoulder bag has been  ready and packed with the following:

  • Passport/visa(s)
  • Personal ID and government issued ID  – it would be best  to bring at least 2 valid IDs when traveling
  • Cash and credit card(s) – make sure to inform your bank about your trip. Most credit card companies will freeze your credit cards if they noticed an unusual transaction.While money changers are commonly found in most airports, it would be best to bring denominations of the country you will be visiting especially when your arrival falls at night.When Traveling to a remote island, make sure to research if ATM machines are available in the place.
  • Health insurance cards/document(s)
  • Travel insurance info
  • Reservations and itineraries – as mentioned above your itinerary must be detailed and must be kept handy.
  • Hotel and/or tour contact information
  • Transportation tickets (plane, train, bus, car, etc.) – I normally stored my e-tickets in my cellphone and tablet. However,  I made sure to keep a hard copy of my ticket just in case something happens to my gadgets especially if I am traveling abroad.Not only that, I also scanned all my important documents and email myself of these items so that when something happens I can still retrieve all important documents online.
  • Emergency contacts and important addresses


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a selfie stick comes as a useful tool to document beautiful memories when traveling. This photo was taken in Mae Fah Luang Garden , Chiang Rai Thailand

  1. Luggage and Hand-Carry Bag

Luggage and bags must be versatile and lightweight. When traveling locally, I simply travel with one backpack which contains all my clothes and a versatile camera bag which can hold my camera, and other travel and other important documents. This is so because sometimes when traveling for 3-4 days I don’t get any more tickets with check-in luggage to save further on costs.  Of course, I also bring some foldable bags just in case I buy something to bring home.

lakawon 1

Don’t forget to bring your swimwear for a possibility of engaging in an activity like this. (Photo taken at Lakawon Island Resort)

paoay sand dunes

Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen especially when traveling during summer time. The sunglasses and a scarf come as useful accessories. (This photo was taken in the Sandunes of  Ilocos)

When traveling for a quite long period of time and if I need to bring a  large suitcase, I also made sure to bring another  hand carry luggage which contains an overnight clothing and other important items .This is to make sure that I can still manage for a day or  in cases of a lost luggage.  This hand carry-on bag may contain items which will make you comfy especially if you are traveling to multiple destinations. Just remember to keep it light because this is a carry-on.


At Chiang Rai Airport, Thailand during the fam trip I joined  sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand

My usual carry-on bag contains  the following:

  • Mobile Phone and   chargers and power bank
  • Headphones (consider noise-reducing headphones if you’re sensitive to sound)
  • Camera and/or a video camera, memory card, selfie stick and charger
  • Electrical converters and adapters
  • Penlights
  • Travel journal and pen – I am a travel blogger, hence I always record important details of my trip
  • Travel guides, maps, language guides, etc. (most of these are available  upon arrival at your destination, put it in your carry-on)
  • Medicines – I usually bring some paracetamol, Diarrhea/laxative medicines, menthol oil (which I use for minor aches), anti-allergy medicines,   throat lozenges, Hydrocortisone cream/antibacterial ointment, Multivitamins
  •  First aid kit (bandages, gauze, adhesives, etc.)
  • Personal prescriptions (copies of scripts)
  • Sunscreen and Sunburn relief
  • Hand sanitizer or wet wipes
  • A small pack of Toilet Papers – trust me , many public  restrooms in some destinations don’t have any toilet papers.
  •  Motion sickness pills and vaccinations specific to the region/activity
  • Sunglasses

a nice rashguard will protect you from the scorching heat of the sun when engaging in activities like this. (Photo taken in Sipalay, Negros Occidental)

This photo was taken in Kerala,India being one of the bloggers in Kerala BlogExress 3 sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Kerala. Dri-fit shirt comes very usefull and practical because there were lots of walking and the environment was very humid

What To Put Inside Your Luggage

As a travel blogger, traveling means engaging in various activities which require a variety of gear  and clothing to pack. Here are important items you don’t want to forget:

  • T-Shirts – I preferred to pack mostly  dri-fit or polyester shirts because I sweat a lot . Besides polyester moves the sweat away from the body and it dries easily should you need to wash during your travel. I also choose neutral colors T-shirts which can go perfectly with my other pieces of clothing.
  • Shirts – a pair of neutral colored shirts will save you when you need to meet someone in formal dining or meeting places.
  • Pants and shorts – I normally travel in shorts but I do bring 1 or 2 pants just in case I need to attend a dinner in a formal restaurant.
  • Sweaters /Jacket – when traveling  in cooler places, a jacket is a must. But when visiting a tropical country during summer, you can set this aside. You can instead use your long sleeves as an additional  layer if you need to get  warm.
  •  Belt
  • Sleepwear – prefer wearing undergarment shorts or just simple underwear when sleeping. But I do bring some shorts in cases where I will be sharing a room with others.
  • Underwear
  • Scarf – a scarf is one versatile item which you should bring when traveling.
  • A swimwear/rashguard – you will not be allowed to wear just your underwear should you wish to use the pool in the hotel.Lol
  • Toiletry Bag. When bringing liquids and gels, bear in mind the airlines’ rules. Don’t forget the following when packing your toiletry case:
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash – just bring the travel size
    • Comb – actually, I don’t use comb because my hair is really short
    • Shampoo and conditioner – just bring the small ones, you will only be needing these when staying in economy hotels or inns
    • Personal hygiene items
    • Cologne/perfume
    • Hair products
    • Clothesline and detergent – some small hotels or inns doesn’t offer laundry services.
    • Shaving kit and
    • Sewing kit/clothing care kit
    • Insect repellent/mosquito net/sting reliever
  • Travel Footwear

A good pair of travel shoes needs to be versatile.  I normally  pack just two pairs of footwear , one pair of rubber shoes and one pair of slip on sandals. Unless I expect to attend a formal event, I don’t bring any more formal shoes. One of my favorite brands of shoes, I used when traveling is Skechers. They have a wide array of designs to suit to a variety of activities.

skechers-go-flex-walk-aviator, TRAVEL PACKING LIST

SKECHERS GO FLEX WALK – AVIATOR. This  shoe has a segmented sole design which gives the wearer ultra flexibility. Its sole and high-rebound cushioning are designed to absorb impact when walking. This sneakers also has  lightweight mesh and 3D print synthetic upper designed for  a nice fit. Stabilizing topsole layer were added for added support and comfort.

In my trip to Kerala, India, I used this Skechers shoes giving me so much comfort for the entire two-weeks trip. In this photo I am also using a polyester top and scarf which I found to be a versatile accessory

skechers collection , TRAVEL PACKING LIST

This nicely color coordinated products I picked from Skechers Store in Bacolod City are perfect for your next travel.

5. Travel Security

Being a travel blogger I am always on the lookout for pickpockets. I am extra careful especially if I am traveling alone. The  most convenient way to protect your valuables especially your cash/cards is to keep them hidden and close to you. You can  hide your valuables with a money belt or wallet that can be hung on your neck and hidden in your shirts.


Traveling light doesn’t mean that  you won’t be bringing the essentials items which will keep you survive and look presentable while in other places. It’s just being smart when packing. Bringing versatile items especially wardrobes can still make you look good even if you only bring a few pieces.

Did I miss something on this list? Please comment below and I will be more than happy hearing from you.

Have a Happy Trip !

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