Things to Do In Antique


Heres a list of the top 20 Things to do in Antique | Tourist Spots to help you plan out your trip to this underrated province in the Western Visayas


The beautiful province of Antique situated in Panay Island is one of the must-see places in a lifetime. Why? With the limitless opportunities and activities that the area has to offer, you should not think twice to heading here. The place may not be well-known, but as you go here, you will experience a different level of vacation.

Listed below are the top 20 things to do in Antique/ Tourist Spots:

 Homestay experience

Live like a local, experience the life of the people here, and you will undoubtedly learn a lot! Not to mention, the possible gift of friendship that you might develop with the locals.

Things to Do In Antique

Things to Do In Antique

 Mararison/Malalison Island  

This Antique Tourist Spot is located at Culasi Antique, the serenity which you could experience in this place is admirable. Find time to swim and enjoy the scenic sandbar view. Plus, this is just near Boracay! So, completing your trip here would be ideal.

Mararison Children’s Choir

How about listening to a set of angels with equally angelic voices? From Disney adaptation down to their local songs, you will undoubtedly be entertained to the fullest as you listen to their lively performances.

Bugang River  

Water activities such as kayaking and paddling are available here! Get to enjoy the river while on it and have a blast of adventure.

Things to Do In Antique

Things to Do In Antique

 Marrison’s View Deck Hiking  

How about enjoying the place from the top? Yes, this activity will give you a glimpse of how the site looks like from the top. Enjoy it and seize it! Plus, a view of the Malalison grassy hills is also satisfying.

 Seco Island Sunrise Cruise (Antique Tourist Spot)

Wake up early and ride a cruise. Witness the beauty of the sunrise as you begin a whole day of an adventure. Seco Island is famous for its beauty and sandbar attraction. Calm waters paired with a perfectly fine and powdery white sand, make this island a must-visit Antique Tourist spot. Fall in love with it as you enjoy the scenic views.

Malumpati Cold Spring  

This hot-cold spring is perfect during the hot season. Though the place may be crowded during those days, the area is still lovely and ideal for visitors. I might as well suggest visiting on weekdays than weekends to avoid too much crowd.

Things to Do In Antique

Things to Do In Antique

Tibiao’s Kawa Hot Bath and Fish Spa

Relax and indulge in Tibiao’s famous Kawa bath and Fish Spa. Just spend the rest of the afternoon here, and you will find the experience extraordinarily rejuvenating and relaxing at the same time.

Bagtason Loom Weavers

Get to watch how the weaving process takes place plus the production of exquisite and intricately designed shawls and scarves. Yes, this is for those who are best in the arts.

Hiking at General Fullon

Located at San Remigio, heading for a hike on the mountainous part of this place is for those who are extra-adventurous. You have to be strong and at the same time, strong-willed to carry out this activity.

Things to Do In Antique

Mamammia Italian and Filipino Restaurant

A fusion of these two cuisines combined into one restaurant seems to be a fantastic food trip adventure. Head to the Mamammia restaurant and get to try the different dishes prepared just for you.

Antique Rice terraces (Antique Tourist Spot)

Appreciate the beauty of the Antique Rice terraces by heading here and taking some fantastic photos. A life in the middle of a scenic place may seem to be simple and at the same time, rejuvenating.

Pandan Beach Resort

Ending your adventure by staying at this resort is perfect. You can get to rest your tired boy on their available comfortable rooms plus receive a complete service from the well-trained staff.

Things to Do In Antique

Patnongon’s Ruined Heritage Sites  

Back in time adventure?. Head to this place, and you’ll see the old structure which was built back in the Spanish era. These may be ruined but are still perfect for photo sessions for some old vibe themes.

Igbaclag Cave and Stone Castle  

The rainforest and at the same time Jurassic-themed vibe of the place is suitable for those who would like to find some time enjoying nature. The weather here is mostly cold, so this might also be suited during hot seasons or the summer times.

Rock Scrambling

Ready to take on a much scary adventure? Then head to Barangay Aningalan in San Remigio and get to try the rock scrambling! Endurance and strength are your partners in this activity.

Things to Do In Antique

Rafflesia Flowers

Also known as corpse flowers, these rare flowers are also found here. So, if you’re up for some discovery activity, go to Barangay Aningalan in San Remigio and get to see this flower species.

Igpasungaw Falls 

Hiking paired with swimming in scenic waterfalls. How does that sound? The waterfalls itself is spectacular that you will wish to stay for a longer time to fully enjoy the place and the view.

Saint Blaise at Sebaste Church ( Things to Do In Antique )

Known for being miraculous, including a church in your itinerary is never a bad idea. Head here and get to see face to face the awesome image.

Naranjo Water Park  

Another Antique Tourist Spot is the Naranjo Water Park.

Exotic kind of food? They offer ostrich, crocodile, and all other eerie types of food that might not be suited for picky eaters. Well, the place itself is beautiful, so heading here for sightseeing is already Satisfying.



Things to Do In Antique : Mararison Island

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Things to Do In Antique

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