Negros Occidental Tourist Attractions and Travel Guide


The Negros Occidental Travel Guide is an updated guide covering the best for each municipality and city around the province. The guides were created by a true blue Negrense who has first-hand knowledge about the places.


Negros Occidental is located in the western part of the Negros Island – Philippine’s fourth-largest island. It is the northwestern part of Negros Island; while Negros Oriental is the remaining southeastern. It is surrounded by the Visayan Sea, Panay Gulf, Tanon Strait, Negros Oriental, and the Sulu Sea. 13 cities and 19 municipalities are what comprise the province.

“Buglas” (which means cut-off) is the original name of Negros Occidental, however, during the Spanish colony, it has been changed to “Negros” due to the black natives that the Spaniards saw on the island. The island became a military district and has experienced an expansion in the economy when the population started to grow, so is the commerce of sugarcane. It was around 1890 when Negros Occidental got separated from Negros Oriental. Negros Occidental continues to grow its economy even during the American occupation as the province provides sugar in the US market. Since the early 1980s, economic and natural problems occur in the province causing it to be split into two different provinces but eventually united again in the year 1986. It was at the end of 1987 when the economy started to rise again.



Ever since the main source of economy of Negros Occidental is the sugar industry. In fact, the province is the source of sugar for almost half of the country which is why the place is said to be the “Sugarbowl of the Philippines”. Other industries/economies that Negros Occidental has are the fish industry, cottage industry, copper mines, oil factories, bottling plants, power generation, prawn culture, steel fabrication, aqua-culture ventures, agri-business, handicrafts, and BPO industries. The province earns an average of 3.332 billion PHP by 2014, and this is why it became the highest-earning province in the whole country at that said year.


Hiligaynon is the primary dialect of the locals while other spoken languages are Cebuano. Filipino and English are also used for official and educational purposes. Negrenses are how the residents of Negros Occidental are called. They mostly have a pure or mixed Austronesian heritage; while the minorities have Chinese and/or Spanish heritage.

Masskara Festival


The capital of Negros Occidental in Bacolod – which is considered to be the city with the highest population in the Western Visayas. Though Bacolod is considered the capital, it is independently governed from the province of Negros Occidental since it is a highly urbanized city. Bacolod is “The City of Smiles” on where you can meet the most friendly and hospitable locals in the country.

Around 1980, the sugar economy of Bacolod City, Negros Occidental suffered a great problem and to uplift the spirit of the locals and bring back the smiles that they are known for, a festival of a smile started – “MassKara Festival”. Masskara Festival is considered to be the happiest and colorful festival in the whole country. It is a month-long celebration that starts in the first week of October and will end on the fourth Sunday of the said month. Street parties, concerts, pageants, talent competitions, trade fairs, and food festivals are just a few of the many activities that can happen at this festival but the grandest event is the street dancing competition. The said competition gives a colorful environment due to the dancers’ colorful costumes and masks; Latin music is the rhythm that the dancers need to dance to.



Listed below are various travel guides and feature stories arrange according to the different cities and municipalities in Negros Occidental.



Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Being a capital city of the province of Negros Occidental paved the way for its development as a highly urbanized city. It is consists of 61 Barangays with a total population of 561,875 based on the 2015 census. One notable thing about the place is the hospitality of people as they welcome the tourists and visitors with warm smiles, this made the city well-known for being the “city of smiles!”

One event that is very famous in this place is the Masskara Festival that peaks every third week of October. The highlight of the festival is the street dancing, street party, and a lot more. More than that, there are a handful of places to visit in this city such as the Capitol Grounds and Lagoon, San Sebastian Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace, Pope John Paul II Tower, and Bacolod Public Plaza. Another imposing structure in the city is the Neoclassical Provincial Capitol Building which was constructed in 1927. The architectural design of the building was made to reflect the province’s stature as the wealthiest brought about by the sugar industry.

Don’t ever forget to bring food pasalubong with you as you journey back home because their Piaya and Napoleones are the best to take home.

The place is highly urbanized and home to some of the best hotels and restaurants in the province.

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Bago City, Negros Occidental

The City of Bago has a population of 170,981. It is considered as the “Home of Historical and National Treasures” due to its share of the colorful history of the entire province. It is as well as the “Boxing Capital” of the country because they were able to produce a handful of great boxers who competed not just locally but internationally. This place also serves as a sanctuary for the Irrawaddy Dolphin, an endangered species.

As to its tourist spots, it is a must to visit the Rafael Salas Park and Nature Center (perfect for the nature lovers), Buenos Aires Mountain Resort, Kipot Twin Falls, Pataan Mountain Resort, Tinago Mountain Resort, and Quite Place Farm Resort. If you noticed, most of the places are focused on resorts and falls, this is for the reason that they have the natural resources to build such spots without spending much. They were able to develop the place into an amazing haven for all the tourists. In short, this place is ideal for those who would like to spend their vacations with their families in experiencing the natural and unexploited beauty of nature.

Babaylan is Bago City’s major festival held every February of each year.

Listed below are guides to some of the tourist attractions in the City of Bago, Negros Occidental:

Binalbagan, Negros Occidental

The Municipality of Binalbagan is a 1st class municipality of Negros Occidental with a total population of 67,270 settlers and is divided into 16 Barangays. Thirteen of the Barangays are considered as rural while the remaining three Barangays are urban. The main source of living in this place is manufacturing and agriculture. The place is known for the Binalbagan Isabela Sugar Company and it also offers a way of living to the locals.
As to their festivities, they annually celebrate their fiesta on the 15th of May, “The Balbagan Festival”. They also have the celebration of the feast of San Isidro Labrador. Some points of interest located in the town are the Binalbagan Bridge, St.Isidore Church, Omot Falls, Locsin Ancestral House, Binadian Falls Tago-tago Falls, and the La Aplaya Beach.

Dinagsa Festival

Cadiz City

Cadiz City, Negros Occidental is a home for the 154,723 people who make a living mostly through fishing and the production of sugarcane. Its fertile land made it possible to flourish in the aspect of agriculture. They are also rich in marine resources allowing them to harvest seafood due to the strategic location of the place. Indeed, the place is very busy when it comes to making a living.

On the other hand, tourists may find serenity as they experience Lakawon Island. This is not an ordinary beach that you can see to the usual places that you travel. This white sand beach is simply perfect in its own ways. Tourists visit the place not only to swim and take photos but to also experience the quiet and peaceful vibes of the island. Another point of consideration to include in your vacation in this city is their Dinagsa Festival celebrated every January.


Calatrava, Negros Occidental

The Municipality of Calatvara is a 1st class municipality in Negros Occidental with a total population of 80,624 and is divided into 40 Barangays. They mainly celebrate two festivals which are the Lilas Pandan Festival (fiesta in honor of their patron saints) every 29th of June and the Kasadyahan sa Pasko, a celebration where people gather together in streets and share the spirit of Christmas through dancing, eating, and sharing of good and inspiring stories.

For the prominent places to visit in this town, they have the Wildlife Monkey Sanctuary and Eco-Park, Lat-ason Falls, Nalundan Underground Creek, Mahilum Cave, Cassandra Beach Resort, Loly Beach, Palau Beach Resort, Tala Beach, Ralph’s Bay Town House and Resort, Villa Camara, Eljoy Beach, La Maring’s Beach, and the Municipal Guest House.

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The Municipality of Candoni, a 4th class town in Negros Occidental, is the home for 21,789 people divided into a total of 9 Barangays. Synonymously, this town is also considered as the least populous town in the entire Negros Occidental province. They also have the yearly celebrations of two festivals, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes every 10th to 11th of February, and the Pabalhas Festival every 11th of February. As for the place to visit, they have the well-known Zone of Peace or the Sitio Cantomanyog, Sit-an Cave in Barangay East, and the Core Shelter Village.


Cauayan, Negros Occidental

The Municipality of Cauayan is a 1st class municipality with a total population of 102,165. Out of all the municipalities of the province of Negros Occidental, it is the most populated municipality.  It is divided into 25 Barangays which are divided into two as well, the coastal and the upland Barangays. The place is famous for the scenic beaches found in the area characterized by white sand, amazing limestone, and clear water. The source of living is also focused on two, fishing and agriculture. They also have high quality dried fish products that they export to other places.

They also have the Lubay-Lubay Festival and the Feast of St. Paul which happens both on the 25th of January. Some notable places of the area are the Punta Bulata Beach Resort (sandy white beach), Danjugan Island (a marine sanctuary and is a favorite of foreign divers) and the Suha cave (filled with stalagmites and stalactites).

Danjugan Island Travel Guide

Don Salvador Benedicto

Don Salvador Benedicto

The Municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto is a 4th class municipality in Negros Occidental with a total of 25,662 settlers and is divided into 7 Barangays. Being hailed as the summer capital of the Negros Occidental, the place is visited not only by local tourists but also with foreigners. People would love to enjoy the serene and peaceful environment aura of the place over the other nearby towns and cities.

Yearly, they celebrate the Kali-kalihan festival every 2nd of February which aims to uplift and promote their cultural heritage. Some of its famous landmark are the Viewing Deck or also called as Lantawan (a view of the Malatan-og waterfalls), Villa Ica (a natural man-made place perfect for those who would like to hibernate from the busy life of the town), and Pine trees( witness the beautiful line of pine trees that stretches up to 1.7 kilometer).

E.B. Magalona, Negros Occidental

The E.B. Magalona (Enrique B. Magalona) Municipality or previously known as “Saravia” is a 2nd class municipality in Negros Occidental. They have a total population of 62,921 and it is divided into 23 Barangays. As of the history of the places’ name, it was anchored on the former senator of the country, Enrique B. Magalona (grandfather of Francis Magalona).

They celebrate the Ugyonan Festival every 1st of May which aims to celebrate Labor Day since their patron saint as well as Saint Joseph the Worker. The prominent landmarks of the place are the Man-made Rice Terraces, Battle of Guintabuan, Century-old Mangrove, Dabo-Dabo Falls and the Bat Sanctuary.



Bonista Resort, Escalante City

Escalante City

The City of Escalante is considered as a 4th class city in  Negros Occidentalconsisting of 21 Barangays and with approximately 94,070 population. This place is unique compared to the other cities of Negros Occidental because it has a coastal environment teeming with life. This is evident through the sprout of many diverse plants with two ecosystems (formerly three). The first one is the mangrove that is made up of a variety of trees and shrubs which is located in the land area of the coast. On the other hand, they also have another ecosystem, the seagrass, located in the nearshore area of the coast. Unfortunately, there is only limited manifestation of the previous ecosystem, the coral reefs.

More than the marine life that they treasure, there are also two distinct spots found in the city. First is the Mt. Lunay, a mountain that is well-known for local hikers. Second is Jomabo Island, a place where tourists flocks to enjoy the scenery of the two existing ecosystems and at the same time enjoy the great things the island has to offer. The City may not be as advanced as the others in terms of scenic spots but they are leading in terms of preservation of their existing ecosystems, and that is something really unique and admirable about the City.

Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental

Himamaylan City as a place situated in the center cove of Negros Occidental is consists of 106,880 settlers whose main source of living is focused on different types of seafood due to their coastal location. Their specialty harvest other than the fish are the oysters, mussels, and shrimps, something that not all the cities of Negros Occidental have. The deepwater of the place is perfect for access to the different marine vessels for a variety of purposes.

Not only they are rich in marine resources but they are also into agriculture due to the fact that they are gifted with fertile land. This makes it easier for them to plant, cultivate, and harvest different plants which they sell to the other parts of the province. The place that they are proud of in this place is the New Himamaylan Coliseum, which is intended as a gathering place for different events and festivities.



Sta. Maria Magdalena Church, Hinigaran


The Municipality of Hinigaran is a 1st class municipality in  Negros Occidental with total settlers of 85,602 and is divided into 24 Barangays. They have the famous landmarks such as the Century-old Church (famous for its Romanesque Architecture), Senator Esperidion Guanco Bridge, Old Church Convent, Rizal Park (with World War II Soldiers Statues), Paradiso Beach Resort (a class resort with multiple amenities), Talabahan Plantation (focused on oysters), and the Canonoy Beach Resort (perfect for family outings).

Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental

The Municipality of Hinoba-an is also a 1st class municipality in Negros Occidental with a total population of 56,819 and is divided into 13 Barangays. They make use of the language listed in the Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino, the Minagahat Language. Such language is essential for the people of the town because they would like to preserve their old culture and arts using this language.

They have the Pagbanaag Festival which aims to have a day of merry-making. The place is also home to of many landmarks such as the Salvacion Cave (it has natural covered pools which are perfect for those who would like to go for a day swimming), Ubong Cave, Happy Valley Beach Resort (high-class resort with modern and imported facilities), and the Brazaville Resort (simple yet affordable resort perfect for those who would like to have beach celebrations or gatherings).


The Municipality of Ilog is a 2nd class municipality with a total population of 57,389 and is divided into 15 Barangays. The reason for the place being named as “ilog” is because it is surrounded by the longest river of Negros Occidental. They also have the celebrations of three amazing events, the Kisi-Kisi Festival, Feast Celebration, and the Ilog Talaba Festival.

The Kisi-Kisi Festival is a street dance parade and competition that aims to give tribute to the gift of marine resources of the town. The feats celebration, on the other hand, aims to celebrate and honor Senor Santo Nino as their patron saint. While the Ilog Talaba Festival is perfect for those who are fond of eating because this is a competition of eating all you can oysters. They have three landmarks which are the Mt. Kanlaon, Dancalan Cave System (divided into three caved, the Cueva Kabog, Cueva Tubig, and the Cueva Intsik), and the Andulauan Bird Sanctuary (a safe haven for the migratory birds).

Isabela, Negros Occidental

The Municipality of Isabela, a 2nd class municipality in Negros Occidental which consists of 62,146 people and is divided into 30 Barangays. In their desire to come up with a celebration that they could be proud of, they came up with the idea of the Tigkalalag Festival. They annually celebrate this and it is something unique to all the festivals. This is for the reason that this celebration peaks every all souls day and they have a variety of activities inclined to this. They have horrific presentations at the streets with ghosts’ characters and they end it with a pageant that aims to hail a winner labeled as “White Lady”.

Ultimately, the places to visit in this town are the Glory Hill (a hill most visited during Holy Week as a form of pilgrimage), Ancestral House of the Miranda Family, Century-old Bell, and the Lima-lima Falls.



Kabankalan City

The City of Kabankalan, Negros Occidental is divided into 32 Barangays with a total population of 181,977, which makes it second to Bacolod City in terms of population. Just like the other cities, this city is focused on two primary sources of living, agriculture and marine life. More than that, they also serve as hosts of three major festivals of the province. First is the Kabankalan Sinulog which peaks every 3rd Sunday of January, they celebrate this event simultaneously with the celebration of Sinulog in Cebu. Second is the Udyakan sa Kabankalan, and Lastly, the Charter Anniversary.

The City is also rich when it comes to tourists’ spots, they are proud to have the Mag-Aso Falls, Balicaocao Ecological Park, and Hagdanan Cave. The local tourism of the City exerts effort in order to further develop and enhance the tourists’ spots they have so as to attract more visitors.

Pasalamat Festival

Pasalamat Festival, La Carlota City

La Carlota City, Negros Occidental

The City of La Carlota, Negros Occidental or formerly known as “Simancas” is consists of 14 Barangays with a total population of 64,469. Due to the small number of population of the city, it is also considered as the last city in the province in terms of the number of settlers.  Being a landlocked area, the primary form of living in this place is mostly agriculture, divided into two, planting/ harvesting of crops and tending of animals.

Just like the rest of the country, the climate here is also divided into the dry season (January to May) and the wet season (June to December). The place is also a haven of many tourists’ spots such as the La Granja Agricultural Research Center (a place for those who would like to learn more about agriculture), Central Azucacera de La Carlota or also known as the Iron Dinosaur, Guintubdan Pavilion, Muscovado Sugar Mill Brick Chimney Ruins, Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park, ECJ Durian Farms, Haguimit Hill Top Resort, Le Grand Dairy Products, Paraiso Masulog Spring Resort, Catholic Church of Our Lady of Peace, and the Lenten special Good Friday re-enactment, the Kalbaryo. Given the many activities to do in the city, it is inevitable to see foreigners moving around the city at any time of the year.

La Castellana


The Municipality of La Castellana, Negros Occidental is a 1st class municipality divided into 13 Barangays with a total population of 74,855. With its location situated at the bottom of the Kanlaon Volcano, this provided the town with a lot of natural resources and advantages such as natural hot springs as well as scenic waterfalls. The source of living of people in this town is focused on sugarcane, and farming of rice and banana.

They also celebrate yearly the Bailes de Luces every 5th of January (a street dancing competition), Banana Festival every April (showcasing the variety of Banana) and Senior San Vicente Ferrer Feast Day whereas tourists along with devotees attend for enjoyment and for healing purposes. As for the landmarks or place to visit, they also have a number of places which attracts the tourists. They have the Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park Administration Center (a man-made forest), Caduhada Spring Resort (the water is said to have therapeutic and healing features), Tulo-Tulo Cave (source of spring water), Hda. Luisa Farm and Resort (botanical paradise with an amazing view of the Mount Kanlaon), Mandayao Twin Falls (health spa), Tikoy-tikoy Spring Resort (resort with mini-zoo and variety of tree species), Baji-baji Spring Resort (big and small pools with fresh spring water), and the Mandayao Shell Cave (beautiful scene of stalactites).

Bailes de Luces


Manapla, Negros Occidental

The Municipality of Manapla is a 2nd class municipality in Negros Occidental divided into 12 Barangays and with a total population of 54,845 people. The town is famous for producing high-quality delicacy called puto. They annually celebrate the Pinta Puto festival every 15th and 16th of August which aims to promote their special delicacy. The famous landmarks of the town are the Chapel of the Cartwheels, Ancestral Home of Gastons (American Colonial Architecture), Seaside Beach Resort, Balulan Beach Resort, and Ceferina Beach Resort.

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Moises Padilla

The Municipality of Moises Padilla, Negros Occidental a 3rd class municipality is divided into 15 Barangays with a total population of 41,386 people. The place is rich with dairy products as well as animals which makes it their primary source of living. They export dairy animals to other parts of the entire Negros Occidental.

One good thing about the place is that it offers an amazing view of the perfect cone shape Kanlaon Volcano. They also have an existing natural spring at the center of the town whereas they try to maintain it organically as much as possible. They do not make use of any chemical and other scientific resources to maintain and clean the natural spring. They celebrate the Magayon Festival whereas the people dress imitating any livestock animals which can be found in the town. The place which deserves a visit is the Ang Turuban sa Balanhigan (resort), Old Municipal Building (historical place because it was built in the year the 1950’s), Japanese Barracks (historical place during the World War II), and the Kaitulari Eco-Tourism Zone.


Mambukal Mountain Resort

Mambukal Mountain Resort

Murcia, Negros Occidental

The Municipality of Murcia, Negros Occidental is a 1st class municipality divided into 23 Barangays with a total population of 81,286 people. They have the Mudpack Festival every 3rd week of June which happens at the Mambukal Resort. This festival primarily aims to promote awareness of nature and of the environment. Another is the Tinabuay Festival which functions as a celebration of harvest and thanksgiving as well as a celebration of the feast of their patron saint, the Immaculate Conception.

Mambukal Resort (natural springs), Bacolod Golf and Country Club, Calibago River Resort (perfect for those who would like to go for a camp), Pandanon Silos Mountain and River Resort, Barangay Sta. Rosa (the specific place where the Japanese soldiers surrendered to the Americans at the end of World War II), and the Hacienda Kaftrees are some of the perfect places to visit in town.


The municipality of Pontevedra, Negros Occidental is a 3rd class municipality divided into 20 Barangays with a total population of 51,866 people. Mostly, the way of living of people in this area is through fishing. The town proper or poblacion of the town is famous for the newly renovated St. Michael the Archangel Parish near the Saint Michael Academy. The place offers a great view of the Panay Gulf, Guimaras, and Panay.

More than that, they also have the Gallera de Pontevedra (cockfighting arena), Sugbahan sa Punong (relaxation and recreation site), Balangingay Beach Resort, Caingin Beach Resort. Anchorville Beach Resort and Galve Beach Resort are placed that you will surely do not want to miss as you journey in this town.

Pulupandan, Negros Occidental

The municipality of Pulupandan, Negros Occidental considered as the smallest town in terms of area in Negros Occidental, is a 3rd class municipality divided into 20 Barangays and with a total population of 27,735 people. It also has an available port for RORO vessels leading to the Guimaras province. They have the yearly Salapan Festival, a celebration featuring different tournaments such as fishing, boxing, and football to name a few.

The two iconic places to visit in this town are the Green Beach Liberation Stone Marker (landing of the American liberation) and the Jewels Restaurant (fishing your own food to eat).




Sagay City

The City of Sagay, Negros Occidental is consists of 146,264 settlers divided into 25 Barangays. The name of the place was derived from the word “sigay”, a shell found in the place. The source of living in the place is focused on harvesting different types of fish. Aside from that, they also have a share of agriculture in the middle part of the city. The place is well-known to neighboring cities and municipalities due to its different points of interest. People from other places find themselves traveling to this place to experience a variety of adventures.

They have the Sagay Marine Reserve, Suyac Island Mangrove Eco-Park, Museo Sang Bata sa Negros, Sagay City Garden, and Living Tree Museum, Margaha Beach, Panal Reef, Himoga-an River Cruise, Our Lady of Rosary Church, and the Cabiao Cave as some of their tourists place.


Sipaway Island, San Carlos City

San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

The City of San Carlos, Negros Occidental is the home of 132,536 people divided into 18 Barangays. This place may be considered as a busy city because of a variety of factors, number one is that it serves as a departure point for those who are going the Cebu City. Another reason is that it has a 40km coastline and a part of it is developed into a port by the government. This way, the place serves as a venue for imports and exports of local goods in the area.

The tourist spots are divided into two, the natural attractions and the man-made attractions. For the natural spots, they have the Sipaway Island (perfect place for get-away of the family), Prosperidad Hills, Alinsyawan Falls, Mabuni Hot Sulfur Spring, and the Cave LapusCentury-Old Balete in Sipaway. For the man-made attractions, they have the People’s Park, Codcod Rice Terraces, Pabu-olan Clay Pottery, SCBI Bioethanol Plant, Whispering Palms Resort, City Wharf, and the La Basilia White Sand Resort among the few.

San Enrique

The municipality of San Enrique is a 4th class municipality in Negros Occidental divided into 10 Barangays and with a total population of 23,907 people. The place is famous for its delicious delicacy called buko pie. They have the annual Bukang-bulang Festival every 2nd to 9th of February to give recognition to the fowl industry of the place. Additionally, they have the Annual Town Fiesta every 9th of February to honor their patron saint Nuestra Senora de Candelaria.

The tourists’ attractions of the place are the Our Lady of Candles Parish Church, Las Olas Beach Resort, Soleo Beach Resort, Gregory Beach Resort, Barangay Tibsoc Wetland 2004 Min-Winter Bird Count (bird watching of 12 migratory birds), Kamunsil Integrated Farm, and the Tignanam Tree.



San Diego Pro-Cathedral, Silay City

Silay City, Negros Occidental

The City of Silay, with a total of 16 Barangays and 126,930 settlers, has been one of the famous cities in Negros Occidental. The reason for being is that it is considered and labeled as the “Paris” of   Negros Occidental because of its richness in heritage sites, cultural shows, and artists. They also have a small fishing port making it easier for local fishermen to sell their goods not only to their immediate markets but to those who are getting supplied from their city.

Some of the events that tourists look forward to in this city are the Cine Kahirup (a film-making content) and the Hugyaw Kansilay Festival (an annual festival showing the progress and development of the city). To add more, there are also places that deserve a visit in his City. For example, they have the Balay Negrense Museum, Hofilena Heritage House, San Diego Pro-Cathedral, Bernardino Jalandoni Museum, Silay Public Plaza, Tinagong Dagat, and Malisbog Waterfalls. Indeed, the place is a combination of old and as well as a new culture making it a good place to visit.



Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

The City of Sipalay, Negros Occidental is home for 70,070 people and is divided into 17 Barangays. It is well-known for its pristine beaches making at as the New Boracay, to name a few beaches they have the Dive Center in Nataasan Beach Resort, Campoquino Bay, Punta Ballo Beach, Perth Paradise Resort, Tinagong Dagat, Campomanes Bay, Punta Ballo Parrot Farm, Sipalay Food Park, Sugar Beach, and the Poblacion Beach. The place is fitted to those who would like to experience a different level of beach hopping as well as diving.

Aside from the beaches, they also have the Mariculum Mine, a once flourishing mine site that was shut down and now serves as a tourist spot since it looks like a big lagoon. They also celebrate a festival called Pasaway Festival every 31st of March which celebrates the abundance of copper in the place.


Talisay City

The  City of Talisay is a home for 102,214 individuals divided into a total of 27 Barangay. Although the place is being confused by many as the Talisay of Cebu, the Talisay of  Negros Occidental also has distinct features that make it different from the other. The place is known for the two major tertiary universities, they have the Technological University of the Philippines-Visayas (TUP-V) and the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College, Main Campus.

Uniquely, a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company named iQor opened the first-ever call center company in the city two years ago (2016). This establishment added so much to the growth and progress of the place as a City. Some of the places being traveled by the tourists are The Ruins, Bantug Lake, Malatan-og Falls, and the Old Mambulac Pier. In the coming years, we can still foresee a better and more developed city in this place.

Toboso, Negros Occidental

The municipality of Toboso is a 3rd class municipality in Negros Occidental divided into 9 Barangays with a total population of 42,114 people. Unfortunately, the town is labeled as the poorest municipality in the entire Negros Occidental. This is due to the reason that the growth and progress of the economy in this place is slow. This may be brought by the fact that there are only limited business establishments and work opportunities in the area. Inhabitants of this town usually depend on sugarcane and farming. Other than that, there is also a noticeable number of settlers here who chose to go to neighboring towns and cities to find a job.

They celebrate the Sag-ahan Festival which aims to give thanksgiving and praise for all the blessings that have been given to them yearly. Some of the attractions are the Kevin’s Reef, Mainit Hot Spring, Kampanoy Cave, Dalisun Falls, and the Trangkalan Cave.


Valladolid, Negros Occidental

The municipality of Valladolid, Negros Occidental is divided into 16 Barangays with a total population of 37,833 people. As to their celebration, they have the Humay-Humay Festival as a form of thanksgiving for the good harvest. This is also to honor their patron saint, Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe.

The notable places to visit are the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (biggest church in the province), Balay Dolid (ancestral house), Sunset Boulevard, Century-old Acacia Haven, Relic of an 18th Century Graveyard, Fruit Stand by the Highway, Highway Food Park, Tabao Fish Valladolid  Food Court, and the Tabao Weavers Association (TWA).

Victorias City

The City of Victorias in Negros Occidental is divided into 26 Barangays with a total population of 87,933 settlers. The place is well-known because it has the worlds’ largest sugar mill, the Victorias Milling Company. Additionally, the place also serves as a starting point for the hikers and tourists who would like to go to the Northern Negros Natural Park, Mount Mandalagan and Mount Silay.

Situated in this place is St. Joseph the Worker Chapel, an important cultural property of the National Museum of the Philippines. Of course, the journey to this place will not be complete without taking the experience to their unique festivals.  The Kadalag-an Festival every 21st of March (Charter Anniversary), the Malihaw Festival every 26th of April, and the Kalamayan Festival every month of December (a tribute to sugar farmers). Because of the fact that their main source of living is inclined to sugarcane, the tourist spots of the place are also related to it, places such as Gawahan Ecological Park and the Penalosa Farm.


Negros Occidental is so big to explore thoroughly in just a few days. So you can just pick what you wanted to visit if you are visiting only with limited time.  There are itineraries in various guides included in some of the Municipalities and Cities Listed above.

Recently, the author joined a media trip organized by the Tourism Department of Negros Occidental.  This fam trip was organized in connection with the Silver Panaad Festival. You can use this itinerary as a guide.

4-Day Negros Occidental Tour (Included Places: Bacolod City, Silay City, Kabankalan City Murcia (Mambukal Mountain Resort), Sipalay City,  Bago City, Manapla and Victorias City)

Day 1 – Negros Occidental Trip

8:00 AM Estimated time of arrival in Bacolod-Silay Airport
Breakfast in Silay City
Proceed to Sipalay City, Negros Occidental (with a stopover in Kabankalan City)
12NN Lunch
1:30 PM Coastal tour (Campomanes Bay and Punta Ballo Beach)
6:00 PM Dinner

Day 2 -Negros Occidental Trip

8:00 AM Leave for Danjugan Island via Punta Bulata (
Island tour
12NN Lunch
2:00 PM Leave for Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
6:00 PM Estimated time of arrival in Mambukal Resort

Day 3 -Negros Occidental Trip

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM Tour of the resort
10:30 AM Leave for OISCA Silk Farm in Bago City
Check out the reeling station, weaving area, etc)
11:30 AM Leave for May’s Garden (an organic farm tourism site) in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
12:30 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Hotel check-in
3:00 PM Proceed to Panaad Park and Stadium for the Panaad Opening Ceremonies
Festival Dances Competition
7:00 PM Dinner with the Governor at the Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City

Day 4 -Negros Occidental Trip

8:30 AM Check out the Destination Pavilion at the Panaad Park and Stadium
10:00 AM Proceed to Manapla
Tour of Hacienda Rosalia (chapel, ancestral house, Hacienda Crafts)
12:30 PM Lunch at Gaston Ancestral House
2:00 PM Leave for Victorias City
Tour of the milling compound and the Church of St. Joseph the Worker
Snacks at Penalosa Farms
4:30 PM Leave for Silay City, Negros Occidental
Running tour of Silay’s Ancestral Houses
6:00 PM End of tour



  1. John Mark Cupang

    The Masskara festivalis approaching, i would start a business in the ngc/downtown area, because that area is where the people goes, and i know masskara festival is very crowded, i would say that i will start in a week before Masskara, and it will be a beverage’s & food’s because there is lot of people in that day of Masskara and it will be a clear vision of business idea

  2. Jeran H. Villanueva BSEN 1A

    Negros Occidental or they may call it “Land of Sweet Surprises”, as an entrepreneur I can just tell by the article there are lots of opportunity

    If I were to be a business consultant and they asked about advice on what to do, I would give them key points about “events” in different areas of Negros Occidental

    As we speak right now “Masskara Festival” is taking part and it’s majestic, as a viewer I am in awe about the festival. As an entrepreneur it’s best if you started selling items that are themed on the same environment as you do.

    If you sell flower pots:
    • Make Masskara Designed pots
    • Make colorful designed pots
    • Make creative innovation to your product

    Here is the thing, you have to plan this early because you have to think advance, because if you do this while the festival is currently happening… you might just give up because you will probably finished the products when the event is done. So plan it early and make a schedule to execute it.

    After doing your plan, when things are done and ready to be displayed,
    MAKE THE PRICE HIGHER, because this is the time were the demand is really high, I am not saying scam people, I am telling you to take advantage of the opportunity you are currently dealing with.

    Once that is done, whether sold out or not your profit margin will increased through the roof compared to your last 6 months profit margin data sheet.

    Lastly, We are increasing net income right here, even though revenue is important but in this context the net income is objectified to increase and it’s almost a guarantee.

    In conclusion taking advantage of this certain circumstances will not only benefit your income but your overall business health, because by the end of the year your going to have so much capital compared to your last year’s balance sheet and with that large amount of capital you can reinvest everything in your business to make it a powerhouse of a business.

    -Jeran H. Villanueva BSEN 1A

  3. Ezraellah Espida

    If I were a business consultant, I would advise the entrepreneurs in the province to establish their own brand. For example, I’d get the opportunity to meet restaurant owners. I would tell them to create something that is out of the ordinary, something that is new and innovative. In addition to that, I think it would also be exceptionally good if there is market demand to the products they’re selling. The masskara festival can be seen as a business opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs especially in the food sector. The restaurant owner’s that i mentioned can check out other peoples dishes. With this, they can explore more and get to know their competition so that they can reassess their decision making skills.

  4. Shiela Mae Canete

    Since Masskara festival is approaching, many of the tourist will be visiting bacolod soon and i think of putting something not new but a different venture since Masskara is a short term event, I will be planning of setting up an open air space for my “Masskara Pabugal karendirya” set up, which I will be offering the main course of each cities in negros to let the tourist experience the best we have in negros.

  5. Mark Daniel M.Cordova

    For me the product i will sell in masskara is food products and drinks in a cart.

  6. Tristan Gabriel G. Laguda

    If I were a business consultant, I would advise to entrepreneurs in the province that they really need to sell really plenty of bottled water, because Masskara Festival is mostly excessive heat and it might someone get heat stroke.


  7. Marianne Antonille M. Ape BSEN 1A

    My advise to entrepreneurs would be to set forth in joint ventures— applicable to small or growing businesses— to affiliate themselves with existing entities participating in the festival is beneficiary for both entities. Notably that this year’s maskara festival is the grandest considering its comeback after the 2 year halt due to the pamdemic. For the entity to involve themselves with the continuing establishments with ongoing production or manufacture of their products.

    In line with my answer from the prior question my business idea would be a standing bar. In relevance to the recent opening of the month long tanduay fest, the standing bar is a potential attraction spot during the festival. Here, entrepreneurs can tap up professionals or baristas from local bars that have undergone trainings. One of the primary goals of the business is to imrpove the lives of the community, hence, I see this business idea as a win-win situation for the entity and the persons involve.

  8. Alexei Santos BSEN 1A

    Masskara Festival is one of the most awaited and main events in Bacolod City. As a business consultant, the businesses that the entrepreneurs in the province can explore are food and beverages, souvenirs or building photo booths. For food and beverages, the tourists would want to try local delicacies, as well as having “inasal” or “sugba”. They can also try brewed coffees that the beans are made from different cities of Negros Occidental. Moreover, we all know that tourists always bring home something from their vacation. That is why, selling souvenirs such as handmade products of bracelets, necklaces, anklets, bags, pouches, wallets, masskara masks, or small statues can be a nice business to engage in. Lastly, nowadays, people are fond of taking pictures wherever they go as they can keep memories of their trip. Therefore, a self photo studio can be a good business opportunity to explore. These automatic photo booths are now a trend to people, especially tourists and teenagers as they can be able to choose their own props or costume and masskara-themed backgrounds for their photo. At an affordable price per photo strip, they can take and enjoy as many times as they can. Hence, these are some of the business opportunities that the entrepreneurs can explore.

  9. Dean Jason Dy

    I would advice entrepreneurs to put up coffee shops because coffee is essential for other people. Most people cannot start the day without coffee.

  10. Ryan Gabriel V. Japitana BSEN1A

    Food stalls, restaurants, or eateries are one of the business opportunities that entrepreneurs can explore and engage with during the event. It is common for both locals and tourists to attend events like the Masskara Festival, and as a result, it can become extremely crowded. There are times when we find a number of shops and restaurants packed with customers, leaving no room for more. Running a food stall or restaurant during an event like this is a great business opportunity because it can attract more consumers who are struggling to find a place to dine comfortably.

  11. Elizabeth T. Famoso

    if you are a business consultant, what would you advise to entrepreneurs in the province?
    -if i were a business consultant, i advice to the entrepreneurs in the province is to build a business full of needs of people such as ingredients of food, school supplies and etc. Since province is far from the capital of the country which is capital of the country is complete of resources while province lacks of resources.

    what business opportunities they can explore or engage related to event?
    -Business opportunities they can explore or engage related to the event is beverage shop. For passers-by, visitors, and who came to event to stay hydrated.

  12. Jesmarie Cheng

    The Mr. Donut business can use the opportunity in selling their products during the Masskara Festival especially since Bacolod City is known for being wealthy in their sugar industry in which the business mostly sells their sweet donuts. And the business needs a promo that will not only attract but also encourage the tourists to acknowledge the event and leave with something memorable. And if Iʼm a business consultant, I would advise the entrepreneurs to have a small food stand near or in the event and give a discount for a drink like iced tea along with a free tumbler for every 1 box of dozen donuts they choose to buy, preferably the Classics and Bavarians, or for 1 box of 30 pieces of Smidgets. I advised the discount only for the drink because Bacolod City is also known for very hot weather especially during a big event. While a simple tumbler can be used as a souvenir for tourists with “Masskara Festival” designs for something to remember by.

  13. Jestin M. Teodoro

    If I were a business consultant in Bacolod, I would advise entrepreneurs to try our local delicacy, chicken inasal.
    Because Bacolod has some of the best chicken inasal in the Philippines.

  14. Ferlie Mae Lall BSEN 1-A

    As a business consultant I would advice business owners/entrepreneurs to showcase all their native delicacies and some of their best signature foods/kakanins and even drinks during the festival. In this way people who will be watching the performances shall stop by and see the variety of products from food stalls, drinks and even their own arts and crafts like keychains, magnets and stuff. I would also suggest for them to decorate each of their own assigned places their own interpretation of the Festival.

  15. Kisatchie Aclaro

    As a business consultant I would advise to entrepreneurs in the province is first to improve their performance and achieve their goals. I will consult and recommend them to be confident about their product. To not burn money, use limited sources, work with less manpower, being productive and focus on customer satisfaction. Since Masskara Festival is well known in the country it is expected that there will be plentiful and honorable guests coming to witness this magnificent event not only from this Negros Island but others came internationally. The products that they would produce and share to the consumers or buyers are those products that are commonly be seen and well known for the event. It will be great if you are nostalgic and symbolistic about the product that inclines to the event specifically that Negros is well known for sugarcane and other crops why not focus the sugarcane and make it as part of the food production due to the fact that it is a rich source of food that has fuel and good chemicals which can also help aid cancer cells from its anti-cancer nutrients.

  16. Bryce Chan

    There are a lot of business opportunities that people can explore or engage in this festival one is to establish vending machines around the area, this business requires little supervision and one of the major responsibilities in this business is by only restocking. Second is to set up a clothing store since the majority of the people that are attending to the festival are mostly around the young adult range.

  17. Mary Rose S. Ferrer

    For me, i think if i am the one who put a business in the event of masskara festival is my own business which is clothes and food because i use to sell trendy clothes but it can afford and also i will recommend my foodcart in the event since the food are not sustainable for the fact of countless people.

  18. Maguillano,Jurry L, Jr.

    The opportunity that I want to engage in maskara festival. Is to sell maskara theme craft beer in every corner of bacolod city.

  19. Jeremiah Gremio

    If i’m a business consultant giving advise to entrepreneurs, I would recommend most of the people will buy in masskara festival is food business which tourists also buy pasalubong to their families. Next is photoshoot where we know tourist take a lot of pictures nowadays. We know that food business is everywhere but for the tourist even if not a tourist will definitely buy food in hunger for masskara festival. Also having a photoshoot where costumers pick their beloved beautiful printed photos. This two business will surely the most profit will be gain as a business owners.

  20. Edgie Oliver Beduyas

    If I were to be a business consultant, advices or ideas I would give to entrepreneurs is to produce or endorse new designed products; as pandemic goes on they can sell Masskara themed face masks, souvenirs that comes into different clothing not just a Masskara printed plain shirt. Entrepreneurs can also have an activity for visitors to design their own masskaras or any plain white used for canvas which will be a medium to paint, also materials that are indigenous to Bacolodnon to also promote the culture and tradition of the city origin of the festival.

  21. Dean Jason Dy

    I would advice them to put up a coffee shop because coffee is essential to some people and they couldn’t get through the day without it.

  22. Aira Nicole Perez

    If I were a business consultant, I would recommend that entrepreneurs try to visit popular food establishments in the province, such as Chicken Inasal, to learn how this establishment became famous and why Negros people market their delectable Chicken Inasal to visitors, clients, and tourists. They will bring with them memories to share and cherish. Entrepreneurs can also bring souvenirs because Negros will not hold back when it comes to souvenirs such as key chains, t-shirts, famous piaya, and so on.

    There are numerous business opportunities available during the festival. Food carts are one of the fantastic opportunities that they can obtain. Eating will always be a part of any festival. Festivals are truly memorable because of the amount of walking involved, and it would be great if we could combine our walking with foods such as corndogs, shakes, rice with toppings, korean style streetfoods and so on. The festival not only celebrates culture and traditions, but also the rise and survival of the locals .

  23. Ann Marie Oracoy

    Ann Marie Oracoy BSEN 1A

    If you are a business consultant what would you advise to entrepreneurs in the province? ( you may choose a specific group or individual business person)

    If I am a business consultant, I would advise entrepreneurs in the province to do something that is very trendy but still a unique one. Where people will buy the main product but have a souvenir that relates to Masskara.

    * A business consultant is a professional who works closely with business owners and managers to improve operations and efficiency. Business consulting includes advising, helping to identify informations and insights, and provides recommendations to help clients overcome obstacles and reaching their a company’s goals.

    What business opportunities they can explore or related to the even?Explain.

    As we all know MassKara festival is one of the most colorful and blissful event with fun-filled activities in the city. Hundreds of thousands of Negrenses as well as tourists are celebrating in bliss. With that, businesses are all out showcasing their products and services that can offer. We’re all aware that there already of things to do and buy/sell like foods, drinks, masks, souvenirs, clothes, and everything we can think cause MassKara festival is every year with that, businesses are already bombing but, what more?

    – Selling drinks like coffee, water, tea, frappe and etc are all there already like everywhere. But we can do that something that people will love and trendy, where they can enjoy drinking while having a souvenir plus it is good in environment which is, we can sell drinks with a reusable cups, not just ordinary cups but a sizeable big cups with straw and to make it a souvenir, we can design it with a MassKara theme prints. Though this is pretty common because there are also coffee shops, cafe, and etc that using an environmental cups but I haven’t seen a business selling with this kind of product in the middle of the streets that are just easy to avail by people not because it’s accessible but also it is very affordable.

    – In this generation, having a pet is everyone wants because they are just amazing to be with. They can be your best friends, nurses, assistants, talents, and just everything. What I thought is, maybe we can do something with them too during MassKara festival. We can do an animal friendly park for you, as an owner and your pets like dogs cats, rabbit, or even snakes and etc can buy matchy products like to wear or be dress in MassKara costumes they is personally designed by Negrense designers to be able to share talents and increase tourism and sales in the center of bacolod, so that everyone can go to and it can also be a good sight to everyone. We can also add a fashion red carpet something to showcase what you’re wearing for it is a Filipino made product.

    P. S. These are what I think we can do but I cannot say that this is not yet done, it’s just because I haven’t seen these during MassKara festival. Because it really depends on trends right now but still with a touch of class of MassKara Festival.

  24. Jea P. Galme BSEntrep-1A

    Many tourists will surely visit Bacolod City during the month of October to witness this grand Filipino cultural festival that is known worldwide and best represents its locality — the Masskara Festival. If I happened to be a business consultant, my advise to entrepreneurs in the province us that they can engage to business opportunities like selling locally-made food products or native delicacies since food is essential to life and can really attract customers everywhere, especially after strolling around the city for the festivity. Also, I am encouraging them to sell handmade products, such as bracelets, wallets, accessories and many more, since tourist would surely love it and would want to keep it as remembrance. This would also benefit the artists themselves because they would be able to express their creativity through this event. Lastly, it they want to sell clothes or tshirts related to “Masskara Festival”, they should keep their designs on trend and pleasing to the eyes to keep their sales high. These are just some of the business opportunities they can explore or engage to related to the event, and I do believe that there are a lot more opportunities. This kind of work should not be limited to what is obvious, but entrepreneurs should always think out of the box to fuel their creative minds.

  25. Christian V. Morales

    Since Masskara Festival is widely known, I know for a fact that there would be a lot of people coming, not only in this city but also outside to enjoy, explore and discover more of the said Festival. As a business consultant, one piece of advice that I could give to the entrepreneurs in this province is that when you choose to create a product or a concept of the business that you would establish for the festival is to choose materials/resources that are only locally found in the province. For sure there would be a lot of tourists, so why not make something that is original and that the resources are only locally found here so that they would be curious enough to try your product. One example of choosing a local resource as your basis for the product would be sugarcane, Bacolod City is known as the sugarcane bowl of the Philippines, and there are a lot of things that can be done with sugarcane, so why not showcase both your creativity and the sugarcane by making a new and innovative product.

  26. Clyde Kendrick Machan BSEN 1-A


    The Masskara festival is just around the corner. Marketing and selling products created locally in the Negros Occidental region is my main objective. Locals and visitors will be able to tell that a product is from Silay or Talisay or another city or municipality since I will sell products from a variety of towns and municipalities. I intend to instill pride in the region’s alluring tourism spots and its locally produced products by doing this.

  27. kaye toledo

    1. for me business consultant is they are the one who gives expert advice in a particular area like in marketing. so the advice that i want to tell to entrepreneurs is that, they should learn how to market their own business, due to the fact that if you dont know how to sell it or promote it, your chances of success are low.

    2. the business opportunities they can engage is the cultural heritage tourism. because people there do travels or experience the authentic activities or like eating local food and of course taking part in a festival to the different places.

  28. Divino, Alberto III

    If I would give a business idea in Maskara Festival I would sell a local product here in negros especially in my place in Sagay City there is a lot of products that have good potential that locals and tourist can buy such as Squid rings, Muscovado sugar, and Fresh milk from the Dairy Farm. And it would boost the tourism in Sagay city especially in CARBIN REEF, SUYAC ISLAND MANGROVE ECO-PARK, Molocaboc island, not only you sold products you also supported locals in Sagay City and at the same time boosted the local tourism.

  29. Matthew Denzel B. Cosas

    Selling alcoholic drinks and foods to people.
    I decided to sell alcoholic drinks and foods because my target on the festival is to satisfy the needs of the costumers and find a place that has many people to attract many costumers especially adults. I know the market of alcoholic drinks went up but I would like to invest and sell to see what will happen in the first day then if the business runs well, I can also learn from what happened from the first day because maskarra is a really big event in bacolod city.

  30. Czahannie N Denosta

    I would advise them to sell something that represents the traditions such as, food markets since not just tourist and present but also filipinos that will most likely eat due to exhaustion. Not only then they are able to relieve themselves but also discover and open themselves to different and unique cuisine that is only present here. We must spread our traditions and culture appreciation. We can always promote negros Like food business personally and also in social media. We negrenses da offer a lot. And tu tourist must appreciate that.

  31. If I am a business consultant I would advise entrepreneurs to think of something that might caught the attention of the tourists, something that they must have or try before going back to there place. I will advise them to be creative with their ideas
    , and make a product that will be eye catching for the visiting tourists. Entrepreneurs can sell refreshing drinks to give the tourist a boost after a long walk or standing. They can sell wood carvings with the name Bacolod City on it as a souvenir. They can also sell masskara mask to make tourists feel like they are part of masskara festival. I would advise them to sell balloons with a shape of a masskara smiling, because kids love balloons. They can sell ice cream, tourist would want something cold in a hot weather. A delicious cupcakes with masskara design can be a nice business, tourists will be tempted to try one.

  32. Daisyree Y. Lui

    Daisyree Y. Lui ENTRP102 BSEN 1-A

    After reading the beautiful and informative travel guide, I was quite an in awe and amaze by the beautiful resources our province has to offer in terms of tourism. With these kinds of observations, if I were a business consultant I would focus on a couple advice for entrepreneurs to make the most out of this opportunity. Firstly, I believe that marketing is a huge part of every entrepreneurial endeavor because it builds brand and business awareness. Being able to market using various strategies such as social media, public relations strategy, editorial strategy, and many more can make the business stand out, effectively reach potential customers, and successfully promote goods and services. Moreover, being able to go with the trends is also an important aspect of every business. Trends are a source of changes around the environment and this allows a business to adapt and innovate ideas in order to keep up with the demands of the people. Furthermore, with emerging trends, a business should also prioritize market research as I think this will allow a business to cater to the demands of the consumers.

    All things considered, some business opportunities I think they can explore more and as well as keep engagement with the customers is the spirit of selling souvenirs in each event. However, as entrepreneurs, I believe we should always find a way to innovate what is already existing. Being able to make observations, souvenir items are always a great economic opportunity when it comes to tourists. In the existing festivals, souvenirs are often pre-made and packaged; with this, I was able to think of incorporating a marketing strategy that is quite popular when it comes to selling items. This strategy is known as the IKEA effect; which is a cognitive bias in which consumers place a disproportionately high value on products they partially created.

    With this knowledge and the trends that are emerging, consumers want to be involved in the process of creating something that can be of sentimental value to them. Being able to provide a service like ceramic and glass paintings, assembling keychains, and customizing other local products/ souvenirs might be a great way to catch tourists’ attention. It gives them a sense of fulfillment in the souvenir-making and incorporates marketing, engagement, and overall innovation from what was known as a souvenir shop to something that can bring a high value to the products they “partially” created.

  33. Marie Angelie Dulman (ENTRP102)

    My advice for an entrepreneur in the province wanting to start a business during a festival is to not only give the customers the best experience but to have them bring something they can show to others about the experience they had. There are a lot of business opportunities during a festival. One great business opportunity is a Mask Design Shop where customers purchase a blank mask that they can design and play with letting out their creativity while taking a rest from walking around the crowded festival area, they are also able to purchase kits for them to bring as souvenirs to let their family and friends to also experience what they did.

  34. Lorenzo Gabriel Abalos

    For me I think they should invite popular vloggers to promote the business and explain to them the things about this business or product and they will make a vlog about it, so many people can see the product and buy it.
    Lorenzo Gabriel P. Abalos

  35. If i were a business consultant, i would advise entrepreneurs in the province during Masskara Festival to think of a business that can benefit everyone. A business opportunity that can engage to the event is a business who sells beverages like frappes, shakes and milkteas. They can increase their customers by making their menu with combos like Milktea + Fries and also their place needs to be clean, attractive or catching. – ARCA, BRYNE M.

  36. Francis Raymund Bilbao

    “The Light Up Masks of Masskara Festival which will make its Grand Reopening much more Grander than it ever was before”

    For the past 40 years in the City of Smiles, every October, there is this special festival that Bacolodnons know all and well, the revered Masskara festival, after the wake of the MV Don Juan sinking where many Bacolodnons perished, people around the city where aghast by the news, the pain and sadness held them closer with eachother and know that even times were tough and bad things pushed us back the Bacolodnons pushed back harder and not long after the festival started.
    This new product will fit perfectly with the rest of the products that will be sold around the time of the festival, as some of you might know you can wear Masks during this time which are very flashy, on your face and downright colorful, but after more than 40 years it has gotten a little stale and probably needs some brightening up, well let me tell you about this new product:

    This new invention will surely wow tourists and even the locals away, so you’re probably wondering “???”, well let me explain, there are a bunch of LED’s inside the mask and a voice sensor near the mouth area so if you talk it lights up, the possibilities are endless and the marketing around this invention will probably have glowing reviews as we advertise this on social media sites like Facebook and TikTok with the word of mouth and possible virality of a product like this will spread like wildfire and so many people who haven’t even wanted to go to Bacolod will probably go to the festival just to try this mask out, and just like how firecrackers are associate with the New Year’s and how Christmas is associated with Christmas trees, Masskara festival will have the “Light up Mask.”

    “Light up Mask, Light up the new you”

  37. Marieqlaire Divinagracia

    Negros Occidental, which is sometimes described as the home of affluent people and vast sugar plantations, is blessed with stunning natural landscapes, untouched waterfalls and mountains, white-sand beaches, and sparkling springs.

    The riches of Negros Occidental have always been its land, its people, and its cuisine. These components combine to create a location that is best enjoyed when visited.

    Here’s my entry for my Two-day tour itinerary

    Day 1 Arrival at Bacolod-Silay Airport

    06:00 am – Breakfast at Campuestuhan
    7:00 am – Tour around the resort
    9:00 am – ride going Kabankalan
    Noon – Lunch at Zaycoland
    02:00 pm – Check-in
    03:30 pm – visit Mag-aso springs
    4:00 pm – Tour around the spring
    07:00 pm – Return to the Hotel
    07:30 pm onwards – Dinner and late-night drinks

    Day 2
    08:00 am – exclusive breakfast at Perico, Kabankalan
    09:00 am – Travel back to Bacolod
    Noon – Lunch at L’fisher Hotel
    02:00 pm – Check-in, quick rest, and to refresh
    03:30 pm – trip to Ruins
    04:30 pm – Visit Magikland Amusement park
    05:30 pm – Negros Showroom– to buy souvenirs and also Bongbong’s for the pasalubong
    6:00 pm – Dinner at NGC (preferably Bacolod Chicken Masskara because Bacolod is known for the famous chicken inasal)
    7:00 pm – tour around NGC
    8:30 pm – back to the hotel, which ends our tour

  38. Marvin Regalado

    Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB) is a popular destination for both local and international tourists who want to experience what it’s like to be a local Baguio City of Negros Occidental. I highly recommend DSB for your 2-day tour because you can easily find a place for your overnight stay at a cheaper rate and when you wake up in the morning, experience the cold weather while you can enjoy the warmth of your coffee at the same time loving the wonderful views of nature, mountains, and the instagrammable view of Malatan-og water falls.

  39. Kathleen Mae P. Thomas

    Negros Occidental is a province in the Philippines. It occupies the northwestern half of Negros Island, which is rich in sugar and tourism attractions. It is renowned as the Philippines’ Sugar Bowl because it produces more than half of the country’s sugar production. Aside from that, it is regarded as one of Visayas’ tourism centers due to its abundance of tourist attractions such as heritage sites, islands, sandbars, beach resorts, and mountain resorts.
    I personally chose these tourist spots in Negros Occidental because these places are familiar to me and close to my heart. I would promote my hometown HInoba-an because there is no place like home. Hinoba-an is located at the Southernmost part of Negros Occidental and this town has a lot of potentials.
    The first stop from the airport will be the Central market for coffee. Tourists that visit Bacolod’s Central Market will notice that it is the center of the city, where they sell all of the province’s delicacies at reasonable costs. Brunch will be at Jonah’s Talabahan in Bocana, Ilog. It is the most popular place for talaba/oysters in the municipality of Ilog. The accommodation will be at Thomasville-Hinobaan; your home, away from home.
    Followed by the itinerary listed below.

    Day 1
    • 6am Pick-up point – Silay Airport
    • 7am Coffee stop-over – native coffee at Central market to start the day
    • 10am Brunch stop-over – Jonah’s Talabahan @ Bocana, Ilog, Neg, Occ
    • 12:30pm Accommodation – Thomasville-Hinoba-an (refresh)
    • 1pm – tour to Obong Caves and Island Hopping at Pitogo Island
    • 4pm onwards – catching the sunset @ Seaside Floating Restaurant located at Salvacion Port.
    • 7pm Dinner – Brazaville Beach Resort
    • Go back to Thomasville to rest and have a goodnight sleep

    Day 2
    • 7am Breakfast at Nabulao Bay Beach Resort
    • 9am Side Trip at Takatuka Beach Resort (Sugar beach), located at Sitio Nauhang, Sipalay City.
    • 11am Early lunch stop-over at Perico, Kabankalan City
    • 1pm Travel to Bacolod
    • 2pm check-in at Park Inn, Bacolod and refresh
    • 3pm Trip to Silay the Paris of Negros – to show the heritage sites
    • 4pm Side trip to Campuestohan Highland Resort, the Disneyland of Negros. (Talisay)
    • 7pm Go back to Bacolod for dinner at Manokan Country, the home of inasal.
    • Rest and sleep at Park Inn, Bacolod

    Day 3
    • 8am Hotel-Airport Transfer
    • Side trip to The Ruins for coffee and photo opt
    • Continue to Silay Airport

    “We travel not to escape LIFE but for life not to escape US”

  40. Rizalie Mae Sellado

    Two-Day Tour Itinerary
    This two day tour takes a lot of mind boggling scenarios and considerations for the reason that the recent storm Odette has devastated the entire country lest the Southern Part of Negros specifically, Hinobaan, Sipalay, Ilog, Kabankalan and minor damage were felt in Northern part including Silay to as far as Sagay and San Carlos.
    The theme for this guided tour is basically for relaxation but with historical or cultural advantage. And as a guide, I believe that the welfare of my guests is of utmost importance and so I will make sure the places I will bring them shall have a very good impression upon them and the kind of food they eat leaves a gustatory taste that will make them crave next time they visit the place.
    From the hotel to the destination takes about an hour. The reason why leaving the hotel venue should be encouraged to all the guests is that it has to be early.
    However, for this trip specifically, I will bring them to Negros Showroom, firsthand. Negros Showroom is currently located at the Robinsons Place, Bacolod Central City Walk and is open regularly from 10am to 8pm daily. Contact Info. (034) 4410142.
    The Negros Showroom is a product display center for the Negros producers and offers a unique concept in marketing. It serves as marketing platform of the Association of Negros Producers to showcase the products of its members. The Negros Showroom was awarded by the DTI as the outstanding Trade House in the Philippines. It is in this place where the works of collectors and manufacturers. The Jojo Vito. His works are unique but priced fairly despite its Global popularity.
    And perhaps, with the likes of tourists of the world, they are offered to wear a garland (in consideration to Foreign Tourist) who will be visiting us soon or as soon as this pandemic settles, for them to feel they are indeed tourist visiting our country for the first time which can be given to them as welcome gift or that this can be included the price package.
    9:00amEstimated time of arrival in Bacolod-Silay Airport
    9:00am-9:30am Airline Diner-Breakfast
    10:00am-11:00amNegros Showroom– Buying Souvenirs
    12noon–3:00pmCampuestohan Highland Resort Talisay City – Lunch, swimming and picture taking
    4:00pm-6:00pm Magikland Amusement & Theme Park – Activity and picture taking
    6:15pm-8:00pmThe Ruins in Talisay City– Historic Landmark also known as the Taj Mahal of the Philippines. Dinner and souvenir shopping at the ruins and taking photo
    9:00am-12:00 noon Lakawon Island Resort Cadiz City – Swimming for relaxation, picture taking and early lunch.
    2:00pm-3:00pmHistorical Houses Silay City – Old houses like Gaston Ancestral House (Balay Negrense) The Pink House; for picture taking and buying Pasalubong.
    3:30pmto 5:00pm The Negros Museum – For Coffee and picture taking.
    5:10pm-6:00pm Bacolod Cathedral Church – Spiritual visit and picture taking
    6:30pm-7:00pm Bacolod New Government Center– Picture taking
    7:00pm-9:00pm Bacolod Chicken Masskara NGC – Dinner
    Then back to Hotel
    9:15pm END OF TOUR

  41. Jose Carlo Marzona


    7:00am: Bacolod to Kabankalan
    9:00am: Kabankalan to Cauayan
    10:30am: Coffee Break at Cauayan (I love Cauayan beach view)
    12:00pm: Lunch at Sipalay
    1:30pm: Hotel Check Inn at Punta White bulata beach resort
    2:00pm: Rest
    5:00pm: Sipalay Food Park beach view
    6:30pm: Dinner at Fish Tank Seafood Restaurant
    8:00pm: Return to the Punta Bulata white beach resort


    7:30am: Free Breakfast
    9:00am: Beach-Hopping in Sipalay
    10:30am: Rest
    11:30am: Lunch
    1:00pm: Sipalay to Hinigaran
    3:30pm: Visit Hinigaran Famous potato cake at Mila’s
    4:20pm: Hinigaran to Bacolod
    5:50pm: Visit Bacolod New Government Center
    6:30pm: Dinner at Manokan Country
    8:00pm: Check inn at Hotel

  42. Marius H. Gayotin III

    2-day tour itenerary suggestion when in Negros Occidental.

    Day 1 Arrival and Transit to Sipalay
    05:00 am – ETA Bacolod-Silay Airport
    05:30 am – Cab going to city Bacolod south terminal
    06:00 am – Take a Bus going Sipalay
    11:00 am – Sipalay Arrival
    11:30 am – Hotel check in
    12:00 pm – Lunch
    02:00 pm – Rest
    05:30 pm – Poblacion Beach for sunset view
    06:30 pm – Dinner at Sipalay Food Park
    08:00 pm – Return to the Hotel
    Day 2 Sipalay Tour
    08:00 am – Start of Beach-hopping in Sipalay
    09:00 am – Visit Sugar Beach
    10:30 am – Brunch
    12:00 am – Punta Ballo
    01:30 am – Perth Paradise Beach
    04:30 pm – Tinagong Dagat
    06:30 pm – Dinner at Sipalay Food Park

  43. Jonalyn Gallenero

    I would recommend tourists to go at lakawon resort in Cadiz City for they can spend in a very relaxing beach with white sand like Boracay, and then after they can relax at Don Salvador Benedicto where they can see the magnificent view of mountains and feel the cool breeze like Baguio City. They can relax at the beach and then experience the beautiful view in the mountains here in Negros Occidental.

  44. John Michael P. Ballados

    Tour Itinerary

    Before the pandemic happened, most of us were obsessed over different tourist spots in Luzon, Vizayas and Mindanao, and there is nothing wrong with that. Batanes is great, Siquijor is majestic, Samal island is incredible. The irony about this pandemic is it limited us from going to other places, but it opened us up on how vast our island is and how under-appreciated it is. I have spent the last year and a half spending weekends in different places in Negros, and I can say I had no idea it was this beautiful. People from other places refer to Negros as Bacolod, and I think it is high time we change that and highlight Negros Occidental as a separate entity. Bacolod is great, there are so many activities to engage in and places to visit, but Bacolod can also be a gateway to the vast wonders of the entire province. So make sure to gas up because here is a 2-day itinerary highlighting both the north and the south.

    Day 1

    Enjoy a wide selection of all-time favorite breakfast items at L Fisher Hotel’s breakfast buffet. If you are not big on breakfast, drop by the nearest Bong-bong’s, get a few pieces of hot, regular or ube piaya and pair it with a nice cup of brewed coffee to start you day.
    The day’s destination is the north of the province. Depending on how fast you drive, it takes about an hour and a half to reach the beaches of Marino Del Norte or Bonista in the city of Escalante. Make sure to have your fill of Manapla’s best puto along the way. Though not that popular, the beaches in Escalante are great destinations for day trips. Affordable, clear waters, beautiful beaches, and they both offer delicious seafood dishes.
    After a few hours of chilling by the beach and getting you fill on some seafood, start you journey back to Bacolod, but not before you either visit Cafe Albarako in Brgy Old Sagay, Sagay City, or Aluyan’s Place on the mountains of Cadiz city. At Cafe Albarako, you can park by the beach, sip on some nice native coffee while enjoying a crowd of Sagaynons having a picnic, playing football or skim boarding. Aluyan’s place on the other hand is a great place to see a panoramic view of the cities and municipalities located at the northern part of Negros Occidental, as well as a clear view of the province of Panay.
    It’s almost night time and we’re back in Bacolod. What better way to end the day than to have a hearty dinner, the Bacolod way. Head to Manokan Country at the Bacolod Reclamation Area. My go-to favorites, pechopak, paa, isol, baticolon and a plate of talaba.
    The nightlife in Bacolod is no longer as vibrant as it was ,prior to the Pandemic but there are always places to pass the time and have some beers. There are good spots at 9th street food zone and Villa Angela Marketplace, depending on you preference, but I suggest we make it an early night for the next day’s tour.

    Day 2

    Breakfast at Ishan’s Coffee and Diner Villamonte is always a good decision. Eggs, sausages, bacon and their pancakes made from scratch, what else can you ask for?
    Now, to the southern part of the province. The day’s destination is the municipality of La Castellana. Normally, an hour and a half is enough but it’s better to take your time traversing through the great view. We’ll be taking the uphill route through the mountains of Buenos Aires in Bago City, then La Carlota City, and arrive just in time for lunch at the Mandayao Panoramic Park in La Castellana. But If I were to choose, I’d go all the way up to Nature’s View Cafe, just about 15 minutes more. A wide array of turo-turo home-cooked dishes, as well as local delicacies will welcome you. What’s great about this spot is you get to enjoy your meal overlooking the valleys of Isabella and the mountains of Moises Padilla (Magallon), or the summit of the majestic Mt. Canlaon on the background.
    It’s mid-afternoon and the journey back to Bacolod begins. This time we’re staying at the Mandayao Panoramic Park for a quick coffee break and some light snacks. After which, we’re taking the Negros South Road back to the city. We can do a quick sunset photo stop at Valladolid since the road is located right next to the sea.
    This time, dinner will be at Bantayan Park in Bago city. A vibrant place where locals spend their afternoons and early evenings enjoying the view of the sea and the great Bago river. The food will not disappoint as there are lots of restaurants that offer seafood, inasal, short orders and even Cansi. You may also choose to go all the way back to Bacolod and visit Sharyn’s for that famous Cansi fix. After which you can either go for some drinks or simply call it a night.

    These recommendations are based on my personal preferences. The places featured here are not that costly, because I believe that the best way to enjoy a place is to go where the local go. There are nicer places that might be more expensive, but it still depends on your budget. Bottom line is Negros Occidental has so many wonders and the spots featured in this tour recommendation does not even count for 5%. There are sill gems in Himamaylan, Kabankalan, Cauayan, Sipalay, Victorias, Silay. Travel local, because I assure you, it’s worth it.

  45. Jerry Mae Garay

    If I will promote a 2-day tour for tourists I would love to bring them to Don Salvador Benedicto & Sipalay City.

    Don Salvador is considered as the Summer Capital of Negros Occidental, thus, earning the nickname of Little Baguio. It is a promising municipality as a tourist destination due to its cool weather with its beautiful view of the countryside. The beautifully grown pine trees line the main road they can also enjoy their pictorial with forest area background, and enjoy some native dishes or snacks at a locally owned coffee shop at DSB.

    Sipalay City has been dubbed as the Jewel of the Sugar Island for the beauty and elegance of this place famous for its white-sand beaches and azure waters that would surely mesmerize visitors and tourists. They can also take a walk at the beach to eat in the food park while watching the sunset.


    If I am given the opportunity to change something I do not want to change anything in the Province of Negros Occidental. I just want the management of government officials to improve and since the election is near we need to choose the right and worthy candidate to vote so that our Negros Occidental Province can prosper.

  47. If I will give me a chance to change to the province of Negros Occidental it will be careless in surroundings. Because some of the people don’t care about their garbage they can’t throw it into the trash can. We need to care and love for our province we need to maintain the cleanliness of our province to make us comfortable. I will manage this province by helping each other to maintain the cleanliness of our surroundings. So that they can avoid the incisive.

  48. If I will given a chance to make a change the province of negros occidental it will be a negligent in caring for the ocean. Because some of the people throw a recycle in ocean that it can cause a killing of fish even us. We need to maintain the cleanliness of ocean because this our province. I will manage this province with helping each other to maintain the cleanliness of our ocean.That each of my staff have a assignment to do the exactly work. Through helping each other it can avoid the diseases or fever, etc.

  49. The change that would be the best to implement in our province in Negros Occidental is the means of transportation. Which is converting the old jeepney into a convenient bus type. It can help us and also, advantage for us to have a affordable and and convenient bus to ride with. Especially those who do that have private vehicles to ride on. Its convenient for then to go in work without some hassle. We also have a well organize schedule in each bus for wherein it can be monitored and maintain to avoid damage and hassle in some drivers to operate daily. Riding in convenient bus type is much saver than riding in other vehicles. The resistance of the jeepney drivers can be handle by giving them the spot in being part of the operation and not abandoning them just as it is for they served the people in the longest time in giving us convinient to go places.

  50. John Peter Solleza BSIT 3 - C2

    If I would be given a chance to make a change I will Create a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating street children and other low-income individuals through initiatives that teach youngsters about hard labor while also providing them with a source of money.This program will focus more on the people and children living on the streets that have limited access to food, shelter, protection, and health.

    Although the government and non-governmental organizations have made attempts to assist the homeless, much more needs to be done. In order to drastically reduce street dwelers, poverty, and homelessness in Negros Occidental, these programs must be expanded in the future. I think this program will not only change the community but it will change the life of the less fortunate people who are struggling everyday asking for money on the streets, risking their lives for a single penny.

    John Peter B. Solleza BSIT 3 – C2

  51. Ralph Tarre Jr. BSIT 3C2

    For me we dont need to change, maybe we need to add to improve Negros Occidental. Every place here in negros need to add to promote their places like adding an active if they have thr festivals, so the tourists will promote negros to other people.

  52. Ralph Tarre jr. BSIT 3C2

    will be given the chance hm maybe i will not change in the Province of Negros Occidental, maybe a be adding is okay.

  53. Enrica T. Abrio BSIT 3-C2

    If given a chance to change Negros Occidental, the first thing that I will change is the management of public market. While strolling in some public market of the province, I just notice that most of the market here are not organize in terms of cleanliness. I want to change it by gathering the leader of every cities and municipalities of said province and addressing the issue that I want to change. I know that this change will be possible by the help of public and I will manage the resistance by suggesting to make a contest every 6 months for the cleanest and organize public and also to remind everyone that cleanliness is a must in our life.

  54. Gian Gabriel A. Ybesate BSIT 3-C2

    All I can say to make a change for the Province of Negros Occidental, is to promote the hospitality industry for tourists that comes to our province. I will make sure that the tourists will be comfortable during their stay by
    emphasizing the importance of strong, positive customer service. Many tourist liked to travel in different places and will find a place to stay in and places to eat. Mostly they will be traveling to a place where there are attractions for them like natural wonders, festivals, cuisines etc. Good policies of tourism will increase the number of international visitors annually so improving our province’s hospitality industry will be a good idea.


    If I will be given a chance to make a change in the Province of Negros Occidental and manage the forces of resistance. First, I will enhance the beauty of Negros Occidental, keep the tourist spot clean and safe. Second, I will ask the resident of each city what they’re concern and need of their community. I will find and assign staff to make sure every festival celebrates successful. I will give budget in every city to hire person to maintain the cleanliness and peacefulness of each city and budget for expenses of every program like the costume, allowance of dancers or participants, the prices of competition and etc. I will support every program here in Negros Occidental. I will employ tourist guide for our tourist and I will promote different tourist spot here in Negros depends on tourist want and activities. The more tourist spots the more Negrense job opportunity. If that will happen Negrense’s will make more profit and Negros Occidental will also thrive.


  56. In my opinion nothing should be change in the province of Negros Occidental, because for me the different sight’s that can be seen in negros Occidental are enough to amazed or to attract the tourist who visit here. There are many different beautiful spot’s that can be seen here so that nothing needs to be changed yet.

  57. Renan P. Bisagar BSIT 3-C1

    For me, I will make a change in our province by voting for the right leaders who are knowledgeable enough to promote and have vision for the Province of Negros Occidental. A leader who is proud and knows how to introduce and make our province negotiable, productive and innovative will be extremely beneficial to our economy. also a leader that will promote our tourism industry and will introduce the tourist attractions, historic ancestral houses, landmarks, and negrense cuisines to other provinces. The leader that communicates and hears people’s opinions will prevent resistance.

  58. if I am given the opportunity to make a change in the negros maybe the mindset of the people that the Filipinos should help and not take advantage I will make a program so that they can better understand the importance of unity in each person and what it will help the town after that I will make a project that every Filipino will serve and if someone seen on the road or Filipinos who are suffering they will immediately help it without a doubt it will be given its needs and for the fund or budget for helping others, every barangay will accumulate goods for sale and we will accumulate all the income and we will put it in the fund and we
    will continue it until on the next generation because in this way the development of the country will be easier. because I believe that change starts with people.

  59. Hance Peñafiel BSIT 3-C1

    If I will given a chance to change the province negros occidental it is an honor to do that and I will not totally change the rules and policies in every city of negros occidental rather I fix it if majority people do not agree this policy i will discussed it into and explain to understand how it is, negrosanon is very generous,kind hospitable and nice people so thats why i develope my province as no matter what . since now we are suffering in pandemic or new normal situation.

    Pandemic is the big impact affected all people around the world and it is cause lose tourist in our province but despite the people around the world get up and start again to maintain their economy is good Im more focus the health of negrosanon because of many viruses spreading in our environment,I will contact all the government in every city to coordinate to follow the health protocol and must wear face mask i would help or change negros occidental to be a better and safest place to become tourist our not afraid to come in our province and it feel safe because tourism in negros is important because of the festivities,food,culture,places that proudly to shown to the tourist.

  60. Pamela A. Lucha BSIT 3-C1

    If I will given a chance to make a change in the Province of Negros Occidental it will be the corruption in politics. We all know that every City in the Province has a corruption. There is no progress with corruption. The reason why I choose this change because a good and productive Province starting in good leadership/good and clean politics. Because of corruption a place will never be good and organized. We all know that a Province will never be productive without a good leader. If I will given a chance to change the corruption in the province I will start in a Baranggay position up to the highest position in the politics. Baranggay is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines. You cannot change the whole Province when you don’t start the change in a smallest one. I will put the right people in the position. Not just because that person has a lot of money or constituents. But that person has a pure intention to serve people. If we have the right people in the position from the Kagawad in the Baranggay up to the Governor of the Province we will have a good and clean politics. The voice of the people will be heard. People will get the the benefits that they deserve. Everything will be fine. There will be good implementing rules and laws in the province. The human rights will not be violated. There will be equal treatment. There will be good communication with the people. There will be unity and peace among all. If there is a good leadership and no corruption the Province will be productive.

  61. Kent Nicholas Bertolano

    It is not entirely a change but a addition that will change lifestyle and benifits the economy in the province of Negros, I will build a train that stations in every municipality and City. The train will connect cities, it will be use to transport passenger and less cost. The train will increase our economic st atus within western visayas. The train will help the need of transportation of goods like rice, corn and sugarcane from rural areas. Since I was young I imagined what it would be to have a train here, its a dream come true only for me but those who are in need too. I’d negotiate to those who oppose my proposal, the train has many benifits in economy, it also benifits the tourism of negros. If you ride the train you will see the beauty of negros. The travel will be easy in the province of negros thanks to the train.


    If I have given a chance to make a change in Province of Negros Occidental, it would be the priority of those who are in need, like giving donation or the necessity that the government are providing. Some government officers are prioritizing the ones that they know, even if that person is not necessarily in need. That must be stopped, I want a law that prioritizes the poor. I will build a survey team that surveys every part or place to ensure correct selection without bias. The survey team should check every home of each zone or barangay. The survey will provide information to whom is worthy or will be the beneficiary of the given donations. The other personnel of survey team will distribute the supplies, equity is important here. I know everyone needs support these day, Covid is still around let us be helpful to each and everyone. To manage the forces of resistance I will negotiate them with my ideas and persuade them because lot of people can benefit it. If we can’t help each other, who will be?. This will helps lot of people because many suffers hungriness and lack of medical needs. They must be served with equal service. With this simple and small process our province will increase it’s economy gradually, guide the future within us.

  63. Monera N Dondoy

    If I will to change something in the Province of Negros Occidental it would be the the way of the government in handling projects that has greatly affected the environment in many ways. Basically, one of the projects of DPWH last year up until now was the road widenning among all major roads including the whole Negros Occidental. This project aims to avoid traffics and lessen accident as well as for the convenience of the commuters everyday. Unfortunately, the huge impact of this to the environment has seemed not to be seen by public officials. So that after cutting some trees we need to plant again until we back into normal and to avoid landslides especially in the rural community.

    Monera N Dondoy BSIT3-C1

  64. If I will be given a chance to make a change in Province of Negros Occidental that will be the way how our Province treat our local farmers. Because they also need to be given a priorities in the projects especially in sugarcane industries. Negros Occidental is well-known for its sugar industry. This is the main product of our Province that lead our economic to rise before. This can greatly help our farmers for their living and to the economic of our province. Also Government officials should always look the hardships of our farmers. I also want them to have an increase in their daily salaries. Their salary should be equal to their jobs. They must have benefits. In overall, I only wanted to change the way how Government treat local farmers.

  65. Jerome D. Moreno BSIT-C3

    I’m planning to build a house to those who where in squatter area I want to help them, give them some shelters. Give them some job to work with to finance their needs of their families. And lastly I want to the replace some other corrupt Government officials, because the way they criticize their fellow Filipino.

  66. Axel Mer N. Dolero

    If I will given a chance to change in Province of negros occidental, the only little thing I would change is the ruling or the city ordinance that forces the citizens to wear face shields, its the only thing wish to off for now specially that we are suffering serious poverty in this time of pandemic. Faceshields are just a hindrance to the people themselves because every time they enter the department stores the faceshield is still required even though most people know that the case of covid in the province of negros occidental has dropped. this is just my simple request to change the negros occidental, the management in giving rules, let’s give consideration to our neighbor and be honest. but let’s continue to wear the facemask because it can really give us protection from viruses

    Axel Mer N. Dolero BSIT 3 C2

  67. Reniel M. Atillano

    if I given a chance to make change in the Province of Negros Occidental, I prefer not to change it, because it is our god who created it and He created it very beautiful and unique, He created it with so much good
    view and all negrosanons has a benifits on it because a lot of tourist attractiond that only in the Province of Negros you can only be seen, maybe all I can do is only to maintain the beautifulness and the uniqueness in it and be responsible to our waste because it is one of the reason why our nature will be distroy because we can’t control our waste and garbages. We are just here in this world to maintain the goodness of what our God created for us, and we dont have rights to chane it because its already perfect and amazing.
    Reniel M. Atillano Bsit-3C1

  68. Norman B. Lopez BSIT 3-C1

    If I would given a chance i will build a many public hospitals.Because most of the people of Negros Occidental are poor.So that it is not difficult to them to go to private hospitals and i control all private hospitals and tell them that they will give considerations to the poor people.Public hospitals has a big help to every negrosanons because in this world full of selfish people,as a person who can understand the situation of every poor people we have to help them in the way that we can be. In other way,Negros Occidental for me has nothing to change but many to add so that i will take this opportunity to add everything in the province just like also the people or the families that is far from the cityor in the rural. I will construct a road so that if they go in the city it is not difficult to them and i also construct electricity so that they will not longer suffer that the weapon is lamp and candle.And then also i would add more factories and different job offers so that many of negrosanons can work easily and living a negros a happy place to be.Living Negros full of happiness,adventures,and we can say There’s no place to be like Negros Occidental.

  69. Jhon Christian T. Talaman BSIT3-C2

    If i have a chance to make a change in the province of Negros Occidental the first that i want to change is the tourist spots and tourist attraction that we have here in Negros Occidental. We need to promote our best resorts and other nature tourist attraction places to encourage the tourist to visit our province. And to make the economy will increase prophet. And many people can have work if this change of management has been process or applied.but due to this pandemic the tourists cannot visit our places here in Negros Occidental, but this is the time to make our resorts and tourists attractions renovate or upgrade the styles of it. And if this pandemic is over the tourist will now encourage our resort and tourist attraction here in province of Negros Occidental.

  70. Laurice A. Abellar

    Giving importance to the agricultural industry here in Negros Occidental. I want to promote this campaign to help our local farmer in their own products. Since most people nowadays are buying imported products that couldn’t help to increase our economy here in Negros Occidental. To support this campaign, we must educate our local farmer and introduce new machineries and technologies, to help them produce more products, so that they will not be left behind. As we know, Negros Occidental is one of the largest land area in which we can produce more and more products that later on we will no longer choose imported products from other countries. This campaign will be possible if our government will support and for that negrosanon have food on their respective tables by doing this we can lessen the rate of poverty in our province. In this campaign, I want to impart to every negrosanon the classic quote of our national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal “Tangkilikin ang sariling atin”. And I, Thank you.

    Laurice A. Abellar BSIT3-C1

  71. Rollen Mari V. Gadiano BSIT 3-C1

    If I have the opportunity to make a change in the province of Negros Occidental, is that no one opening a business on Sunday, Sunday is a rest day for everyone, so that they can worship God and be able to bond with their families. I will ignore all the opposition and proved to them that this plan can make a big difference and help improve the life of the Negrosanon and the important thing is to have time with God who created us. No one can resist the power of prayer, I will pray for all opposition.

  72. Paolo Miguel S. Samson BSIT 3-C2

    Changing something in the Province of Negros Occidental can be a challenge, some may get upset when changing a certain part of the province and may lead to an argument or criticism. Some people want things to be the way they were supposed to be and don’t want to accept changes. The best way to avoid this first is to have a discussion and communication before adapting change. If I was given a chance to change something in the province that will be my hometown Silay City. Many tourist come to Silay every year to see heritage houses, hear about the background history of silay and enjoy the fresh air and view of the mountains. Im not saying that my hometown isnt clean, I just want it to be more attractive to increase visits from other cities or countries. I will prupose an event that only focuses on cleaning all surroundings in Silay for cleaner and eye appealing tourist attractions for the visitors. To manage this change I may need to talk or have a speech first to the people of Silay and also to the volunteers for their concerns and decisions before pruposing this so that the event will no longer have problems and avoid sabotages.

  73. The project build, build, build has a big impact to our province. It helps a lot of people like the small community on mountain areas. By constructing roads and installing electric supply. Here in urban areas, their is also a big impact by giving the community a huge job openings. Like constructions, BPO, office jobs, etc. This project is excellent. But all I want is to stop deforestation, stop cutting trees in exchange of buildings and infrastructure. Forest not buildings, with the help of social media we can protest and make a big force to stop deforestation. I’ve seen on facebook from those who support to stop deforestation here in Negros. They applied a frame on their profile with a note saying. “I AM NEGROSANON, STOP DEFORESTATION. FOREST NOT BUILDINGS”. Forest and mountain views are more beautiful than cities full of infrastructure and pollutions.

  74. Jimrae F. Paragsa BSIT 3C1

    To begin with, the Negros Occidental is a very rich province when it comes to History, tradition, agriculture and natural resources. If I had the chance to change something in this province, I would like to focus on the change when it comes to the development of each municipalities and towns. Based on the article, the province is very rich but it is still living in a traditional society, that in my opinion the development and progress is very slow. The term progress and development doesn’t mean you’ll destroy natural resources and make it a highly urbanized like the Bacolod. When it comes to development I am going to adapt different concept and proven research which includes how to preserve the natural resources, to focus on the effective way and adapting technology and science in handling different agricultural crops which is the main source of living of this province and to make it more productive. There is always a resistance wherever you will go especially most of the environmentalist will disagree with this. To handle the resistance of this change I will educate them what really is the purpose. I will also show them the plan that there is no risk especially when it comes to natural resources.

  75. Mark Vincent M Diode BSIT3-C1

    If I were to be given a chance to make change in my Province, Negros Occidental it would probably in the sector of helping the homeless people which we can see everywhere in our province. I also take this opportunity to impose proper measures for mental healthcare for the citizens of my province Negros Occidental. Since upon observing to the people who are homeless is a big percentage among them suffers from mental health related issues. I believe that having a good mental health is the source or root of all wellness since our brain is the source of all the power that we have in our body. There would be free mental consolations every week and a budget allotted for the sake of mental health and homeless facilities in each city or municipality. I dare say and know that this is one big step to not only change the province but would ripple an effect of change upon the whole country or even the world.

  76. Denver Roa Jr. BSIT 3-C2

    Sometimes single changes may bring a lot of good things on or benefits to a certain place, in terms of education, business, and the like. Although my province Negros Occidental may not be as competitive as any other cities in our country, particularly that of the National Capital Region (NCR) like Makati City, I feel my province has something more to work in terms of reason. There are many terrorist spots here that are watched visiting not only for their clinic beauty but also for their historical value that undoubtedly will contribute to tourists knowledge and enthusiasts

    I know that reason is less rarity of Negros especially this time of pandemic, who’s focus is more on health and agriculture, and insistence of paving the way of tourism as the pathway towards bringing investments into our province will surely create resistance among businessmen particularly the Hacienderos who are other cultural enthusiasts.

    Hence , one of the best ways to promote Negros occidental , avoiding resistance from other forces that may go against to change , that is , making tourism as the central focus of business and market (with inclusion of sugar industries like their farms and meaning companies particularly Victoria’s Milling Company or (VMC) which is internationally well-known for their refined white sugar), is it great radio and television ads focusing on this slogan for each promotion and the boys discussed in the marketing plan. Make a tourist map. Another great way to promote the province is to create a detailed map for tourists and place them in local malls rest, restaurants, and bars, and post them in social media like Facebook and YouTube. With this chains I am certain that to resume will boost the revenue of economy, create thousands of jobs developed infrastructures of the province and plant a sense of cultural exchange between foreigners and citizens. This generates income and jobs among the Negrenses.

  77. Dioneo, Clark Vin BSIT3-C1

    Considering the increasing poverty here in our own nation, as a leader in Negros I wil decide to approve, the investment of other countries to be situated here in the region. Many investors would of course love to give some of their shares here in Negros. And with the rise of economy in region 6, the effect would surely snowball to other regions and soon, the whole nation. Of course as a leader I would always want the betterment on the place I manage, on the process of trying to achieve these things, of course resistances will be there and so, I will try to convince them face to face and show them what my intentions with all the current actions.


    The Negros Occidentales are one of the best islands in the Philippines because they have a beautiful tourist attraction and wonderful people.If I have a chance to change this province, I will first unite all the cities in Negros Occidental. Then I will make a good project or program that can help us to be better and better. But I will make sure that every leader in the city will cooperate or agree with my plan. My plan in this province is to give jobs to all those people who are willing to clean our community. Not just the proper places, but also the rivers, squatters’ places, mountains, bays, and etc. I will form a team or organization that will patrol and locate all those people that are throwing their trash in the trash. What I mean is, I will make a penalty for those people who see others throwing their trash in public places. This includes some companies that should be obligated to separate their waste well. Then my next program is to plant trees. We should know that this is a big help in our lives. Then next is the plan of our President Duterte. That program is called the “Build Build Program”. It can also help Negros Occidental improve the city by creating a lot of industry or structures that have a good outcome. We know that we have a lot of good tourist places nowadays. I won’t change that. All we need to do is to add and improve them so that we can attract more tourists. Not just tourists, either. Business people can also be attracted to the province of Negros.

  79. If I am given to chance to change the Province of Negros Occidental, it will be to modernize jeeps, because jeeps have many safety issues. The olds jeeps are made of old materials, have no doors, only have metal handles for the safety of passengers, and are prone to accidents. They are also often targeted by thieves. Although the jeep is the most popular mode of transportation, it is also a major source of air pollution and heavy traffic flow on the roads. it should be replaced by modern vehicles like “e-jeep”.The modernization plan is part of a large-scale proposal to provide a safer transportation system for commuters and reduce air pollution. Passed a resolution to the local government and the LTFRB for a plan to modernize jeeps in the province. The things that we need to do in modifying jeeps is, to know the advantages and disadvantages of modernizing. Know the benefits of modernization of public transport can bring to the community. You should think and prepare a solution to the possible problem of modernizing vehicles in the community. You should set up a meeting with the operators and drivers of the jeeps. Negotiating agreements with them and in the end the plan of changing or modernizing of public transportation such jeep is being done properly.

  80. Angelo Casilagan BSIT 3 1-C

    If I had the chance to make one change in the Provinces Of Negros Occidental, it would be the vaccination of every person in the province. I manage the resistance by asking them what they think about the vaccine. And I instill in them the belief that if they obey the laws of governance, the pandemic will be contained. I tell them that if they get vaccinated, the chances of getting COVID will be reduced, and we’ll be able to resume our usual lives. Everyone will be relieved to be back in a normal scenario with face-to-face classes and no masks to wear. It will result in a shift in the province.

  81. Luis Fernando Endaya BSIT 3 C-1

    Negros Province is such a wonderful place nothing are needed to be replace when it comes to topography, delicasies, culture, and behavior of people. It is at its best. If I will have a chance to replace things here in Negros, I would rather change political manage of this place. Some leaders here are doing less for the community and doing more for themselves, I want to end political corruption on this province for it to achieve better goals in future. Corruption is the reason why the budget for the province don’t come on right places, there are agricultural organizations that needed found to pursue better production of our agricultural products, take note we became popurlar because of agricultural product, investing on it would be better for the province future. Even though province is rich in culture and agricultural benefits but there is a lot of people suffering poor status here in Negros, Some of leaders here forgot what they promise to the people before elections, as they sit they just focus on what benefits they will get and use their power for their own good. If I will have chance, I will definitely change and end a system like this, I want to give people what they deserve, give hope on everyone living in this place, and provide enough resources to improve agricultural products, resistance is only present when you do things against peoples will give what best for them won’t result to resistance instead you can build alliance to help you perform the changes that you wanted, so if your doing the right thing, force of resistance would never by a problem, besides this is a democratic country, if you have the sympathy and majority I will be easy to pursue the things you want to implement.

  82. Irone D. Calpis BSIT 3-C1

    If I given a chance to change our province of negros occidental. I want to build a houses for squatter area that can change her/his life and then I will build a lot of factory to give work for the jobless people so that we can live equally.

    Irone D. Calpis BSIT 3-C1

  83. Ermie Grace D. Pagsuguiron BSIT 3 C2

    Province of Negros Occidental is indeed a great place. being  one of the people living under the Province of Negros Occidental. It is such a fantabulous feeling to do change. It is not new to hear about corruption in the province. One of the known problems to the management. Inorder for us to end this problem we need to do right. Change the management and choose the concerned leader that can rule this province with a pure heart that is always looking forward to promoting the growth of the province and pure intention to the people. Engage with effective good change that can benefit people’s way of living. The new management must be able to utilize the tools, project and budget  effectively and accurately . Expect new ideas that can lift the management. Be fair enough and be considerate. Equity is important. Change for the better and let everyone be educated on reality. We are not born to be tricked by the word, we are born to discover through performance and actions. We are the eyeopener for the truth. Starting now we are obliged to do our own research in order to know the truth that can lead us to healthier and stronger leaders that are essential in today’s generation. 

  84. Marion Lloyd M. Santiago

    I want a lot of armies so they know what I am because I’m strict for them and I don’t want trouble I just want peace and love for our negros occidental country and I also want a big salary for our workers because they are suffering because of rising prices and this is called inflation. and I want the death penalty for rapists here in the negros.

  85. Mae Grace L Jundos BSIT 3-C1

    If i would given a chance to make a change in Province of Negros Occidental that would be the perspective of people living in this province about government project’s. Mostly this days I’ve encountered people who doesn’t believe in government projects anymore because they feel people on higher ranks are untrustworthy,they are just good in words but not on action, and some people don’t trust their actions because of some rumours and statements of other people experience about certain things happen . One of the example is the free vaccination, some people doesn’t want to participate even its free because they are afraid of the side effects, that they heard, read and watch on social media sites. So how can we change that perspective of a people? Well one and for most make them see that governments projects are also trustworthy and they just doing it for them. Make them understand what it is and take control about their questions if necessary because the more curious the people the more questions they well throw. Answer their concerns honestly so that they can take ideas and opinions if they would agree or not. And lastly stand in your words dont make necessary actions that can triggered their view about certain actions. This change doesn’t take on force we should take our time and invest for the better of ourselves and others, things take time we should just trust the process.

  86. Eljan N. Anonas BSIT 3 - C2

    In my years of existence, I have been facing a lot of challenges and one of them is the change that results in alteration or modification. What I think that my province would change are our leaders. Some of them had a history of corruption and as a result, this makes my province lead to poverty. It consists of various situations like corruption, unfair treatment of society, and many more. As a citizen, I will voice out what is right since people have the freedom to speak and, we also can give opinions or suggestions to change inequitable policy into good management. I know I’ll be facing hindrances as I speak out otherwise if everyone agrees to my views and we all know that I am stating facts, I am pretty sure that I will be noticed. To gather all information mentioned above, changing our leaders that give useless decisions here in our province would make a positive outcome. As an inspirational quote said, ” Change allows us to move forward in life and experience new and exciting things.” And let us be the movement for our new generation to come.

  87. Aki nishizawa bsit3 c1

    Especially in this pandemic if i will be given a chance to change something in the province of negros it is the implementation of the iatf protocol of covid i will be more stricter when it comes of coming inside the province i would require them a swab test and they are vaccinated because the province of negros had many cases of covid and we people of negros is having a hard time because of rising of covid positive. And i will be stricter when it comes of using facemask in roads and public places because even i can see that even the children is not using facemask eventhough they are on public places. If there is some resistance on my changes i will make them understand that i want that the province of negros will be a covid free province and the cause of rising of covid in province is the outsider that is entering the province of negros thats why we should believe in covid because covid is true and we should not just say that it is not true

  88. I will limit the building of infrastructure in the mountain area like road, resort, coffeeshops, and etc. because they are destroying its natural view of the mountain. I will ask the assistance and help of DENR to protect and maintain our mountains here in Negros. If I find thier building has no permit and approved by DENR I will force to close it and file a case against them.

  89. Anjeline C. Sampior BSIT3C-1

    If I will be given a chance to make a change in the Province of Negros Occidental, I would increase the wages of farmers. That would be one of the things I want to change first. Farmers must have high wages because they are the reason why we have foods in our table. They are the ones who supplies us rice, sugar, corn and many more. They are worthy to have high wages. We must respect our farmers. I want to improve our tourism by introducing new and famous tourists spots, food delicacies, festivals and rich culture here in Negros. We are known to have beautiful beaches, forest,falls and rivers. The only thing we lack is tourists. That is why improving tourism is a must to have progress in the Province. We also have unique but delicious delicacies which will be interisting for the tourists because we only have that dish and they can only eat it in the province. Beaches, forests and falls will be a really fun and interesting place for them to visit. There will be always force of resistance that will happen so we must be ready for that. We must explain to them that it will be for the good of this province and we are not taking advantages out of it.


    As my opinion ,i think there’s no need to change in the province of negros occidental because every places has it’s own festival , history why they named it like that and just like Bacolod city they celebrate Masskara festival ,just like others too but i think i just suggest is there a website that foreign can see a different celebration and a tourist spot that they can visit and of course every official should do their duty in proper way and not doing any corruption so that our Province well be known and be a beautiful places to visit.

    Pura,Riza Mae S. BSIT 3-C1

  91. Alfred Naconas

    It’s so much fun to read these blog and very useful for terorist who wants to travel in Negros Occidental.

    • Terrorist need not read a blog post. As for a travel blogger, I am doing this guide for people who would want to experience the province. Thank you for dropping.

  92. I am very much interested to explore this city, I would like to know the package price per person in 3day 2 nights I Bacolod.


  93. I have never heard of any of these cities/towns. I have learned so much from reading your blog! You are quite the adventurer!

  94. Anita Ledesma

    Oh, Finally a Travel Guide for Negros Occidental. Thank you for doing this. I understand that is a post in progress,I’m sure you will add more links and features on this guide to help more people discover the Island.

    • Yes, more itineraries and attraction will be added as we go along.You see Negros Occidental has so many places that people will surely enjoy .


        In the Philippines, Negros Occidental is a province in the Western Visayas region. The city of Bacolod serves as the country’s capital. It is located on the northern half of the vast island of Negros, and shares a border with Negros Oriental, which is located on the southeastern half of the island. Negros Occidental is not just the largest sugar producer in the country but it is exceptional. This Visayan region has immeasurably more to hold out than just having a rich culture and a splendid history.

        We are preoccupied with beautifying our province, yet we are oblivious to the fundamental issue at hand. If I were to make a change in the Province where I am now, I wouldn’t alter anything in our province because we all know that our Province is well-known as one of the best provinces in the country for having its beautiful Tourist Spots, different Festival occasion, Beaches/Islands, Foods, its People and many more; Instead, I’d like to make a change in our province’s real needs. For the time being, the best thing to do is commit to putting global and regional pledges, targets, objectives, and plans into action on a country-by-country premise.

        How will I manage forces of resistance? Accept changes and explain the need for change, including the impact and advantages to the people involved. Remember that people who are resistant to change are those who have already begun the process of transformation. They are no longer in defiance about the fact that things are changing, and they grasp that they will need to adapt and acclimate.

  95. Jeri Mae Pabiona

    As a Marketing student, I’d proudly promote Negros as a highly tourist spot given that we have tons of beautiful islands, colorful “fiestas” celebration, amazing city and historical destinations, and hospitable people in our provinces. In these generation, people are easily convinced and are visually attracted to what they see on social medias, as it is a perfect platform to fully display what Negros has to offer. Being said that, I would highly promote these places in Negros via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – either by liking or sharing all these travel pages. On the other hand, government should also support programs that are environmental related such as clean-up drive, proper waste management campaigns, etc. to help lift and increase Tourism. Also, we, as Negrenses should not only wait for these programs to come to life. We also should take responsibility to Mother Nature, in general, by spreading awareness and help taking good care of our city that are beneficiary to both the locals and the tourists.

    • Thank you Jeri Mae. Let’s all be proud of our own province 🙂

      • Krisna Anne Rayo

        There will be many opportunities for businesses, particularly now that the Masskara festival is approaching. If I were a business consultant, I would suggest to the entrepreneurs in our province, to hire a person and rent a location close to the event’s location in order to advertise unique products that highlight the province and provide high-quality, locally created souvenirs. I’ll also suggest that they visit locations like snack bars or restaurants that serve the best Bacolod specialties so they may witness the things that most people like to eat.

  96. Maria Jessa Christy Uy

    How to make tourists consider NEGROS as their next travel destination:
    1. By inviting friends from different towns to come and visit.
    2. Promoting this article on social media such as facebook, twitter
    This is the only way as of the moment, I can do as a Bacolodnon and a marketing student to promote Negros as a tourist’ destination. But I am confident that it is also the most powerful way to get tourist to come over.
    Negros is such a wonderful place to visit and to live in. As shown above, we have astonishing beaches, mountains, people, history, cuisine that any tourist would love. Not only that, Negros is a great spot for tourists who are on a budget. There is jusy so much to love about our province and It makes me really proud to grow up here.

    • It’s nice to hear that. I guess its every Negrenses’ responsibility to promote our own place 🙂

    • Renz Christian T. Carisma BSIT 3-C1

      I will focus to the health of the people in Negros Occidental because we cannot mentain the beauty of our province if the Negrenses are not healthy. It will decrease Tourism when some of the leaders of organizationis not in a good health specially nowadays that we are affected of the pandemic and there’s possible a bad effect to promote our province. If I will be given a chance to change something in Providence of Negros Occidental, I will change how the public health care operates. They will not Most public hospitals have biases in dealing with patients. If they recognize that you can pay the bills right away, you’ll be given abrupt attention. This results to worsening of illnesses of those who are impoverished and recovery to those who can pay. Medical professionals should be monitored to perform their job to their best and they must be paid right by the government.

    • Ronnie Jude T. Tabora BSIT 3C2

      If I have the power, the position and the chance to change the province, it is to illiminate the corrupt officials in the government. Corruption leads our province to poverty. We have so many tourist spots that can attract tourists that can help our province’s economy lift up and wealthy. Now, because of corruption, we are still in a down system because of poverty. This tourist spots can help our economy rise up and if theres no corruption, we’ll have enough funds to upgrade all this spots to attract more tourists. And, if there’s any forces of resistance, I will stick to my goal because it is the only way to have a clean government.

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