Building Teams,Having Fun: VCY Sales Corp’s Weekend at Mambukal Resort


Building Teams,Having Fun: VCY Sales Corp’s Weekend at Mambukal

Good teamwork is a vital element in any organization. It can make things happen better than anything else in an organization. Although talented people are required in any organization it is with the right team spirit with which many organizations succeed.   There have been instances where companies might be filled with multi – talented employees but the problem lies in the ineffective utilization of the resources and lack of harmony in the team.

Many theories represent how empowered teams work better and portray excellent results. But theories are not the emphasis of the Teambuilding Workshop I did last weekend for VCY Sales Corporation at Mambukal Mountain Resort, Murcia, and Negros Occidental. The workshop started with a simple yet entertaining game: “catch my ball”. This activity facilitates self-introduction and expectation setting. I’ve been conducting training in most of my professional life, and  “fun” has been my

The workshop started with a simple yet entertaining game: “catch my ball”. This activity facilitates self-introduction and expectation setting. I’ve been conducting training in most of my professional life, and  “fun” has been my style when it comes to training. Whether the training is behavioral or management skills, I always wanted to do it in the spirit of fun.

It was raining then, but rain was never a hindrance for us to have fun, Mambukal has a good training hall now which can sit 300 participants. Congratulations to the Province, it doesn’t look like a government run resort. 🙂

some features of Mambukal

I am quite familiar with the group  since I have already conducted a training for their sister company – Bacolod Triumph Hardware. In fact, Jun Mendoza, the Manager of VCY Sales Corporation was once my participant in the Teambuilding Workshop I conducted for Bacolod Triumph Hardware when he was still a salesman of the said company. VCY Sales Corporation is basically young, its people and the spirit of the group shows so much potential. I was personally excited to work with the group because in our initial meeting the Manager, Jun Mendoza requested for an almost the same objectives and activities he went through with the Teambuilding Seminar with me almost 11 years ago. He said that he can still recall how it changes his perspective and motivation at that time. I was flattered…hearing those lines from a client made me felt so accomplished as a speaker. He even repeated the same lines several times during our team building seminar.

Building Teams, Mambukal

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We ended our Day 1 at 10 PM in the evening. The last activity was intended for a quite serious exercise which facilitates personal visioning among the participants. Others were quite emotional, but it was never my intention…I rested that night with a smile on my face, thinking of the accomplishment we had as far as our objective is concerned.

Day 2 Workshop started at 8 AM…One thing  I like working with a small group like VCY is the manageability of our time. Plus the fact that participants showed so much discipline and respect for our set agreements.

We were blessed to see the sun shine on our second day, so we went out for an outdoor activity. The teambuilding workshop was a combination of short lectures, structured learning exercises, and processing which allows  the participants to: Identify  new methods of dealing with others that promote team spirit, cooperation, and open communication; Develop simple techniques for creating cohesive work groups by recognizing and praising each other; Practice listening skills; Learn to take feedback from others without becoming defensive or angry; Gain skills that allow positive action to be taken on group performance problems without causing conflicts in the organization; Learn to give effective feedback in a way that helps the individual and the work group to develop as a team.

We concluded our Teambuilding Workshop with the distribution of certificates and with a sumptuous meal again catered by the resort. Huh! I was amazed, they served very good food! With the great experience, I had with VCY Sales Corporation and with the good accommodation, we had from Mambukal Mountain Resort, no doubt- that weekend, that Teambuilding Seminar was indeed a HAPPY TRIP!


  1. Great Training Hall-very clean too! Just improve on your divider so that other groups may not disturb people on other room.
  2. Good sound system. This is important for every speaker
  3. Great food! Nice waiters too!
  4. Nice working air conditioning unit inside the training room and cottages.
  5. Please improve your water heater (just in my room).
  6. Linen smells good!!! And rooms are well cleaned.:)

Mambukal Mountain Resort Contact Details: 

Mambukal Resort:

Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia
Province of Negros Occidental, Philippines
Telefax: (034) 473-0610

Mambukal Resort Office:

2F Northwing, Old Capitol Bldg.
North Capitol Road, Bacolod City
Telephone Numbers: (034) 433-8516 | (034) 7090990


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