Iloilo Tourist Spots + Travel Guide + Hotels


Here’s your updated  Iloilo Tourist Spots + Travel Guide + Hotels. This guide includes a sample itinerary,   tourist spots, list of hotels, list of hospitals in cases of emergency, and other relevant pieces of information to help your visit to the city convenient.


 Iloilo Tourist Spot  / Attraction

About Iloilo City  

Located in scenic Panay Island, The Province of Iloilo with Iloilo City as its capital is one of the most peaceful places in the country, populated by a people who can be characterized for their being personable and for being unpretentiously gentle and soft-spoken. Their composition and their overall composure as a people are the stuff of legends as they are characteristically soft-spoken with a lilting dialect that seems to strum the proverbial strings of your heart. Rarely will you find an Ilonggo who would be cut differently from the cloth – as they all seem to be possessed of the same qualities that mark them as quite unique individuals?

It has been said that the province and it’s capital city’s name is derived from the term Irong-Irong or Ilong-Ilong – which is explained by the convergence of the Iloilo and Batiano Rivers forming a rather prominent nose-like landscape when viewed from above. Through the years, the name has been contracted, hence the name, Iloilo. No matter if this tale is true or not, the important thing is that the place seems to be a veritable factory of the most even-keeled people with a predisposition for a personality that borders on the sweet.


Molo Mansion,  Iloilo Tourist Spot

There are 42 municipalities and one city in the province and each place boasts of something that really sets it apart from the rest. The province is also known for its agriculture, regularly producing products which are staples for exportation. Being an island, it is also teeming with rich marine life, some of which are protected, some of which are for commercial consumption. The biodiversity of the province is quite pronounced with several indigenous species of flora and fauna to be found in its borders.

It is also the recognized trade center of the Western Visayas region, with several important trading posts, international ports and airports servicing millions of visitors and serving as conduits for billions of pesos’ worth of trade. This province is also a center for education with several prominent universities and educational institutions producing the best minds in the fields of science, engineering, agriculture, and the social arts.

As Ilonggos are all inclined to be merry and love to be part of any kind of merrymaking, it comes as no surprise that every month, there is something to be celebrated – from feasts of patron saints to mythical figures, to historical events and the like. It seems that for Ilonggos, there’s always a reason to be engaged in a little bit of merrymaking – probably one of the many reasons why their personalities and their culture have earned their province the moniker – the Heart of the Philippines. Their vibrancy and their capacity for merriment are truly things that help to establish the beat of the country’s proverbial heart.


The famous  San Joaquin Campo Santo located in San Joaquin. This famous landmark was declared as  National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines along with San Joaquin Church |  Iloilo Tourist Spot

Exploring the province will also bring you to many entertaining surprises. Graceful and elegant artifacts and relics of a time long past can be perused in its museums with each piece seemingly whispering its secrets to your ear. Preserved houses of historical figures, as well as those with religious significance, dot the landscape. If you can, take a side trip to Graciano Lopez Jaena’s hometown of Jaro and be ready to enter a totally different enclave of vintage houses maintained to exacting specifications. You would find yourself as if you are living in the past – with the elitist rich of the Ilonggo people seeming to watch over every move.

Arevalo District is also another place to behold. Those who are into horticulture would appreciate the variety of blooms that dot the front of the village houses all year-round. Those who want to find native textiles such as sinamay, jusi and the like would also do well to drop by the district as it houses the famed Ilonggo weavers.


Top: Molo Plaza, Below: Miagao Church /  Iloilo Tourist Spots

Iloilo  also houses several architectural wonders of religious significance – the Miag-ao Fortress Church, San Joaquin Church as well as the Sta. Barbara Church all highlight different facades which would make any visitor with an eye for such features satisfied.

But gastronauts would surely find the city’s rich cuisine highly exceptional and satisfying to their discerning palate. Bakeries regularly churn out torones, galletas, biscochos, broas, hojaldres, and banadas – among other exotic-sounding biscuits and bread products. Take to the streets and the restaurants to sample the famed pancit molo and la Paz batchoy – noodles enriched with a flavorful broth, as well as their chicken binakol.

Iloilo beats life into the vibrant culture of the Philippines – infusing it with such elements that help it to separate Filipino culture from the rest. While it may have its own regional flavor, it does add to the vibrant and ever-evolving culture that is truly Filipino.


 Molo Church,  Iloilo Tourist Spot

1-Day Iloilo Tourist Spots Travel Itinerary 

Book a hasslefree here  Guimaras Island Private Day Tour

Below is our itinerary for our Iloilo City Heritage Tour. Our tour around the city was via Philtranco Bus.

  4:30 am – assembly time at Banago Port, Bacolod

 5:00 am – 7: 00 am from Bacolod to Iloilo via FastCat (see below for the fare and schedule )

7:00 am – 9: 00 am Miagao Church

9:00 am – 10:00 am  San Joaquin Cemetery

10:00-12:30 – Garin Farm

12:30 -1:30 pm – lunch in Arevalo

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm- Molo Church, Mansion, and Plaza

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm-  Camina, Balay na Bato

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm – Arevalo Weavers

4:30 pm – 7:30 pm – Dinner at Atria /Netong’s Batchoy

 8:00 pm – 10 PM – Trip to Bacolod (via fast Cat)



Garin Farm,  Iloilo Tourist Spot

 Iloilo  Tourist Spots | Things to Do

There are so many things that you can do when in Iloilo City. Below are some of the famous attractions of the city and some other activities which you will surely enjoy.

Enjoy Guimaras Island

Iloilo City is a gateway to many destinations. Just 15 minutes away from the City, you will reach Guimaras Island which is loaded with tourist attractions.

Guimaras Travel Guide
List of Resorts in Guimaras
Nature’s Eye Resort in Guimaras
Magic Island Resort
Guimaras Manggahan Festival

Miagao Church

This UNESCO Heritage Church is one of the oldest churches in the country. In my own personal point of view, the Miagao Church is one of the churches in the Philippines with the most beautiful facade. Please click the link to read my review – Miagao Church

Experience Islas de Gigantes

One of the most beautiful tourist spots in Western Visayas is the Islas de Gigantes found on the Carles, Iloilo. I have outlined in the travel guide details on what to see and do on the island. Please click here for the Islas de Gigantes Travel Guide

Dinagyang Festival

Iloilo City is home to the famed Dinagyang Festival held every January in honor of the Sto. Nino. Please click here for the detailed Dinagyang Schedule of Activities.

Garin Farm

A unique of its kind destination in Iloilo City. For more click this guide: Garin Farm

Visit Beautiful and Historical Churches

Where to Eat in Iloilo City

A side trip to Bacolod City

Bacolod City is just an hour-fast craft ride from the city. You can easily take a day trip or even stay for 3-4 days in Bacolod to maximize your visit in the Visayas. Listed below are some articles to help you out if you plan a side trip in Bacolod City.


Garin Farm,  Iloilo Tourist Spot

List of Iloilo Hotels

The place has a wide array of hotels ready to serve any guests. On your next visit, you can book a room by simply clicking on the links below. Most of these hotels offer discounted rates.


Chito’s Hotel
180 De Leon Street, City Proper

Circle Inn – Iloilo City Center
Iznart Street, Maria Clara, City Proper

Days Hotel Iloilo
The Atrium at the Capitol, Cor Gen. Luna- Bonifacio Dr, City Proper

District 21 Hotel
Donato M.Pison Avenue Brgy. San Rafael Mandurriao

Benigno Aquino Avenue Service Road, Mandurriao

Go Hotels 
Ledesma Street, City Proper, Iloilo City, Philippines

GT Hotel 
De Leon Street , City Proper

Harbor Town Hotel
corner JM Basa – Aldeguer Streets, City Proper

Hotel Del Rio
M.H. Del Pilar St., Molo, Iloilo City, Philippines, 5000

Iloilo Business Hotel
Benigno Aquino Avenue, Mandurriao

Iloilo Budget Inn – Jaro
E.L. 98, 12 Castilla Street, Jaro

 Midtown Hotel
corner Yulo – Iznart Streets, City Proper, Iloilo City, Philippines, 5000

Injap Tower Hotel
West Diversion Road, Manduarriao, Mandurriao

La Fiesta Hotel
M.H. Del Pilar Street, Molo, Molo, Iloilo, Philippines, 5000

Mo2 Westown Hotel and Resort
Glicerio T. Pison Benigno Aquino Drive, Mandurriao

One Lourdes Dormitel
Cor. Fuentes and Ledesma Sts, City Proper, Iloilo, Philippines, 5000
People’s Hotel
Corner Delgado and Fuentes Streets

Riverside Inn
Times Square Building, General Luna Street, City Proper, Iloilo, Philippines, 5000

Richmonde Hotel  
Megaworld Boulevard cor. Enterprise Road, Iloilo Business Park, Mandurriao

Pasencia T. Pison Avenue, Smallville Complex, Mandurriao, Iloilo City, Philippines, 5000

The Mansion
101 General Luna Street, Philippines,

Urban Inn
Luna Street cor. Arroyo Magdalo St. (In Front of St Clements Parish), Lapaz, La Paz

Miag-ao Church
Miag-ao Church,  Iloilo Tourist Spot

List of Iloilo Hospitals

Address: West Avenue, Molo
IDH Contact Number(s): +6333 337-7702 to 09, +6333 335-0862 (Fax)

Address: Mission Road, Jaro
IMH Contact Numbers: +6333 320-2091 to 95

Address: General Luna Street
SPHI Contact Number(s): +6333 337-2741 to 49

Address: Locsin Street, Barangay Tap-oc, Molo
TMC – Iloilo Contact Number(s): +6333 338-1513, +6333 338-1505 to 08, +6333 508-2227 (Fax)

Address: Q. Abeto Street, Mandurriao
WVMC Contact Number(s): +6333 321-2841 to 50, +6333 321-1797 (Fax)
Email: | Website:

Our Lady of Candle Shrine

Our Lady of Candle Shrine,  Philippines /  Iloilo Tourist Spot

How to Get to Iloilo

Iloilo City By Air

The place is being served by her new International Airport located in Cabatuan. Several airlines have flights daily and weekly on various routes as follows: Iloilo – Manila; Iloilo – Cebu; Iloilo City – Davao; Iloilo – Cagayan; Iloilo City- General Santos; Iloilo City- Puerto Princesa and Iloilo – Tacloban. The Iloilo International Airport also has It also has two (2) flights per week from Iloilo to Hong Kong and three (3) flights/week from Iloilo City to Singapore.
To get to the airport from the city, one can take a van at the terminal located at SM City at PHP 55/person or you can take a taxi.

Iloilo City by Sea

The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) has a terminal in Lapuz serving Iloilo-Bacolod passengers. Simply ask around to get to the Fast Cat Terminal which is just located within the area. The Fort San Pedro has several trips for Iloilo-Manila Route; Iloilo to Cagayan Route; and Iloilo to Cebu Route.
For Iloilo-Guimaras Route, just proceed to the Parola Terminal. They have 30 trips daily.

There are also trips for Bacolod-Iloilo Passengers at the Port of Dumangas-Naluyu-an, around 29 kilometers east of Iloilo City.

Fast Cat Iloilo-Bacolod Route Schedule and Route

Fast Cat schedule

Fast Cat Rates

 Iloilo Tourist Spots + Travel Guide + Hotels

About Fast Cat

Fast Cat is the only shipping company in the country that operates catamaran Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) ferries. Designed fit for the sea conditions and weather in the Philippines by Sea Transport Solutions of Australia.

Along with her sister companies, Philtranco and JAM Liner Inc., the Fast Cat was put up to provide seamless travel in the entire Philippine Archipelago.

Philtranco is serving the routes of Southern Tagalog, Bicol, the Visayas, and Mindanao.

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  1. Queenee Villarias

    I would probably pick Guimaras Island because it is one of the best tourist attraction in Ilo-ilo. I’ll bring all my students but they’re also being accompanied by their parents or guardians. My students are having problems like they are so noisy and loud, and sometimes crying because of frustration in school works. So, I will bring them to Guimaras Island to unwind themselves and play. I will do this for them to remember that if they are stressing out, they know that they can unwind sometimes to forget. Guimaras is one of the most welcoming land where you can swim your problems away and eat mangoes for your frustrations. I will make sure that this vacation will surely made them feel motivated again in school.

  2. Cueva, Reniel V. & Abaño, Thea Marie T. BSIT 3F2

    We are an Elementary Teacher handling 45 pupils. To supplement the educational experience of our pupils, We decided to conduct a field trip because we believe Field trips are designed to increase children’s knowledge and observation skills and expand their awareness to the community.

    We will go to “The Ruins” located in Talisay City, Negros Occidental which is approximately 79.5km from Moises Padilla. This field trip will took us 3-4 hours of travel. We believe from the travel itself, problems like disruptive behaviors of pupils like screaming or yelling will preferably occur. There are pupils who are not used to travel to a long trip and are unfamiliar with their surroundings, that is why such behaviors occur.

    Since the number of pupils are not that manageable, violent/ aggressiveness and disobedience are also the possible problems to encounter during field trip.

    These behaviors and problems during field trip are possible to encounter but as teachers, we have to address such problems. During the trip, we will let our pupils feel comfortable, make them feel safe with us and distract them by doing activities like singing while sitting. While in the destination, give them instructions and rules to be followed. Tell them that we will provide rewards to those who are following instructions.

    Therefore, as a teacher we should plan the trip very carefully, have an orientation to parents and pupils of the Do’s and Don’ts before and during the trip.

    Submitted: Abaño, Thea Marie T. & Cueva, Reniel V. BSIT 3F2

  3. Chandylou L. Lava

    Out of 20 students that we are handling in class we have chosen 5 students for a field trip at Miagao Church located at Ilo-ilo City. As were going through we’ve surprisingly noticed their behavior that some of them are rude to their fellow classmates, prodigal and liar. As a teacher we don’t want to tolerate this behavior. Instead of scolding them, we first considered more about why they were like that; it was also helpful that our field trip was to a church at Miagao Church. We teaches them the value of goodness in related to religious way. By bringing them to accept God in their lives we can help them to lessen their bad behavior and hatred in their heart if there is. To make them realize that acting good behavior is more important than acting in bad behavior and also inspire them that believing in God everything is possible. Not only in that reason but we just want them to unwind with the beauty of the church that highlight different facades which would make any visitor with an eye for such features satisfied.

    Lava, Chandylou L.
    Aquino, Kyssa Marie

  4. Reynaldo Pautining, Efren Reyes

    I would definitely pick Molo church in iloilo as the field trip destination of my students. As we roam around the church I have encountered some behavioral problems on my students. Number one is that some of my student are not listening on what i am explaining, they have a short attention span. What I need to do is to uplift the mood by showing them some actions about the church such as things on how does Jesus died or born. Second behavioral problem that ive encountered is fighting. They dont have the patience on waiting their turn and they start pushing each other. The proper way to deal with this kind of situation is to simply call their attention and talk to them privately and then instruct them to wait patiently on their turn. In return you can give them a treats like candies so they will appreciate and listen to you.

  5. Emar B. Baldeveso BSIT 3F2

    *Not paying attention

    During was on a trip on Molo Church while observing their behavior there are some of my students who have not had really good behavior. I wanted to tell them don’t ask some stupid question that can hurt the other people ask them politely and ask their permission that I want to ask this and where did it come from. I will not allow it I will tell my students why we need to respect others,why is important of respect because if you respect the people around you what they are or who they are you will get there respect to . We’re saying that if we want to respect we need to respect others and ourselves. As a teacher we will face every time some students that are not paying attention to the teacher first I will get the attention of the students and I will ask him what is the problem or why your not paying attention to the tour guide
    Emar B. Baldeveso BSIT 3F2

    *Bullying verbally towards colleagues.
    *Rudeness or lack of manners without saying ” excuse or please”
    *Ungentle and unpleasant in action without saying sorry.

    These 3 bad behavioral things as I observed during the trip on Garin Farm, Iloilo Tourist Spot together my students is I wanted to give advice to them that will not do these again. I will teach what they will be good to do and what not to do in a good way and they should respect each other so that they can avoid hurting people’s feelings or even physically.

    Dela Puerta, Ann M. BSIT 3F2

  6. Kimberly F. Betic , Claire M. Miravelis BSIT 3F2

    If I given a chance to be a teacher, I would choose a distination for my class field trip is Molo Church, because lots of people who experience difficulty in life, they dont know where is the right place for them especially some student because somehow our home isnt the right to rest. I choose this distination for my student because for they know that the house of our jesus christ is their.
    I can sense that some student of mine in the field trip have behavioral problem of being Talkative, Immaturity, and inappropriate of using gadget
    For me being a Talkative in the group of peole have a some problem in her/his life that makes her/him do that, because nowadays lots of student need an attention for they know that you are supporting her/him have a providence of being you for him/her always. And as a teacher I couldnt tolerate that kind of behavior but i will give her/him advice that being a talkative have a right place, not everytime is the right time to talk. Talk your problem with lord Jesus christ because he always listen you. Even it is a bad or good becuse in that way you can express your feeling you can bring out your resentment, He have nothing to say to you but a good way.
    Being a immature have a good and bad side that can affect your image in the people surround you, the good side is for your self that you can express your attitude of being you in the people around you and the bad side is not all people can understand your attitude. As a teacher I can tell you being you to yourself is okay but sometimes be notice that
    And Being Inappropriate of using Gadget is always a problem everytime in the class meeting and I can see that lots of student gadget is the key to solve their problem lots of them without gadget they dont know what to do, thats why every single glance they use gadget to express their emotion many of them can entertain of using this even in the wrong way of using.

  7. Monalisa D. Bedrio and Jinnefer A. Medez BSIT 3F2

    Iloilo City is a tourist hotspot. If I were a teacher I would want to bring my students to Garin farm. Because in Garin Farm feels like heaven.

    Behavioral problems that may encountered

    1. Annoyed- As a teacher of the class I would bring My students in Garin Farm because they have a Agriculture. Then when can experience how to plant crops but if my student is annoying the solution for this is that I will make a deal with my students that if they will behave in our trip in Garin farm, I will give them a extra points in them.

    2. Noise – If we will go in the Garin Farm and my students is noisy, I will talk to them that don’t make a noise because Garin Farm is located in the Church. Also I will talk to them if they make a noise I will not them go with me next time.

    3. Disobedience- when they are not following the instructions that I gave them I will tell them that I will add assignment if they will not follow me.

    Bedrio, Monalisa D.
    Medez, Jinnefer A.
    BSIT 3F2

  8. Germo Nasilio Jr. and Febrei Keziah L. Alvarez

    As a teacher I would want to take my students to the Garin Farm in Iloilo city for a field trip. Garin Farm is an in land resort that integrates agriculture, leisure and religion to create a farm a recreational place and a pilgrimage site all in one location. This place is a functional farm wherein everyone can enjoy freely. In addition, Garin farm have different activities including kayaking, fishing, buggy car, and zipline. The highlight of Garin farm is the Pilgrimage Hill with 456-step stairs, the stair steps end at peak that recreates the usual notion of what “heaven” looks like.

    During the trip, if I have students who are likely to present behavioral problem like; not following instructions, mean and very hurtful to other students and naughty or having a short attention span, I will take them aside individually and talk to them calmly, ask for their cooperation and let them know that you expect them to behave and not to be rude. Also, I will remind them that students who are misbehave run the risk of losing that privilege in the future.

  9. I would like to bring the to Miag-so church, why? Because it doesn’t only shows historical symbols but also depicts the culture and tradition of the people in
    Miag-ao. Not only that can get a lot for it but also accessible and for there are a lot of means of transportation in going to Miag-ao behavioral problems. During the trip some might have behavioral disorder that I need to deal with. So first is panic disorder. Because they are new to the place or something might happen that will trigger their attack and to deal with it, I will talk to that person that everything will be fine. I will ensure her/him always that nothing will go wrong in our trip and stay with that person for him/her to stay calm. Another one is Anxiety disorder, they tend to get scared with everything. So I will show him/her that I am Alwys there for them. Show them everything is in my control and I will also be calm in everything that I will do. Lastly, conduct disorder. They are the ones that can’t follow rules and Tend to argue about everything. So I will stand as inchargbut I will show it in a positive manner, Give orders or rules positively, listen to what he/she wants to say and talk back gently as possible for them to listen and accepts what I am saying.

  10. Jackie Ganoy and Kate Montinola

    If we’re to pick a destination to held our field trip in Iloilo it would be in the famous San Joaquin Campo Santo Located in San Joaquin. We decided to pick this destination because it’s one of the famous Museum of the Philippines. This destination is a good experience to our 20 High Students in the field trip. Considering the distance from Bacolod to Iloilo there are 3 behavioral problems that we’re looking forward to encounter the first one is in the bus students, are expected to be on time because the bus will expected to leave early because of the flight schedule. Some students might be late because of their problems at home, maybe they woke up late, maybe some of them still have obligation at their home or maybe some of the students forgot their airplane ticket. As a teacher we have to deal with this problem, we need to adjust the time like if we leave on 8:00 we have to announce or inform them that they should be here on or before 7:30 to avoid late comers. The second behavioral problem is inside the airplane. Some of the students are first timers when it comes in riding the airplane, probably some of them will be more clumsy and naughty. They will touch everything that they will see inside the airplane and attract trouble. So to deal with it, as a teacher we need to stay calm and don’t take it personally because our target is behavior, not the student. We have to talk to them nicely and remind them that they are already a high student and they should behave like a teenager not a child. Last but not the least, the expected behavioral problem that we will encounter is of course inside the Museum, some of them will roam around the museum without you knowing or some of them will go to the toilet, and some of them will break the line when you’re discussing some of the pieces in the museum because they got bored. To deal with it we have to make sure that the 20 students are inside the museum before starting the tour, we need to make sure we have their cellphone numbers and they also have their teacher cellphone number incase they got lost and every now and then we have to check the student and make sure they are focusing in the discussion and give them some breaks or recess and we can also assure them that they will have a delicious lunch after the tour. – GANOY, MONTINOLA 3F2


    I’m a High School teacher and I would want to bring my not more than 40 students for a field trip at Molo Mansion,Ilo-ilo tourist spot, the estimated time arrival from Bacolod to Molo Mansion will be at 3hrs away.
    The three bahavioral problems
    that I may encounter on a field trip is naughty,unsubmissive and noisy students, Im not saying it everyone but this is usually
    happening that there is some students doing it so and to deal with it as a teacher i’ll try to talk
    with them patiently together with a smile and
    chill face that they may not feel that I am mad to them and try to make them realized
    that what they did is not good and can be distract anyone’s attention,however,to avoid
    receiving bad feedback from others especially they are strangers on that place.
    So we can make our field trip more extra exciting and memorable with peace and understanding on each other,
    Therefore i conclude that everything can be done quite
    and patiently way, All behavioral problems has its psychological theories we just need to have that full patient to handle it.We’re not exempted about it we just need someone to
    understand us someone to help us realize with it, and those students really need someone as leader like you.


  12. Junmer Paul Yulatic and Khien Torreña

    I’ll be taking twenty students to the Garin farm. Traveling by fast cat from Banago port to Dumangas port takes 30 minutes to an hour. The distance between the port of Dumangas and Garin Farm is 79 kilometers. As a teacher, you may come across a student whose behavior is problematic due to his or her stubbornness. In such a case, approach the student and inform him or her that if the group does not listen to you, an accident or other problem may occur. There is a well-behaved student, this is the behavior you want for your students as a teacher. You instructed all of your students to be well-behaved to avoid getting into trouble or having an accident. As a teacher, you would talk to a student who is an attention seeker and explain that his or her behavior is inappropriate because other students who want to learn will be distracted and unable to focus on their tasks.

  13. Cabiles & Juarez - BSIT 3F2

    If we will be a teacher and we’re going to a field trip, we’ll bring our students to the Molo Mansion.

    Trantums, not obeying the rules, and hyperactivity are the common behavior of the students that we will mostly encouter during the trip. Especially, if the place is too far, that the students will be bored and exhausted.

    The students behavior during the trip is hard to handle but we thought a solution to these behavioral problems. Giving them mini activities like singing something, and giving them prizes that they can win through mini games. Through this, we can make the students behave and enjoy the trip without being bored and exhausted.

  14. As a teacher I will bring my students to a field trip in Ilo Ilo City at Miag – ao Church because I want them to know the historical of Miag – ao Church. And as a teacher I will tell my students the rules And policy so they can know as a student on how to act like an behavioral and respectful students.

    So as a teacher I will encounter the behavior of my students and on how I will deal with it. The 1st. Is my students noise because you also didn’t know yours students attitude. So I will tell them first to do not shout or to talked louder with each other inside the Church.

    2nd is the bully because there are some of your students are bully to their classmates and sometimes they also getting physical. So as a teacher I will also do the things that can be help the bully to not bully their classmates and I will with them so I can guard them all of my students.

    And the 3rd. Is their personalities behavior because you as a teacher can’t know the behavioral of your students somehow so all I need to do is to obeying them teach them on how to respect and as a teacher I will do anything my best to give my students safety and to encourage them oh how to be respectful in a holly Church.

    Nathanael D. Pabiania BSIT3 F2

  15. Elare, Angelo T. BSIT 3F2

    I would bring my students to Miagao Church for a field trip because as a teacher I’d like my student to enjoy while they’re are also learning new things. This destination would be perfect to learn and enjoy the visit at the same time. The behavioural problems that I might encounter during our field trip are some students might be hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive due to their excitement and having more freedom than in a classroom. I’ll deal with this by showing them my authority that I am incharge of everything and would always remind them that we are visiting a church so I would need their best behaviour. I would also tell them that there’s a reward for most behave students.

  16. Hannah Grace Villalon & Salanap, Eugene

    Student: 20
    Destination: Garin Farm, Iloilo
    Behavior Problem: bully, lazy, hard headed and mean to others
    As a teacher you should possess patience, adaptability and empathy. You can deal this situation if you use your analytical thinking why students having this behavior problem like bully, lazy, hard headed and mean to others. Adaptability will help me as a teacher to adjust myself to any situation like this. You need to have a long patience to those students who have bad behavior and try to understand them. Ask them why they’re acting like that because I know everything that they’re doing has a reason behind it. Try to make them understand and realize that they’ve done wrong. Tell them that they can still enjoy their field trip in unique way without hurting other people’s feeling. Always remember you have to work in a professional way because we are the second parent of our students, let them think, let them learn and let them share their feelings to us without judgement.

    Name: Villalon, Hannah Grace J. and Salanap, Eugene BSIT 3F2

  17. Marien Alcantara

    We will be having our Field trip at Molo Mansion or also known as the Yusay-Consing Mansion. The school chose the Mansion in order for the students to be knowledgeable about the history. Molo Mansion is one of the most outstanding historical homes in the Philippines and that makes it a very important piece about our history.

    As a teacher, having a field trip is very difficult because students rarely behave, especially when we are out of school. One of the challenges that I am encountering is how to make the students behave and be interested during the trip. Students are very hard to handle especially when they are hyperactive, anxious and being defiant. Firstly, students being hyperactive is very demanding of attention. You must pay attention to them because they are doing a lot of things from time to time. Secondly, the anxious students who are not able to go together with their classmates or to the happenings. Lastly, the defiant students who are very seldom to listen. Defiant students are tough, most likely hard headed students. They do not follow instructions and not listen to what the teacher is saying.
    These problems are really testing my patience. But as a teacher I am responsible and have to be prepared how to handle and help my students. In this situation I have to talk to my students before the trip starts, I have to set some ground rules in order for them to behave according to my rules. I am going to provide activities to complete during the trip for them to be challenged also so that their attention will transfer to the activity. And then, I will make sure that the trip will not bore them, so that they will enjoy and have interest to learn and excite them. To my anxious students, I will make sure that I will be the one who will be the bridge for them to have friends, I will make them feel belong and not out of place. And to the hard-headed students, I know possibly that they are experiencing troubles at home. As a teacher I will make them feel comfortable and safe.

    Class trips help students to have a unique type of learning. Aside from learning, they are witnessing and experiencing the place. But also, class trips are also challenging for the teachers, but also this is an opportunity to know different problems and of course a chance to know other problems and the attitude of the students.


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  31. Nicole Etolen

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